7 Tips For A Hot Valentine’s Day

tips for valentineIf you are at a loss for making your next Valentine’s Day special for your significant other, than look no further. We will give you a list of things to do in order to make your Valentine’s Day the hottest you’ll ever have. Work to appeal to all of your partner’s senses and this special day will be one that she’ll never forget. When you use resources that appeal to all of her senses, you can get her excited with saunas, massages, oils and aphrodisiacs. There is no end to the amount of fun you can both have together.

Read on for our list of seven tips to have the hottest Valentine’s Day ever!

1. Longer Foreplay

Sometimes we work fast because our time for intimate activities is lowered. Schedule a great deal of time to make sure every moment counts with your partner. She’ll enjoy the longer amount of time spent on foreplay and you’ll take pleasure in the fact that you’ve given her such pleasure.

Sex doesn’t always have to be a quick activity and taking your time with your lady really does go a long way. For both sexes, start the fun by letting your partner play with you and then return the favor. The longer lasting, the better, so there’s no rush in this activity. Once you get revved up by touching each other, the sex will be that much more thrilling. Longer levels of foreplay also ease any discomfort or pain experienced during sexual activities.

2. A nice hot bath

nice hot bathYou can warm up your bodies with a nice hot bath and it will soothe you all over. Use this as a time for relaxation and avoid talk about negative subjects. Enjoy each minute and use the bath as a time to start the foreplay with your partner. Keep things positive and let the bath transition into a relaxing time to enjoy your partner’s body and give them pleasure, as well.

Kick start a bath with some essential oils and let the day or night take you to new heights.

3. A change in scenery

Are you tired of the same old situation when it comes to where you and your partner are having sex? It might be time to get out of the house and rent a hotel room for an exciting change in scenery. While having sex on Valentine’s Day might not be anything out of the ordinary, where you have sex could determine the level of fun you’re having.

If you and your partner have only enjoyed sex in your bedroom, then a good change could be the kitchen floor. For the most daring people, you could enjoy sex in a public place like a forest or abandoned area. Using your imagination can lead you to having a great time – as long as you are careful enough to not get caught!

A change in scenery can also include having wild sex with your partner in the back seat of your car. This works best in park areas that aren’t frequented by that many people, so be careful not to get in any trouble.

4. Massage oils

Some massage oils that you can purchase work to stimulate your sense of smell. Aside from that, there are sexy super foods out there that can work as aphrodisiacs. These foods include bananas, almonds and chocolate. Stimulate the senses of smell and taste and your lady will be putty in your hands.

5. Sexy lingerie

Now is not the time to be practical and instead, use this time to buy your significant other something sexy to wear. For women, buy your man sexy boxer shorts or something to wear in the bedroom. For men, spending a few dollars on frilly, sexy lingerie can go a long way. She’ll appreciate the thought that you put into the gift and you’ll appreciate the view! Use your creativity in selecting sexy outfits for your partner because the sky is really the limit.

6. Aphrodisiacs

Aphrodisiacs have always been a part of getting people in the mood, even since ancient times. Some foods have nutrients that work to increase your libido and have translated from the Greek for “food of the gods.” There are entire lists of things you can eat that will make you feel an increased desire for sexual activities. These natural items usually include chocolate, oysters, almonds and sweet potatoes.

7. Blindfolded sex

In order to really spice things up, consider blindfolding your partner before having sex with them. It really increases the level of arousal when your partner has no idea what’s coming next. It sets the stage for some great sex and keeps them on their toes. If you take away one of your partner’s senses, it heightens the level of sexual attraction for the events to come.

Blindfolding works to place the focus on your touch as opposed to what your partner sees. Why not use that to make this coming Valentine’s Day super sexy? It’ll be a day that neither of you will forget.

If you have bought your significant other sexy lingerie, chocolates and have something great planned, then you are on your way to having a hot Valentine’s Day that she won’t soon forget. Even if she tells you that she doesn’t want you to do anything special, you can still blow her mind with a list of creative and thoughtful ideas that will get her motor running.

With the above tips, you can make your special day the most enjoyable for both of you. Make this day one that you will dedicate completely to your love and you’ll never forget it. For each following Valentine’s Day afterward, she will be begging you to top the last one. Keep it fun and interesting and the excitement of the day will last until you’re both tired from all of the sexual pleasures that life has to offer.

Make the day as romantic as possible and your love will stand the test of time. No matter what you do to make the day special, your partner will enjoy the effort you’ve put into making Valentine’s Day completely unforgettable.