We Humans and Libido

lion having sexLibido is a term used by people to describe their proclivity for sexual activities. It is a feature of human sexuality to want to be involved in sexual activities. From person to person, this need to interact with others sexually changes and largely depends on various situations that people find themselves in. There are three different factors that all affect a person’s sexual desires: biological, social, psychological.

Relation of different factors of libido

Biological – The person’s level of testosterone or dopamine production can be the driving force behind their behaviors. These can regulate libido in both men and women.

Social – A person’s sexual desires can be affected by their work or home environment.

Psychological – If you’re stressed out or anxious, you may suffer from a low libido. Lack of privacy or fatigue can affect libido.

Sexual desires are an important factor in the formation of intimate relationships with your partners. A loss of sexual desire can negatively affect your personal relationships and left unresolved, can cause worse problems in your relationships.

Different Aspects of Human Sexuality

The basis of which humans are attracted to one another can be categorized in four different sections:

Homosexuality – A person that is attracted to another person of the same sex
Bisexuality – A person that is attracted to persons of both sexes
Pansexuality – A person who is not limited in choice of sexual partners based on biology or gender identity
Asexuality – A person who experiences no sexual urges toward anyone else whatsoever

More Information about Libido

Sexual urges can be affected by a variety of different factors, including the side effects of medications, a person’s overall health condition, the person’s lifestyle and lastly, any problems regarding the person’s relationships. A person can usually have a general desire for sexual activities or a desire for sexual activity with a specific person. In order to maintain the quality of a relationship, the desire for sexual activity is an important factor.

There is no normal when it comes to the level of sexual activities between two partners. A person’s desire for sex can be as low as once a week or as much as many times throughout the day. The point is, everyone is different and views their sexual needs differently. While some people only have the desire for sexual activity once a year, it differs between people everywhere. What is normal for one may be considered a lower or higher level of activity for others. Some may not be interested in sexual activities at all.

Due to a hormonal disorder, some women can have a lowered desire for sex. When women have babies, their inclination toward sexual activities can be lowered overall.

When men experience erectile dysfunction, they can experience a lowered sexual urge. Age can also be a factor in lowered libido in both sexes.

Diet to Boost Libido

There are many foods that will work hard to help provide a boost in your libido. These foods can work to add various nutrients and health benefits to your diet. Among them are the following foods:

  • Oysters
  • Celery
  • Bananas
  • Avocadoes
  • Almonds
  • Strawberries
  • Eggs
  • Chocolate
  • Garlic
  • Liver
  • Figs

Many aphrodisiacs contain important nutrients that contribute to a positive sexual experience. To experience all of the benefits of these foods, incorporate them into your daily eating habits.

Not only should you partake in the enjoyment of the above foods, but you will find that adding asparagus, watermelon, sweet potatoes and cinnamon to your diet can also add to your libido.

You may have to tweak the amount of the various foods you eat of these varieties in order to realize all of the benefits. Nothing works harder to increase your libido than removing any stress related factors, eating the right amount of healthy sex-inducing foods and opening the lines of communication with your partner.

You don’t always have to take a little blue pill to see the benefits of increased sexual desire. As you age, you may loss the desire for sexual activity with your partner. If this becomes a problem, try the above foods as a first resort. For a special bonus, eat them with your lady and enjoy the benefits together. If you can remove all of the stresses in life and work to schedule some sex in your day or week, then you should see some bonuses.

If you’re a man who has experienced trouble with erectile dysfunction, then you are not alone. Fortunately, there are many things to do to combat this problem. Firstly, don’t let ED get the best of you. For women, if your husband suffers from ED, don’t think that you’re unattractive to him or that he’s having an affair.

There are various causes of erectile dysfunction, but it isn’t something under your control. These factors can include age, surgery, medications and varied psychological causes. For anyone suffering from erectile dysfunction, it might be best to first seek the help of a qualified professional. Your doctor knows better than anyone what you need to do to minimize the effects of erectile dysfunction and work toward a healthier sex life.

Barring a visit to the doctor’s office, you may want to start by trying out some natural remedies. Try some of the foods listed above or even try taking your vitamins for a boost. Try to also boost your energy levels by working out regularly and eliminating anxiety and stress causing activities.

Another factor in a lowered libido is being overweight as it works against you. Excess weight can lead to lowered levels of testosterone in the body, causing a lowered appetite for sexual activities. A bonus is that you can work out with your partner by having sex and losing weight – a double bonus.

Follow these natural approaches listed above, but don’t count out the advice of a doctor if you feel frustrated with your libido. Just know that it is common and doesn’t have to rule your life. Eat well, take your vitamins and take care of yourself – and the rest will take care of itself!