Easy Remedies To Your Low Libido

female libidoFor the unaware, your libido is everything to do with your sex drive. It describes a person’s desire for sexual activity and can be influenced by a variety of factors. Biologically, sex hormones like testosterone and dopamine regulate the libido in men and women.

Social factors which include personality, stress, work, medical conditions and family can all affect your sex drive. A lack of sexual desire can affect your relationship negatively, causing trouble or tension with your partner. Sigmund Freud popularized the term libido and categorized it as part of the human id and the driving force behind all human behavior. According to Freud, the id seeks pleasure and wants immediate satisfaction for its desires.

Your libido can be influenced by psychosocial, biological and various social factors. These factors can cause an increase or decrease sexual desire in people. A person’s health condition is also an important factor in whether or not they possess a high sexual desire.

Factors and Reasons for Having Low Libido

A person’s sexual desires can be reduced for any number of reasons. If privacy is a factor, it can cause a person’s libido to be decreased. In addition, a lack or loss of intimacy, mental distractions and mental depressions can also lead to a lowered libido in people. It doesn’t always stem from sterility and a person’s sexual desires can also be due to a variety of environmental factors. A deficiency in the hormone testosterone in the body can be a major reason for the person having a lowered libido.

Various prescribed medications can lead to a lowered sexual urge in people. A lowered sexual urge can also be attributed by physical attraction, the person’s lifestyle and level of fitness. In addition to that, stress and overall tiredness because of a fast lifestyle can contribute to a lowered libido. Other factors can include mental traumas like sexual assault, neglect or abuse that can lead to lowered level of sexual desire in people. Lack of sleep or having too many alcoholic beverages can work against people and result in having a low libido.

Improper diet and nutrition can disrupt a person’s level of hormones and lead to them having a lowered desire for sexual activity. Changing what you eat can work to aid in increasing testosterone and dopamine levels, working to affect a positive change in your sexual desires.

In women, a lowered level of iron in the body can lead to a lessened desire for sexual activity. In addition, menopause can cause vaginal dryness which leads to discomfort or pain during sex, causing the woman to avoid this activity altogether.

Drug and alcohol use can also affect a person’s desire to commit sexual acts with their partner. While alcohol may work to lower your inhibitions, too much of it can affect your energy levels and leave you too fatigued to engage in sexual activities.

Exhaustion can also lead to a decreased libido because you may be too tired to focus on anything other than catching up on your sleep. Lack of sleep also increases your cortisol levels, which can lead to a low libido.

Time can be a factor is lowered libido because you may have gotten too busy to get down and dirty between the sheets. If your hectic schedule has put a damper on your sex life, work in some time to get carnal with your partner. Not doing so might make you anxious and stressed out, leading to even lowered sexual desires.

How to Improve Libido

A healthy, balanced diet that contains a variety of super foods can work to improve your libido. Lowered or lack of libido can work against relationships and cause mental anguish and subsequently, breakups. Those people addicted to smoking, drinking and doing drugs will find better success with sexual relationships if they work to kick these nasty habits. Kicking the habits can increase sexual desires and work to improve your health overall.
Eating right and participating in regular exercise can improve libido. You can also consult your doctor for some professional advice if the problem seems to persist. Learning how to manage various stresses in your life can lead to an increased libido.

Various food items found at your local grocery store can cure your issues with a low libido. The list of these healthy foods below can lead to a healthier lifestyle overall along with helping out your libido:

Pumpkin Seeds
Sweet Potatoes
Coconut Water

Stocking up on these delicious super foods can help you lead a healthier lifestyle, eat right, lose weight and improve your sexual desires. When you’re at the grocery store, pick up several of these items and share them with your partner so that both of you can experience all of the benefits.

We all get busy in life, but it’s best to make time in your schedule for sexual activity. Doing so will boost your mood and lessen stress. If you need a change in scenery to get your motor running, rent out a hotel room and have fun with your partner. Sometimes lowered libido will be all in your head and a change of scenery or dirty talk can give you the mental boost you need in order to get things started with your partner.

If you’re experiencing trouble in your relationship, it’s best to open the lines of communication with your partner. Talk to them about what could be bothering you and chances are increased that openly discussing the situation could lead to increased intimacy between you both.

If all else fails, try getting a good night’s sleep and lastly, talk to your physician for an expert opinion in how to deal with this problem. Your doctor or psychiatrist may be able to root out the causes of lowered libido in order to help you work toward increasing your desire for sexual activities.