Extenze Reviews: Does Size Really Matter?

extenze reviews

One of the most common, hottest debates is the everlasting question of men, “Does size of the penis really matter?”

A study has shown that most men around the world are actually in dilemma whether the size of their manhood is an absolute pleaser to the women. The problem is they can’t ask the girl they have slept with whether they were “up to the mark”.

So, I was really confused and frustrated regarding this issue with penis size.

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However I opted to look into the matter after referring to numerous surveys carried out. I wanted to find out whether size of the penis really mattered.

The results of the surveys were quite promising. They proved that most of the women really wanted their partners to have a penis just above the average size.

When I finally conveyed this to my beloved, she said that if I had a bigger penis, she could have bragged about it in her friend circle (shame on her!).

Yes, girls often talk about secrets involving their partner’s size and performance in bed. So adding a few more inches to the penis was not only good to please my girl. It could also make me feel good when walking past her friends!

While many are blessed with bigger machines, I always possessed an average sized penis. It always made me feel quite inefficient in pleasing my woman. At least that’s the way I felt. In order to cope up with the problem, a bigger penis would be the best solution to improve my self-confidence and. In turn, it would make the girl happier too!

I also know that as we grow old, we lose vigor and energy. That reduces our libido, our overall size and intensity of erections.

That’s not something I want. So I opted to prevent the arrival of such circumstances by involving into regular and frequent sex. But for that, I needed more confidence. And for more confidence, I needed a larger penis.

When I looked for solutions over the internet, I came across a few solutions. One of them was penile surgery. It could increase the size of the penis but did not ensure better, more frequent erections. What appeared to be the most common and most convenient method for me nutritional supplements. I found a few that promised to boost my libido, harden the erections and increase the size of my penis.

extenze big boxAfter a few setbacks, I came across what was presented as a revolutionary drug: ExtenZe.

Even though I was perplex, it’s advertised as increasing your penis size without any side effects.

So I made a little research and it seemed that these pills had been a famous solution to a large number of people for many years. It seemed like a good option to me and I decided to investigate further and try it for myself.

My Unbiased ExtenZe Review

Its medically acclaimed working formula consists of having one pill everyday to have frequent, harder and enlarged erections. Because of the presence of natural ingredients that facilitates arousal, my penis got harder and gradually got enlarged after regular consumption of this herbal drug. This happens after regular consumption obviously.

The ingredients stimulate the nerves that in turn regulates the muscles around our penis. As a result it expands and contracts more vigorously and get harder day-by-day.

When investigating to write this ExtenZe Review, I discovered that it’s actually made with a newly invented and classified top quality formulation. This natural enlargement solution is a blend of numerous herbal components that have proven their efficiency for a long time.

It contains herbal Korean ginseng and horny goat weed. Both are quite famous for their ability to increase sexual desire and size of the penis.

What I didn’t realize at all at first, and because it didn’t cause any side effects on me… is that it also contains yohimbe, which seem to be problematic for a lot of people. (This matter lead me to try and prefer this other product instead!)

Overall, ExtenZe definitely increased the level of intimacy between me and my partner as my “new-style” penis became her new sight of attraction.

Not only has it helped to enlarge the size of my penis effectively, but it’s also made it stronger, ensuring longer hours of intimacy.

If I brief up the various aspects of this sex pill, its pros and cons can be summed up as follows:

ExtenZe Reviews : PROS and CONS


  • Helps to enlarge the size of the penis
  • Helps the penis get stronger for achieving satisfactory orgasm
  • Helps in having frequent erections thus allowing regular or repeated sex with your partner
  • Cost effective and affordable
  • Comes with free lubricants to facilitate sex, when ordered for a minimum of two months
  • No side-effects due to all natural herbal ingredients
  • Comes with 100% money back guarantee if found ineffective in its objective


  • Not everyone likes to take pills as a regular drug
  • Might not be effective if any internal penile problem is present
  • Contains Yohimbe

Does ExtenZe Really Work | Results of my ExtenZe Reviews

As a conclusion, I would say that it’s a great solution that helped me achieve goals of having an enlarged penis.

Buying this medically approved and doctor certified product ensured higher level of arousals and longer duration of orgasm. ExtenZe helped me to have optimum pleasure while having sex with my partner as the product came with free penis lubricants that made us urge for more sex. Tested compatible with latex and certified user-friendly for both oral sex and intercourse, these lubricants helped me take our intimacy to the next possible level of arousal.

Overall, you’ll understand why my ExtenZe Reviews is so positive. Even though it’s not as good as VigRX Plus, it’s still a great product, a lot cheaper than nugenix, that will improve your sex life and help increase your penis size!

That being said, be aware that yohimbe can cause important side effects (never on me, but happened to lots of people), therefore I highly recommend you check out Vigrx for a safer experience, and even better results!

Why not give it a try yourself?

extenze before after images>>>Visit the official ExtenZe website for more info on the product<<<

Word of caution: Lots of fake products can be found, so make sure you only order through the official website!

Hope you found this extenze reviews helpful. Do let me know what you think!