Omega XL Review 2024 – Does It Really Work?

omega xl ratingAre you looking into buying Omega XL?

In that case, you better review the product carefully prior to doing so. It was revealed by Omega XL reviews that the product from Great Healthworks company is not as good as advertised.

We’ve reviewed lots of joint relief products and ranked them from top to useless.

Continue reading if you still want to learn about Omega XL.

Basically, OmegaXL is marketed as a unique formulation that will get rid of your joint pain and inflammation. Unlike other supplements, it has a patented lip extract that does not cause complications which normal fish oil is complained for. This substance from New Zealand’s lipped mussels, is stated to be highly pure. It could supply omega-3 fatty acids, which several studies have already found helpful in addressing different heart health issues and blood pressure problems.

The product also has a patented PCSO-524 complex. This is free from toxins that could cause side effects once your joint pain is addressed.



Reviews and Ratings From Previous Customers

Editor’s rating for the product is 9.5 out of 10.

The positive feedbacks about the product describe it as a solution for their pain. According to them, the capsules are indeed easy to take.

They also commended that the supplement does not smell fishy.

In addition, there’s an overwhelming amount of people stating that the pills did wonders for their joint pain.

Others even reported that the company granted their money back guarantee as assured in the product’s advertisement.

real omega xl reviews

Three-Decade Research Support

omega xl reviewsAs mentioned above, Omega XL review claims that you will benefit more from the supplements since it has an oil marine complex known as PCSO-524, which stands for Perna Canaliculus. Another interesting thing is the three-decade research introduced as a support to the product’s effectiveness.

According to Great Healthworks, the product is infused with powerful omega-3 complex that has 30 fatty acids in total. Inclusive of the formula are eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Given this claim, the supplement will have 22 times more fatty acids than regular fish oil.

The manufacturer even boasted that unlike other supplements, it identified the source of its marine oil complex. Its green lipped mussel extract was described to be sourced from New Zealand. The company even described the country to be among with the cleanest waters in the world. This information is repeated by multiple sources not related to the product, verifying the company’s claims.

You will notice that Omega XL price is lower compared to other complexes.

Its compounds are high quality and sourced with due process from New Zealand. High quality compounds at a lower price is great value.

Moreover, there are real references provided on its site, showing that it indeed has more than 30 years research support.

It even added that there are over 30 clinical studies on its complex. We found over 150 studies referencing the green lipped mussel online.

From this fact, you can conclude that the solution is indeed more potent than regular fish oil. And fish oil itself has support from real studies as well.

According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans in 2010 by the Federal Government of United States, it is a recommendation to eat eight or more ounces of shellfish, fish, or seafood.

These foods are known for delivering various nutrients, including omega-3 fatty acids.

Besides, the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, there is a 2012 systematic review that can prove that seafood and fish oil’s omega-3 fatty acids are moderately valuable in addressing rheumatoid arthritis.

As Omega XL is indeed supported by 30 years of research, there are several statements coming from regulatory boards or trusted research laboratories to support its claims. N

Numerous studies referencing the green lipped mussel are found online. The NAD even reviewed the claims for accuracy.


Money Back Guarantee Offer

Another significant feature of the supplement is its 90-day money back guarantee. Besides its considerably low price on the market, you could get a refund in case it does not work for you.

According to the reviews by Better Business Bureau, Great Healthworks has an A+ rating when it comes to settling 160 negative feedbacks from its clients.

Omega XL Features and Specifications

The product is described as a Super Oil with 22 times more omega-3 fatty acids compared to regular fish oil.

In every bottle, you could get 60 capsules.

Basically, its composition is omega-3 fatty acids complex, which is inclusive of 12 percent DHA and 18 percent EPA.

The capsules are very easy to take given its convenient-to-swallow feature.

There are also no common side effects claimed by the manufacturer. Even if you are taking other medications, it should not interfere and cause side effects (in doubt, seek medical advice, as always).

If you want to check how it is developed, you may check the video specifying the origination of the supplement.

Things to Improve

We took a long time thinking about what to improve with this supplement. But it really holds its promises at all levels, so all we can say is that we’re happy to support them.



Based on the reviews of the product, you should get Omega XL if you are looking for a trustworthy supplement.

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by Cleo A. submitted 1 day ago for Omega XL

My 95 year old mother has been taking omega XL for approximately 3 years. She was diagnosed with sciatica, and she swears by Omega XL. When she takes the pills, her pain disappears in about 10 minutes. I plan to order Omega XL for myself. I would like to know if it also helps with memory.

by Gil A. submitted 1 day ago for Omega XL
I had read lots of positive reviews about Omega XL so I was hoping this would help me.

I took this for 2 months and it is working very well on me.

by Alberta submitted 2 days ago for Omega XL

I am 84 and am taking omega. XL evening and morning, and I walk my dog daily, yes I have arthritis but it is no worse and seems better after taking Omega XL

by Glenn R. submitted 2 days ago for Omega XL
I’ve been taking Omega XL for 5 weeks every day. I purchased it withthe hope it would help me get rid of pain in my fingers.

IT’s dnoe a lot and i m very grateful.

It’s definitely worth the money.

by Shikomal L. submitted 3 days ago for Omega XL
At first it felt like the pain was going away, but after a few weeks, I still have some pain. a lot less though so it’s a good product

I’m not disappointed.

by Carla M. Hubbard submitted 6 days ago for Omega XL
I spent a lot of money on this and I think it does ease the pain in my knee, so i will keep ordering it for sure!

by Jen J. submitted 9 days ago for Omega XL
I can attest that it has real effects. I ordered it from official site and I got it quickly, it solves my problem.

by Emmi submitted 15 days ago for Omega XL
It looks like the marketing team at Omega XL is as good as their their scientists. It looks good and it works well.

by Carl S. submitted 20 days ago for Omega XL
Not as effective as I expected, but after 3 weeks, I feel a lot better.

by Liliian T. submitted 1 month ago for Omega XL
Really does a great job at lowering the pain in my knees and shoulders. Can only recommend

by Gemma Florr submitted 2 months ago for Omega XL
I ve tried a lot of so called joint relief products. but this is the only one that worked for me and i’ll stick to it…

by Hugues submitted 2 months ago for Omega XL
works nice. thanks