Test Boost Elite Reviews (2024 UPDATE): Is It Worth the Money?


What Is Test Boost Elite?

Test Boost Elite is a testosterone boosting dietary supplement. It promises to give you natural energy increase, aerobic endurance, and muscle recovery support.

Unlike other T-boosters that target men’s sexual problems, this product focuses on benefits related to fitness and bodybuilding.

The manufacturer claims that it will make you pack on muscles faster and increase your gains at the gym. Aside from promoting muscle growth, it also supposedly eliminates your body fat.

Additionally, the product promises to improve your focus and alertness. Your metabolic rate will increase, which means you will lose weight faster.

Finally, because this supplement is a T-booster, your sexual stamina and sexual appetite will supposedly increase.

Test Boost Elite


Who Makes Test Boost Elite?

Test Boost Elite is a product of the company named Test Boost Elite.

Their website doesn’t provide any contact detail or background about the manufacturer.

Best Test Boost Elite Alternative?

Due to all the negative reviews about Test Boost Elite, we’ve been looking for a competitive product that was proven more effective. We checked several of them with deception, and finally came around a real effective testosterone booster. You can read its review HERE.

Who Is Test Boost Elite For?

This testosterone booster is specially formulated for men over 30 years old, the age when T-levels begin to decline. You may be going through some bodily changes due to decreasing levels of testosterone.

Some telltale signs of low T-levels include low libido and energy levels, weight gain, fatigue, and decreased muscle mass.

In addition, you may feel as if you are already past your prime. You are now unable to pack on muscles in a short amount of time or keep up with younger guys.

If you’re experiencing these symptoms, Test Boost Elite may help you pack up more energy not only in the gym but also in the bedroom.

How Does Test Boost Elite Work?

According to the manufacturer of Test Boost Elite, the product contains only natural ingredients without additives or chemicals.

One of these ingredients is Tribulus Terrestris, which increases your testosterone levels. As a result, your body will have an enhanced ability to build lean muscle mass.

High T-levels also boost a man’s sexual functions, strength, stamina, and energy. So, you will last longer in both your sexual activities and weight training sessions.

This product has other ingredients such as glutamine peptides, beta alanine, and L-Arginine, which also support lean muscle mass.

In addition, it contains the herbs horny goat weed and fenugreek, which are proven to maintain a healthy male reproductive system.

Finally, its formulation contains taurine and green tea, which promotes healthy blood circulation.

Healthy circulation allows more blood to flow towards the penis. Hence, it can help with your erectile dysfunction problems.

Test Boost Elite Ingredients

Test Boost Elite contains the following:

Tribulus Terrestris – A steroid, antibiotic, and libido enhancer. It enhances healthy hormone production in men.

Horny Goat Weed – This herb can treat erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, and increase sexual arousal in men.

Glutamine Peptides – These glutamine molecules repair muscle and soft tissue after exercise, injury, or surgery.

Green Tea Extract – Rich in antioxidants, this protects the skin from free radicals.

Beta Alanine – An antioxidant with powerful anti-aging properties. It safeguards the acid in muscles to enhance lean muscle mass.

Fenugreek Seed Extract – Some men use this to treat hernia, erectile dysfunction, infertility, and other reproductive problems.

Taurine – This amino sulfonic acid is used as a treatment for congestive heart failure, high blood pressure, hepatitis, high cholesterol, and cystic fibrosis.

L-Arginine – This amino acid supports the production of nitric oxide within the body.

Important Note: The above list is a compilation of the common items among different sets found in various marketing websites of Test Boost Elite.

Test Boost Elite Side Effects

The manufacturer of Test Boost Elite claims that taking it doesn’t cause side effects because all of its ingredients are natural. Furthermore, they say that this supplement was tested and proven safe for ingestion.

However, they also warn that if you experience any adverse reaction, you should discontinue using it, especially if you experience irregular heartbeat.

From our research, we found that glutamine peptides may result in negative side effects. While glutamine, the parent of this amino acid, is well-tolerated by your body, the peptides may not be.

This is because glutamine peptides are more potent. They can cause gastrointestinal distress, allergic reaction, and kidney and liver stress.

You may also feel persistent cough or hoarseness, a frequent urge to move your bowels, and constipation.

Test Boost Elite Dosage

Take two capsules of Test Boost Elite daily.

Consult your doctor before using this supplement if you have a history of heart-related condition.

This product is not for women or men under the age of 18.

Test Boost Elite Reviews

Not many Test Boost Elite reviews are available online. The few reviews we gathered from men who tried this product are all negative.

They felt a little energy boost and nothing else.

Some didn’t see any improvement at all even after eating healthier, working out harder at the gym, and taking the supplement longer than the trial period.

Others said it is the worst T-booster they have tried.

Almost all users ordered the trial bottle but ended up getting charged twice. They were also automatically enrolled into a replenishment subscription charged to their credit card.

It is very expensive compared to other T-boosters on the market.

In addition, various consumer protection groups have posted warnings on their websites about the misleading and unethical practices of the manufacturer.

However, to be fair to them, we also did not find any report of negative side effects.

Where To Buy Test Boost Elite

You can purchase this T-booster online only from the manufacturer’s website.

They offer a 15-day free trial. You need to provide your address, phone number, email and credit card information to benefit from it.

Test Boost Elite is not available in retail stores.


Does Test Boost Elite Really Work Or Is It A Scam?

Let’s summarize what we have found out about Test Boost Elite.

First of all, it is a muscle building supplement, not a T-booster. It contains more ingredients that build muscle mass rather than boost the testosterone.

Secondly, its website doesn’t provide information about the manufacturer. There’s no physical address, phone number, or email address.

Thirdly, this lack of transparency extends to the ingredients list, which you will not find on their website. Rather, it’s on their affiliates’ websites. Those are inconsistent as well.

Finally, as attested by actual buyers, the free trial isn’t really free at all. You have to pay for the shipping charges, and they collect your credit card information for it.

After 15 days, they will charge your card for the full price of the product. Then auto-shipping and auto-charging will continue every month until you cancel. They don’t accept returns or issue refunds.

There are many testosterone boosters out there which are not only effective but also transparent. Beware of other companies using unethical marketing tactics that lure you with tempting offers.