Estee Lauder Eye Cream Reviews (2024 UPDATE): Does It Really Work?


What Is Estee Lauder Eye Cream

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Cream is a fast-acting and highly potent eye cream. It is formulated to reduce the visibility of common signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, crow’s feet, and dark circles.

Estee Lauder Eye Cream


Who Makes Estee Lauder Eye Cream?

This product is made by Estee Lauder Companies Inc.

They were wounded in 1946 by Estee Lauder and Joseph Lauder.

They have their corporate office in New York City. Estee Lauder is the parent company of many other popular skin care companies.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this product or the company, you can contact them by calling 1-877-311-3883 or filling out the contact form on the company website.

Best Estee Lauder Eye Cream Alternative?

Due to all the negative reviews about Estee Lauder Eye Cream, we’ve been looking for a competitive product that was proven more effective. We checked several of them with deception and finally came around a real effective eye cream. You can read its review HERE.

Who Is Estee Lauder Eye Cream For?

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Cream is for anyone who is experiencing multiple signs of skin aging. It is also for anyone who would like to hydrate the area around the eyes.

The company claims that it is the perfect eye cream for all types of skin. Due to its non-acnegenic properties, it should not clog pores.

It might also be a good choice for those who are sensitive to scents and perfumes added to products as this eye cream is fragrance-free.

How Does Estee Lauder Eye Cream Work?

This eye cream works on the sensitive and delicate parts of the skin around the eye area. These parts are the most susceptible to signs of aging.

The formula contains many different ingredients that help reduce the signs of aging.

Certain ingredients in the product hydrate and moisturize the skin around the eyes, making it feel and appear softer and smoother.

This also makes the skin stronger and more elastic, which helps prevent wrinkles, crow’s feet, and fine lines from forming.

Other ingredients help to strengthen the skin and protect the skin from damage.

Estee Lauder Eye Cream Ingredients

The label in this eye cream contains a lengthy list of chemical ingredients that are quite hard to find any information about. The majority of the ingredients are chemical fillers and silicone based, which may do your skin more harm than good.

However, we have chosen a select few of ingredients that either stood out to us or are common in skin care products.

One of the ingredients in the formula is Mulberry Root Extract. It helps improve the tone and texture of skin.

Wheat Germ is another natural ingredient that has skin-softening abilities.

Chamomile has many beneficial skin properties, but it is mainly added due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It also has high levels of essential oils and antioxidants, which can help block free radicals from causing damage.

Caffeine is a surprisingly popular ingredient in skin care products. It is often added because of its soothing and antioxidant properties. It also helps soothe and reduce the redness in skin that has been exposed to the sun.

Sodium Hyaluronate is sodium salt from hyaluronic acid. This ingredient is naturally found in the joints, eye, and skin. It is often added to skin care products to help skin retain moisture. With more moisture, the skin becomes more supple and youthful.

It has the ability to fill spaces between collagen and elastin. When the levels of collagen and elastin decrease as you grow older, signs of aging become more apparent.

Estee Lauder Eye Cream Side Effects

The company has not listed any potential side effects. However, due to the long list of mostly synthetic ingredients in this product, we believe that the risk of potential side effects is quite high.

Furthermore, even some of the natural ingredients that we discussed above can cause side effects.

Chamomile, for example, is known to cause skin irritation such as itching, rashes, redness, and swelling when applied directly to the skin.

Sodium hyaluronate can cause many mild to severe side effects including warm skin, swelling, puffiness, nausea, headache, numbness, tingling, fatigue, itching, and skin irritation.

How To Use Estee Lauder Eye Cream

Clean and dry the area around your eyes thoroughly. Dip the applicator into the jar and apply 3 small dots to each area around the eye. Gently massage the cream around your eye area with your finger.

Apply the product once in the morning and once before bed.

Be sure to clean the applicator after each use.

Estee Lauder Eye Cream Reviews

Many Estee Lauder Eye Cream Reviews claim this eye cream does not work even after using it for longer periods of time. Others claim that the skin below their eyes got extremely dry and swollen.

Some users stated that the product felt sticky and caused irritation around the eye.

There are some reviews that state the product worked great initially but lost its effectiveness over a short period of time.

Where To Buy Estee Lauder Eye Cream

This product can be purchased directly through the company website.

It can also be purchased through popular retailers such as Amazon, Sephora, The Bay, and Macy’s.

We even found that it is being sold in luxury department stores such as Holt Renfrew, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Nordstrom.


Does Estee Lauder Eye Cream Really Work Or Is It A Scam?

We do not believe that Estee Lauder Eye Cream is a scam since the brand is quite popular.

However, there is no scientific or clinical evidence to prove that this product works.

This product also fails to provide users with any additional benefits when compared to other eye creams on the market.

What concerned us the most was the company website and how much information it lacked. There was no information regarding the purpose of the ingredients or how much of each ingredient is in the formula. Details about the ingredients in skin-care formulas are important, especially when the product is to be applied on sensitive areas such as the eyes.

Finally, the customer testimonials and reviews convinced us that this product is nothing more than an overpriced eye cream made by a popular brand.

For all of these reasons, we strongly avoid using this eye cream.

We’d recommend purchasing something that is made with more natural ingredients. We recommend looking for an eye cream that has scientific evidence and positive customer testimonials to back it up.

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by Lara E. review for Estee Lauder Eye Cream

It caused hives around my eye area. What a waste of money. Not using this again.

by Kathryne Nickson review for Estee Lauder Eye Cream

Too expensive and too greasy. The cream is on the heavy side.

by Ivonne Neary review for Estee Lauder Eye Cream

It’s nice except for a slight burning sensation each time I apply it around my eye area.

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