Andro 400 Reviews 2024 UPDATE: Does it Really Work?

As men age, there are certain changes in their body they need to deal with such as the decrease in the level of testosterone, and Andro 400 is marketed to help with this very problem. Loss in sex drive is a major impact men can get from decreased levels of testosterone.

Most men are often vain when it comes to their sex drive and performance. They will try any pill that will boost these activities. Will this one help? Read on to learn more about Andro400 or click here to read about our top rated testosterone product.

Andro 400


What Is Andro400?

It is a dietary supplement created especially for men who have low levels of testosterone. This supplement helps increase testosterone levels which is responsible for sexuality, growth of muscle, and full stamina. As men reach the period of andropause (similar to menopause in women), they will be needing the help of a testosterone booster.

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Who Makes Andro400?

Natural Health Solutions, the manufacturer of Andro 400, claims taking this supplement can help bring back your testosterone to the levels of when you were in your 20s.

They’re based at 5407 N. Haverhill Rd #336, West Palm Beach, FL 33407

They’re not BBB accredited as shown here.

Andro400 vs. Andro400 Max

Andro400 Max is almost similar to Andro400 in the sense that both are testosterone boosters.  While Andro400 has only one ingredient, the Eurycoma Longifolia, Andro400 Max, on the other hand, has 3 ingredients, the Eurycoma Longifolia, L-citrulline, and L-arginine.

How Does Andro 400 Work?

The better question should be – does it really work? A lot of the reviews say it does not work.  Most reviews point to the fact that it has a potency of below 200 mg per capsule.

The dose of Eurycoma Longifolia in Andro 400 is 150 mg, while in Andro 400 Max, its dose is 250 mg.

An effective and safe testosterone supplement can help the body produce more testosterone once ingested. Being a natural supplement, it is supposed to be a healthier alternative to the more dangerous synthetic testosterone.

These pills, as a natural supplement, have these benefits:

  • Burns Belly Fat. Taking a testosterone-boosting supplement can help get rid of those fats.
  • Increases Energy Levels.Reduced energy level is a manifestation of a dropping level of testosterone. Andro 400 reviews say that once you get your testosterone levels back to normal, your energy level will follow suit.
  • Enhances Sex Drive and Performance. This is another symptom of low testosterone levels. With your T back in its youthful levels, you will get back your sex drive and will be able to give a much better performance.

Andro400 Ingredients

It has been available on the market since 2004. Back then, it has been rated as the top testosterone booster with natural ingredients. This means it has been formulated to naturally enhance testosterone levels.

The herb Eurycoma Longifolia is the active and lone ingredient in Andro400. This herb comes from Indonesia and Malaysia where it has been used as a supplement for over hundreds of years. Every pill contains 150 mg of Eurycoma Longifolia.  

Andro400 Side Effects

There have been no known side effects of Andro400 or its lone ingredient – Eurycoma Longifolia. It should be noted though that when taken for extended periods of time, Eurycoma Longifolia could affect the prostate, liver and kidney.

Andro400 Reviews

Natural Health Solutions claims that there is minimal to no side effects. A lot of users, though, say that the supplement has its limitations.

One of the main complaints is that the supplement did not work as the manufacturer claimed it would. He says it did not, in any help, reduce his belly fat.

A user also says that he has been using Andro400 for 3 months but did not get any of the benefits the manufacture claimed he would. He says he never lost an inch in his belly or an ounce of weight, and his sex drive never improved. He goes on to say that buying it is a total waste of money.

Another user says this is an absolute scam. The product is garbage. He says the site he bought the product from kept on charging his credit card and sending more of the ridiculous pills. He says he had to cancel his account for them to stop.

A user also said that his neurologist advised him that he should never take this pill.

There are some customer reviews that also talk about a scam, wherein the manufacturer connects the customers to their auto-payment system. They say it is difficult to turn off it off, and money was withdrawn from their credit cards.

Where to Buy?

This supplement is available at the official website. Phone and mail orders are also accepted. This supplement is also available in some online shopping websites. Free first bottles and a discount coupon code are also given away.

Does Andro400 Work?

Most reviews point to the fact that the nutritional label only states one single ingredient. This is the very first time that there is such a testosterone-enhancing supplement that contains only one ingredient.

Bothersome, too, is the fact that a single dose is only 150 mg. It is again the only testosterone-enhancing supplement with such a very low overall potency, actually, the lowest overall potency in the market. This has led some consumers to think it may be a scam.

Having only a single ingredient brings doubt as to its effectiveness as a testosterone booster supplement.  In summarizing reviews, almost all of them say it did not improve their sex drive at all.

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The most intriguing circumstance of all is the manufacturer does not show the pill’s scientific formula, so no one knows about it.  In the first place, there is nothing much that is known about the manufacturer or This brings back talks of a scam.

It is recommended that customers should avoid using Andro400. It comes with a high price and also, mostly, with negative feedbacks. There are a few positive feedbacks that popped up every now and then, but their validity has not been confirmed.

There are a lot of effective testosterone-boosting supplements in the market. This one is definitely not one of them based on genuine reviews.