Enzyte Reviews (2024 UPDATE): How Safe Is It To Use?


What Is Enzyte?

Enzyte is a male enhancement supplement that promises to maintain erection, as well as to give maximum sexual performance and pleasure. It boasts of being a very safe product because it contains zero yohimbe and ephedra, which are known to cause several side effects that can bring potential risks to the user.

Its ingredients are said to be natural aphrodisiacs, nitric oxide precursors and also effective testosterone boosters. If you’re not new to taking male enhancement pills, you’ll surely know how these abilities can affect your overall wellness and sexual health.


Who Makes Enzyte?

Enzyte is manufactured by Vianda. They produce supplements that aim to improve our health and have been operating since 2001.

Their US address is:

11260 Cornell Park Drive, Suite 706
Cincinnati, Ohio 45242

You can also reach them by email at [email protected] or by phone at (866) 834-1715.

Best Enzyte Alternative

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Who Should Take Enzyte?

Enzyte may be taken by adult men who wish to improve their sexual performance and health. It is not suitable for people with a serious medical condition. If you have high blood pressure, it’s best to check with your doctor first before consuming this product.

Maintaining sexual health tends to be a challenge when you’re already aging. This is often the case with men who still like to be sexually active but are prevented from doing so. With the help of male enhancement supplements like Enzyte, you may be able to enhance the quality of your erection, stamina, sexual response, and arousal.

How Does Enzyte Work?

Enzyte claims to work along with your body chemistry so that the result will be more intensified as you use it. This means that the longer you consume it, the longer and better the results will be.

Its proprietary blend is formulated by doctors and contains natural ingredients that are known for potency. This supplement works in different ways, making sure that the result will improve your ability to perform.

This is actually a newer version of Enzyte that’s being offered on their website. The old and traditional tablet has been replaced with an increased dosage of some of the key ingredients. It also claims that fillers and binders have been eliminated.

Enzyte Ingredients

The Enzyte proprietary blend is made up of these ingredients:

Korean red ginseng – This herb has adaptogenic and tonic properties, making it able to enhance physical health, longevity, and sexual stamina. It can strengthen the immune system and can also be used for erectile dysfunction in men.

Muira puama – Also called the potency wood, this plant functions as an aphrodisiac and nerve tonic. It can prevent sexual disorders and can also be used for menstrual disorders, upset stomach, and joint pain.

Ginkgo leaf – Ginkgo contains ginkgolides and flavonoids that are helpful in fighting free radicals and its damaging effects. It has healing properties and can be used for treating impotency through increasing blood flow.

Horny goat weed – This herb has been traditionally used for erectile dysfunction, low libido, pain, fatigue and other conditions. Its active component called epimedium works similarly like those drugs that are used to treat erectile dysfunction.

Niacin – Also called vitamin B3, niacin is believed to promote blood vessel dilation which makes it possible for blood to flow and circulate better around the penis area.

Grape seed extract – There are evidences showing that grape seed extract can help improve various cardiovascular conditions. It also has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which makes it great for reducing swelling caused by certain conditions.

Copper – Copper has several health benefits such as improving the health of our hair, connective tissues, and eyes. It also helps in reducing symptoms of arthritis, reducing cholesterol and regulating heart rhythm.

Zinc – Deficiency in zinc may lead to a decline in testosterone levels. It can also affect sexual health in men.

Enzyte Side Effects

The manufacturer claims that all their products, including Enzyte, are safe and 100% drug-free and that there should be no side effects to be expected. However, because it contains Niacin, you may experience feelings of warmth and transient flushing as you consume this supplement.

As always, we recommend that you speak first with your doctor or healthcare provider before taking any dietary supplement.

Enzyte Dosage

Enzyte should be taken once a day, just like how you take your daily vitamins. It’s best to be taken with meals and must not exceed the recommended dosage.

Enzyte Reviews

Enzyte reviews are available on different online merchants such as Amazon and Walgreens. Though the availability of this product is a plus point, the reviews are not so encouraging.

Most disappointed users were complaining about the product not being able to work at all. One user from Walgreens said that he bought this supplement and used it for 2 months, followed the instructions and yet nothing happened. An Amazon user reviewed that although the order was delivered on time, the product didn’t help him at all.

Where To Buy Enzyte?

Enzyte is available on the official website of Vianda. They offer a 60-day return policy if you are not satisfied with the product in any way. You can also buy this supplement from Amazon and Walgreens.


Does Enzyte Really Work Or Is It A Scam?

Male enhancement supplements like Enzyte do not necessarily fall under the category of scam although it appears as though it’s not as effective as it claims to be.

This is often the case with products of this kind, which is sad and disappointing because men are actually looking forward to having positive results whenever they try any new brand.

If you really want to find a male enhancement supplement that can give you effective benefits, it’s best to keep on looking first. Don’t just jump at any available product that you come across with. It should take a lot of research – in terms of the list of ingredients, number of positive reviews and even the credibility of its manufacturer.

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by Moshe T. review for Enzyte

Whenever I take this product, I feel feverish and hot. It disappears in a few hours, but it’s still uncomfortable.

by Kory Paley review for Enzyte

50 years old taker here. Sex drive increased, yes! I just don’t like this persistent jittery feeling.

by Barney Murdock review for Enzyte

I felt an increase in sexual prowess, and that’s great! But for some reason, I feel really weak and sleepy during the day. Is this a side effect?

by Erin P. review for Enzyte

Causes difficulty in sleeping. It’s weird–I feel uncomfortably warm and restless. I don’t recommend this product.