Femme Youth Reviews (2024 UPDATE): Ineffective Menopause Relief?


What Is Femme Youth?

Femme Youth is a product made specifically for women going through menopause. It aims to relieve the symptoms that are typically experienced during menopause.

Menopause can be a very uncomfortable stage in a woman’s life. It’s when her menstruation’s span comes entirely to a halt.

Some symptoms that are typical to experience during menopause are bloating, irritation, fatigue, low energy levels, hot flashes, and more. The symptoms can really take a toll on a woman’s mood and daily life.

Femme Youth can apparently help with these symptoms so that women can experience a healthy life even during menopause.

The product uses a combination of powerful vitamins and minerals which are meant to target specific menopause symptoms.

Femme Youth

Who Makes Femme Youth?

This supplement is made by a company called Secrets of Sarah. There is not a lot of information about this manufacturer. Femme Youth is not the only product that they make; they make a few other supplements as well, such as ones that reduce hunger.

Best Femme Youth Alternative?

Due to all the negative reviews about Femme Youth, we’ve been looking for a competitive product that was proven more effective. We checked several of them with deception and finally came around a real effective menopause supplement. You can read its review HERE.

Who Is Femme Youth For?

This supplement is for any woman who is struggling with the symptoms of menopause. The average age that women experience menopause is between 45 and 51 years old.

However, women can even reach it once they are 55. In some cases, women can experience menopause when they are younger, even in their 30s or 40s.

How Does Femme Youth Work?

Femme Youth works by using specific ingredients that target the symptoms of menopause. The formula comes in a capsule for you to take daily. The capsule is meant to be quickly digested and absorbed into your bloodstream.

The manufacturer claims that you should instantly be able to notice an improvement and reduction in your symptoms such as irritability, hot flashes, and soreness.

This seems a bit unrealistic — even the most effective menopause supplements out there won’t work “instantly.” It takes a bit of time for your body to adjust to the supplements and for the ingredients to interact with your body.

If the manufacturer had claimed that you would experience relief from your symptoms within a few days that would have been much more realistic, but claiming that it provides instant relief is a very strong statement and is disappointing to many customers who will not experience instant results.

Femme Youth Ingredients

Femme Youth is comprised of two main components that work to help reduce the symptoms. They are selenium and Tribulus terrestris.

Selenium is an ingredient that can reduce the signs of aging and enhance the reduction of menopause symptoms. It is great for skin health and can provide the skin with a radiant and youthful appearance. Selenium is beneficial for reducing wrinkles and surface lines on the skin. While all this sounds great, and healthy skin is something many women want, this doesn’t really relate much to many of the menopause symptoms.

Tribulus terrestris is a natural herb. It has been known to restore and boost the overall health and wellness of a woman’s body. It has the power to increase libido and lower mood swings.

There is a huge lack of information when it comes to the ingredients of Femme Youth. The dosage and amount of each ingredient included are not specified either.

It is extremely difficult to find a full ingredient’s list, which makes us weary. The manufacturer doesn’t even include a list of ingredients on the main website. It’s important for customers to be able to look at the ingredients before they invest in a product.

Femme Youth Side Effects

The manufacturer claims that there are no side effects of this supplement because it contains natural ingredients. However, it’s always recommended to consult with your doctor before starting any new supplements.

The manufacturer states that their statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Do not take this supplement if you are under the age of 18, or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Femme Youth Dosage

The recommended dosage for Femme Youth is taking a capsule daily. The exact directions are included on the bottle’s label. You should take this supplement with a glass of water.

Femme Youth Reviews

If you look online, there really aren’t that many reviews about Femme Youth. This product is not sold on Amazon, so it’s really hard to find honest customer reviews like you would typically find on Amazon.

The fact that there aren’t many reviews about this product can be perceived as a negative thing, showing not many people were willing to purchase this supplement and try it out.

Where To Buy Femme Youth

If you wish to purchase Femme Youth, you have to do it through their official website.

They offer a free trial program if you want to try out the supplement for yourself before you invest in it. When you sign up for the trial you will need to provide your banking information to pay for shipping and handling.

After 14 days of the free trial, you will be charged and enrolled in a monthly subscription service where you will continue to be charged for the product every month.

To avoid this from happening, you need to return the product or cancel the free trial before the 14-day mark.


Does Femme Youth Really Work Or Is It A Scam?

We believe that Femme Youth is not a product that was created with pure intentions in mind. It seems like the product was created more to make money rather than to fully help women with their menopause symptoms.

The fact that there is barely information about the ingredients (except for two ingredients) is very unprofessional and should definitely be taken into consideration.

There’s also a huge lack of customer reviews regarding the effectiveness of this product. We believe you’d be much better off trying a menopause supplement that has full transparency about their ingredients and one that has honest and positive customer reviews.