Blackcore Edge Review 2024 : WARNING – Read Before You Buy!


What Is Blackcore Edge?

Blackcore Edge is a nutritional supplement that is known for its testosterone boosting properties.

It is also marketed as a pre/post-workout supplement, and additionally as a male enhancement pill. Basically, Blackcore Edge is a dietary supplement that boosts a male’s levels of testosterone.

This supplement is also known as Blackcore Edge Max, and it is mainly targeted towards men who struggle in the bedroom, specifically with lack of stamina, low libido, or quickly getting tired during sex.

Blackcore Edge R


Who Makes Blackcore Edge?

The company that makes the supplement is called Edgeline Performance. Their email is [email protected] and their phone number is 877-516-7511.

If you need to contact the company by mail, their address is:

PO Box 25380
Santa Ana, CA
United States

Even though this is simply a PO box address, the company lists it as their “corporate headquarters.”

Best Blackcore Edge Alternative

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Who Is Blackcore Edge For?

It’s designed for any male who feels like they need a boost with their testosterone levels.

Whether they want a boost in the bedroom to increase their stamina and libido, or they want to feel a difference in their strength levels during their workouts, Blackcore Edge can be used for either.

How Does Blackcore Edge Work?

Blackcore Edge works by apparently raising your testosterone levels, which in turn leads to better sexual performance. There is no actual testosterone in this product as there would be with something such as steroids, however, this supplement claims to naturally raise your testosterone levels using specific natural ingredients.

These ingredients are mainly herbal extracts that have been used in the past to increase sex drive. However, barely any of the ingredients in this supplement are actually backed up with any scientific studies to prove their legitimacy. The formula on its own has never been tested or studied for its safety/performance.

Blackcore Edge uses ingredients such as wild yam extract, orchic, epimedium, and more. It is true that these ingredients have sometimes led to increased libido, however, none of the ingredients have actually been proven to raise your testosterone levels naturally. Even the handful of studies that Blackcore Edge cites (such as this study) are very deceiving.

The studies use a much higher dosage than would ever be found in the supplement, and the study was done on rats, not humans. Why does Blackcore Edge hide the dosage of their ingredients? Companies will usually exclude this information when the dosage is weak and low quality.

Blackcore Edge Ingredients

The following are the ingredients that are used in Blackcore Edge. The dosage and amount of each ingredient used in this supplement are unknown to consumers.

Epimedium – This ingredient is also known as horny goat weed. This is commonly used in many testosterone boosting supplements. It can sometimes increase libido, however, there isn’t enough evidence that shows it can treat any type of sexual issues such as ejaculation problems or erectile dysfunction.

Boron – Boron is a trace mineral that some people claim to improve testosterone levels in the body, however, the studies that have looked at how boron relates to testosterone improvement show that it doesn’t do much.

Sarsaparilla – This ingredient is a herb that is known for enhancing your cognitive function. It can improve your concentration and help you focus.

Wild Yam Extract – Wild Yam extract is meant to relax the muscles in the body while improving blood circulation. This is beneficial for sexual performance.

Tongkat Ali – This ingredient can apparently improve the size of erections and raise the levels of testosterone in the male body, however, there are no scientific studies that prove this.

Nettle extract – This natural ingredient is a herb that helps with erectile dysfunction.

Saw Palmetto – Saw Palmetto is another herb that helps to improve your stamina during sex.

Boron Amino Acid Chelate – This micronutrient helps to improve the way that cells function within the body, and they also help to balance and improve the level of testosterone.

Blackcore Edge Side Effects

According to the manufacturer, it has no serious side effects, and it is a safe product to use.

However, if you look through reviews online, some users experience various side effects.

The effects on each person will vary depending on a number of factors.

Some individuals experience dizziness, headaches, nausea, and an increase in their blood pressure as well.

Blackcore Edge Dosage

Each pack contains 60 capsules.

The recommended dosage is two capsules daily (one in the morning, and one at night).

You should drink water when you take the tablets, and take them regularly for best results.

You must be at least 18 years old to take this supplement.

Blackcore Edge Reviews

There are very mixed reviews online about Blackcore Edge.

Some people claim that it helps them feel more energized during not only their workouts but sexual performances as well.

Others, however, say that it made no difference during their workouts, and it actually made them feel worse.

Some say they had to stop midway through their workouts because they were feeling dizzy and had headaches from the supplements.

Where to buy Blackcore Edge

You can buy directly from the manufacturer’s website.

When you go to buy it, you will be told that it’s only available through a trial program. This program makes it so that you need to be $4.95 for the trial, and it doesn’t mention any additional charges.

After you pay, you’ll receive the product within 5 business days. You might think it’s over, but after just 10 short business days, your card will be charged $85.95 for the full price of the supplement.

After that, unless you call and cancel, you will be charged $85.95 + $4.95 each month for the product and for shipping.


Does Blackcore Edge Really Work or is it a Scam?

As of now, there is still no scientific evidence to prove that Blackcore Edge actually works. There have been no studies done on this supplement to prove its effectiveness. All we have as proof of whether it works or not are honest customer reviews, which are very mixed.

When the manufacturer was asked for proof of their claims of how this supplement can “give you huge erections and supercharge your testosterone levels” they simply provided a single study that was done on rats in China.

Also, their devious marketing tactics would count as a scam to some people. Ultimately, the decision is up to you if you want to try it out or not.