Cellogica Reviews (2024 UPDATE): Not Worth The Risk?


What Is Cellogica?

Cellogica Day & Night Cream is a combination of anti-aging creams that you can use during the day and night. The creams are said to reverse skin damage caused by different factors such as UV rays, a stressful lifestyle and environmental toxins.

The product claims to reduce the usual signs of aging such as age spots, fine lines, crow’s feet and wrinkles. And apparently it all happens in a shorter time compared to that of other anti-aging creams.

Formulated by a team of dermatologists, Cellogica helps repair, restore and rejuvenate your skin both internally and externally. It also strengthens your skin’s protective epidermal layer to prevent future damage.


Who Makes Cellogica?

This anti-aging cream is manufactured by Eco Health based in Chatsworth, California. You can reach them by calling (661) 208-4377 or by emailing [email protected]

Best Cellogica Alternative

Due to all the negative reviews about Cellogica, we’ve been looking for a competitive product that was proven more effective. We checked several of them with deception, and finally came around a real effective anti-aging cream. You can read its review HERE.

Who Is Cellogica For?

This anti-aging cream package is for both men and women who desire the skin-smoothing effects of Botox, but without injections. It is supposedly safe to use for any skin type.

Cellogica is especially useful for those who are constantly exposed to the sun. Prolonged sun exposure can produce sun spots, darkening and uneven tone on the skin.

Women who are taking estrogen supplements and birth control pills, or are pregnant, are also said to benefit from the product. These conditions can sometimes cause skin blemishes, and the creams apparently can help with it.

How Does Cellogica Work?

The primary cause of skin aging is the depletion of skin stem cells as we age. The stem cells in our skin are limited in number and have a life expectancy.

Cellogica Day and Night creams use Stem Cell Technology to stop and reverse the loss of your skin’s stem cells. Upon application, the cream enters the skin. The ingredients begin to soften the cells underneath.

Another major cause of skin aging is exposure to the sun’s harsh UVA and UVB radiation. This product works to strengthen your skin’s protective barrier against the sun’s rays.

The manufacturer’s patented MAC-5 complex combines five anti-aging ingredients to protect, enhance, restore and repair your skin. These ingredients include skin-firming peptides and herbal extracts.

Cellogica Ingredients

Cellogica contains two stem cells:

Malus Domestica – This comes from the Rare Sweet Apple. It stops the loss of existing stem cells and re-generates them.

Rhododendron Ferrugineum – This is from the Alpine Rose. It increases the skin’s protection against harmful weather conditions, free radicals and UV rays.

Other ingredients were developed by the manufacturer’s in-house dermatologists:

Syn-Coll – This unpreserved glycerin-based solution stimulates collagen synthesis. It decreases wrinkle depth and makes the skin appear younger and healthier.

RonaFlair LDP – A coating that fills wrinkles and creates an even, diffused light distribution. Its function as a filler makes lines disappear.

Syn-Ake – A peptide that works like the venom of the Temple Viper snake. It makes skin muscles relax and smooths lines in a very short time.

The product also contains:

Hyaluronic Acid – This acid is naturally produced by the skin cells. It holds in moisture, provides cushioning, aids in tissue repair, and helps protect against free radicals. It also holds the skin’s collagen and elastin together.

Kojic Acid – This comes from a variety of fungi and other organic substances. It inhibits the production of melanin, which causes freckles and sun spots.

Cellogica Side Effects

Nowhere on the manufacturer’s website or the product pages on Amazon do they claim that Cellogica has no side effects. In fact, there is a disclaimer saying that if signs of irritation appear, you should discontinue using the product and contact a physician.

That said, some buyers did report side effects after using both the day cream and the night cream. They developed pimples, allergic reactions and rashes on the face and neck.

Other side effects reported include skin irritation, swelling, itching, redness and dryness. One customer started using the day cream to get rid of her eye bags. The result was her eye bags actually got bigger.

Cellogica Dosage

The day cream can be used daily after washing your face in the morning. Pat dry. Use a pea-sized amount of the cream and spread it evenly on your face, forehead and neck.

You can apply make-up on top of the day cream, but wait a few minutes to allow the cream to be absorbed into the skin.

The night cream can be used before bedtime to help your skin recover while you sleep. Follow the same process as above.

Remember that this product is not safe for children, so it must be kept out of their reach at all times.

Cellogica Reviews

There were only a few users who were satisfied with the effects of Cellogica on their skin. Some didn’t notice any difference even after a month’s use.

The rest of customer reviews on Cellogica were just indignant. And their complaints had nothing to do with the product. Many buyers accused the manufacturer of unethical business practices.

First, the product is offered on a 14-day-free-trial basis. But it is not free at all. You have to pay $4.95 for shipping and handling.

This price may seem reasonable for a 30-day supply. That is, until your card automatically gets charged $129.95 at the end of the trial period.

Then you’ll continue receiving a bottle of Cellogica once a month. So of course, your card will also be charged for the product price plus shipping and handling. Every month.

Sure, the manufacturer would accept your subscription cancellation if made before the trial period ends. (Yes, ordering the free trial pack equates to a subscription.) And herein lies your second hurdle.

Buyers reported that calling the manufacturer’s customer service is a futile endeavor. They would hang up on you. Call again and they’d do the same. Some tried up to five times and were hung up on each time.

The third hurdle is going the 30-day-money-back-guarantee route. The catch? You have to return the product unopened to avail of the refund. And you’ll only receive credit, not an actual refund.

Where To Buy Cellogica

This product is available on the company’s website and on Amazon for over $125. It includes both day and night creams as a package.

Free trial offers are also available on the company’s website. Availing of it automatically subscribes you to a monthly supply of the product.


Does Cellogica Really Work Or Is It A Scam?

The disturbing negative reviews on Cellogica call to mind only two words: Red flag!

No matter how great a product is, a buyer is entitled to say no to purchasing it, for whatever reason.

So, is Cellogica a scam? Unfortunately, yes, we think so.

It’s a trap you cannot get out of. You can never cancel your subscription. And if you’ve been sucked in, the only way out is to close your credit card account.

We believe it’s not worth the risk. Instead, it would be wise to find a better alternative. There are other anti-aging creams available on the market that have been proven by real people to improve wrinkles and fine lines and combat other signs of aging.

And more importantly, these beauty creams don’t lure buyers with misleading information and deceiving tactics. That is one way to ensure your product of choice is worth it.

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by Claretha C. review for Cellogica

Acne is a common problem amongst teenagers, right? Well, guess what. I became a teenager.

by Yael Yeager review for Cellogica

Hey, be proud of your imperfections. Those are natural and they are actually signs of wisdom. Don’t believe in products like this; they don’t work.

by Soila S. review for Cellogica

Doesn’t work as an anti-aging cream. However, it has a good SPF factor. So I’m using it as a sunblock. Works okay.

by Pinkie Purvis review for Cellogica

Although my blemishes didn’t fade, my skin became smoother. At least, it worked in that aspect.

by Sandra Troop review for Cellogica

I had an outbreak of rashes after using this product. Made my skin dry too.