SizeGenetics Reviews (2024 UPDATE): Best Bet For Male Enhancement?


What Is SizeGenetics?

SizeGenetics is a device that is used to help extend the size of a man’s penis. When the FDA decided to approve this type of product to be available in the market, SizeGenetics is one of the very first ones to get approved – and for good reasons.

Aside from extending the size of your penis, this device is also popular for use for conditions such as the Peyronie’s disease (bent penis syndrome) and the Micropenis syndrome. Sometimes these conditions are caused by hormonal and/or genetic abnormalities.

With SizeGenetics, you are finally able to increase your penis size without having to resort to surgeries that may prove to be too risky or painful. The answer to your what seems to be like a lifelong quest is finally here.


Who Makes SizeGenetics?

According to its website, SizeGenetics is owned and operated by a company in Lyngby, Denmark. The name of the company is DanaMedic ApS.

This means that all devices are being made, assembled and shipped directly from Denmark.

There are also several ways to contact them, which is another plus point. Their customer support teams are both based in UK and the USA. Their contact numbers are listed as follows:

USA: +1 (646) 918 1447
UK: +44 (0)115 769 0209

You may also speak to them via live chat, which is even better for some customers who want to get connected right away.

If in case you are somewhat conscious or worried about the nature of your question or inquiry, you can rest your mind because their customer support teams are well-trained and accustomed to whatever kind of questions you may have.


Who Should Use SizeGenetics?

SizeGenetics was created as an answer to those looking for the safest and most effective way of enlarging their penis. Men by nature are very much particular with the size of their penis, especially if they want to feel confident and esteemed all the time.

This device is for those who admit that size matters – regardless of the performance. If you are the kind of man who values sexual satisfaction not only for yourself but also for your partner, then SizeGenetics is for you.

How Does SizeGenetics Work?

SizeGenetics is a penis traction device, and a device like this works by supplying a gentle but constant stretch to your manhood, particularly the Corpora Cavernosa. This part of the penis is responsible for holding the blood whenever your penis is in full erection.

This process is quite similar to that of a weight trainer lifting weights. The heavier the weights, the more that he stretches and thus training the muscles that stretch with him.

The only difference is that the stretching that occurs whenever you use SizeGenetics is very gentle and painless. The Corpora Cavernosa will split when pulled away, resulting to cells tearing and eventually healing.

When the cells are healed and new healthier cells are created, they will be larger and firmer. A larger and firmer Corpora Cavernosa also means a bigger penis with an even harder erection.

SizeGenetics Side Effects

When using any device, you would surely come across questions like:

  • Is it safe?
  • Does it have any side effect that I should be afraid of?
  • Is it worth my money?
  • Is it as effective as it claims to be?

As of this writing, there is still no reported case of side effects or adverse reaction upon using this device. As long as you follow the instructions and abide by the manufacturer’s guidelines, you should be good to go.

This is definitely something that is worth considering, knowing that the product you are about to use is 100% safe and without any potential risk.

You also do not have to worry about any injury that may occur. SizeGenetics is very easy to use.

How to Use SizeGenetics?

To be able to achieve visible results, one has to wear the SizeGenetics extender for at least 3-5 hours per day, for a minimum of six months.

You just simply attach the device to your penis and let it do its job. If in case you are feeling sore at some point, you may stop for 1-2 days in between.

Note that it may get and feel uncomfortable for first time users, especially during the first 2-3 weeks of using it. The elongation bars may be adjusted according to your desired size but be sure not to overdo it, as it may feel too tight and uncomfortable.

Focus on your goal and persist through the little discomforts that you may feel as you wear it. The longer time that you can wear the SizeGenetics device, the sooner that you can see the result.

SizeGenetics Reviews

With this device, it seems like almost all (if not completely all) of the reviews are very positive. Users are highly satisfied with the results they are getting, not to mention the safety and risk-free features of the SizeGenetics.

You can see reviews on SizeGenetics that even feature actual before and after photos. This only proves that this product is deemed effective and highly trusted by many.

SizeGenetics is also the same extender that is constantly being recommended by penile enhancement surgeons worldwide. On their website, you can see that a specialist in General and Plastic Surgery named Dr. Jorn Ege Siana is endorsing SizeGenetics.

Dr. Siana can professionally vouch for this device as a cheaper and safer alternative to invasive penis enlargement surgery.

SizeGenetics reviews

Where To Buy SizeGenetics?

SizeGenetics can be ordered from its official website. Be sure to order only from their website. There are products made from China that claim to be the same as this device but are made of plastic.

Keep in mind that authenticity comes with a price and it is okay to pay for it as long as you know you are getting the kind of result that you desire. With China-made products, you are not so sure of the quality, not to mention the risk that it may potentially bring upon usage.

On the SizeGenetics website there are several packages that you can choose from depending on your preference. The Ultimate System claims to be their bestseller and the price for it is $299.95 which is already discounted. The original price is $499.95. There is also a package as low as $199.95


Does SizeGenetics Really Work Or Is It A Scam?

This is definitely a question that has a very obvious answer – because yes, SizeGenetics really works. If you want to enhance the size of your penis without having to go through a surgery or other medical procedures, this is what you are looking for.

Being in the market for more than two decades now, this product is definitely on top of its game. With their six-month money back guarantee, you are rest assured that the company is confident enough with how their product works.

SizeGenetics is proven to be very helpful in addressing small penis problems. Don’t get caught up just reading all these reviews, go ahead and try it for yourself.