Hallelujah Diet Reviews (2024 UPDATE): Is It Safe And Effective?


What Is Hallelujah Diet?

The Hallelujah Diet is a diet plan that focuses on healthy eating and lifestyle. It’s inspired by a passage in the Bible (thus the name of this diet) which is:

“And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb and bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.” – Genesis 1:29

The concept of this diet plan is to encourage you to eat more vegetables and fruits that are raw so that your body will be cleansed and free of toxins. Eating too much processed foods is unhealthy and can lead to several health issues such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

Hallelujah Diet


Who Makes The Hallelujah Diet?

This diet plan was discovered by Rev. George Malkmus in 1992. His ministry called the Hallelujah Acres is the company behind this product. This Christian ministry provides services, products and education aiming for people to practice and understand ultimate health according to God’s ways.

They have several office locations both in the US and internationally. The listed address for their US headquarter is at:

P.O. Box 2388
Shelby, NC 28151
800-915-WELL (9355) (US)

They also have locations in Canada and Nigeria, with addresses and contact numbers that you can find on their respective official websites.

Best Hallelujah Diet Alternative

Due to all the negative reviews about the Hallelujah Diet, we’ve been looking for a competitive diet plan that was proven more effective. We checked several of them with deception, and finally came around a real effective diet program. You can read its review HERE.

Who Is Hallelujah Diet For?

Although this diet may be beneficial, a lot of claims are pointing towards one concern – the Hallelujah Diet is not the kind of diet that you will want to try if you are looking for a weight loss program.

This program is only for those who are looking for a short term cleansing diet. While it’s true that plant-based foods are helpful, your body will still need to have enough protein, aside from other other essential nutrients.

This diet plan may be healthy at first glance, but in the long run it’s not for those who are trying to lose weight or gain muscles.

How Does The Hallelujah Diet Work?

Fruits and vegetables are known to greatly contribute to preventing diseases, and this is why this diet is designed using this principle. Nutrient deficiency can lead to a lot of health issues such as over fatigue, compromised immune system, heart disease, cancer and diabetes. This deficiency, according to Hallelujah’s belief, is due to consuming foods that are unhealthy.

This diet plan claims to help in restoring and maintaining the body’s optimal health. This happens when you replace refined and processed foods with plant-based and living foods that will nourish and cleanse the body. When this happens, the body will again be able to heal itself.

The Hallelujah Diet has two dimensions — one is to consume foods that are plant-based and biblical. This mostly consists of raw vegetables and fruits. The second one is through supplemental nutrition that is said to counterbalance the nutrients that you will lack in organic produce.

With this diet you will be able to get rid of the toxins that are weakening your cells, thus making you sick and out of energy.

Hallelujah Diet Side Effects

The diet alone may appear nutritious but a lot of experts say that it could be harmful when not supported by something else. The main reason for this is the fact that the diet is too low in nutrients and calories.

The Hallelujah Diet is too restrictive that it may only lead to several deficiencies, such as iron, zinc, vitamin D and B12 deficiencies. When the body runs low on iron and zinc, it will weaken and compromise the immune system. The body will then struggle to fight infections.

Hallelujah Diet Guidelines

There are actually a lot of things to remember when you are on this type of diet. It is composed of 85% raw foods and cooked foods for the remaining 15%. Here are some things that you’ll need to strictly follow:

  • For beverages, you may consume vegetable juices that are extracted freshly. Juice powder can also be used, as well as herb teas that contain no caffeine.
  • All fresh fruits are allowed but intake should be limited to only 15% of your daily serving. Frozen or cooked fruits also work as long they are not sweetened.
  • Seasonings are okay as long as it’s unsalted and from dehydrated or fresh herbs. Parsley, sweet onions and garlic are allowed.
  • Vegetables are to be eaten raw, or could also be steamed and frozen.
  • Soups should only be made without refined table salt, dairy or fat.

Hallelujah Diet Reviews

The Hallelujah Diet reviews all say the same thing in the end – this one is not for people who are not determined enough. The level of effort that you have to put in is extremely high, to the extent that only vegan people can relate.

It will also be challenging to the pocket, as we all know that fresh juices, vegetables and fruits can be very expensive. It may mean that you’ll have to make constant trip to the grocery to fill your supply, or even find a specialty store where you can buy everything that’s supposed to be consumed.

An Amazon user complained how the diet is too unrealistic and that following it only made him/her very sick with severe intestinal pain.

Other negative reviews talked about how you will need to spend more and more money as you go through this diet plan. Aside from buying the book, you will also at some point need to purchase costly products and supplements that are required in the book.

Where To Buy Hallelujah Diet?

The book can be bought from the official website, and it is also available in Amazon. It costs roughly around $14.99 which may seem affordable at first glance, but in the long run you’ll find out that there’ll be more purchases that need to be done.

Their recipe book is sold separately and also the barley powder that is required to be consumed along with the diet plan.


Does Hallelujah Diet Really Work Or Is It A Scam?

Eating raw and plant-based foods is good for the body – this we can all agree on. But if you are looking for a diet plan that will help you maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle, the Hallelujah Diet is not the one for you.

This diet will only work on a short-term basis, mainly as a detox or cleansing program. After that, you will eventually need to go back to looking for a new diet plan that will give you more benefits.

Look for a diet plan that will help you attain the right nutrients, vitamins and minerals. And you can surely find one that is not too restricted, not too hard to maintain and most of all, not too expensive.