Primal Instinct Reviews (2024 UPDATE): Is It Safe and Effective?


What Is Primal Instinct?

Primal Instinct is a product that men can use to sexually attract females. Though it’s not entirely a male enhancement supplement, it claims to help men to have a boost of confidence and at the same time, improve their sex appeal.

This is a small bottle that contains Androstenone, a pheromone compound that can be found in our sweat. Although it’s present in both genders, the scent is more dominant in males and may be effective in amplifying the mood.

Primal Instinct Love Scent


Who Makes Primal Instinct?

We found a website for a company/distributor named Love Scent, and it carries Primal Instinct, among other pheromone-based products like colognes and perfumes. There’s no indication on the product’s label if it is indeed manufactured by Love Scent.

The address for this company is:

3595 Western Dr
Eugene, OR 97401

Their phone number is 1-888-777-1115 if you need to ask them about any of their products. You can also submit an inquiry using their online contact form that you can find on their website.

Best Primal Instinct Alternative

Due to all the negative reviews about Primal Instinct, we’ve been looking for a competitive product that was proven more effective. We checked several of them with deception, and finally came around a real effective male enhancement product. You can read its review HERE.

Who Is Primal Instinct For?

Primal Instinct is for men who are not fully confident with how they can get the attention of women around them. Men are dominant by nature, but sometimes, they fail in letting their inner sexual dominance to surface. This is where this product claims to be helpful.

There’s no exact indication as to how old one should be to safely use this product. Ask your doctor since the manufacturer has mentioned the possibility of overdose when used without caution.

How Does Primal Instinct Work?

The formula of Primal Instinct is based on androstenone. This human pheromone acts as a dominating force and is more common among men although women also have it naturally. It is popularly known as the alpha male pheromone.

The product is formulated to boost androstenone by providing men with a special scent that cannot be easily detected when used or applied in small concentrations. It comes in two variations: unscented and Ylang-Ylang scent. The ylang-ylang version features a very light scent, so men who don’t like wearing perfumes may prefer to use this variant.

Aside from attracting sexual attention, the enhancer also claims to:

  • intensify positive or favorable reactions from those who are around you
  • boost your confidence and dominating aura
  • make you feel more aggressive and dominant

Primal Instinct Ingredients

A bottle of Primal Instinct contains 10 ml of the solution. This solution contains 5mg of androstenone, which is the key active ingredient that you can find in this formula.

Androstenone has an unpleasant musky or woody smell. Some would even compare it to the smell of urine. It is often mixed with colognes and perfumes. When women take a whiff of androstenone, the hormone reacts with their neurotransmitters, causing women to look at men as confident alpha males. This boosts sexual desire on both parties.

This is because the sense of smell plays an essential role in being a human. Some studies show that boosting androstenone in boars (male pigs) causes gilts (female pigs) to be in heat and ready for mating.

This is almost how it works on women as they take a sniff on this product. They become aroused, with their stress hormone surging in. It is also believed that women are more sensitive to this compound when they are ovulating.

Primal Instinct Side Effects

One alarming side effect or more likely a drawback of this product is the possibility of overdosing. This is because there’s no actual or specific instruction on how to use it. One has to be very careful and start with only a small amount when applying the liquid.

Too much of this compound might lead to too much aggression from other men. There are also reported cases of headaches among users.

The unscented variation also reportedly has a strong musky and deep scent. Some men find it hard to conceal the smell even after putting on strong-scented colognes or perfume.

Primal Instinct Dosage

This is also a very tricky part if you are considering to try Primal Instinct. The exact dosage is very difficult to gauge because there’s no indication on their website or anywhere else for that matter.

Some sources suggest that you first try out with one small drop of this product using the dropper included on the bottle. This way, you can gauge the right amount that should work for you.

There’s still no documentation of whether overdosing of this enhancer can bring positive or negative outcomes. That’s why you need to be really careful when using it.

Primal Instinct Reviews

You can find a few Primal Instinct reviews on Love Scent’s official website. Most are positive feedback although there are consumers who consider independent reviews to be more reliable. Amazon has very few reviews about this product and eBay has none although we found an eBay listing for it.

An Amazon user complained about how he was really disappointed with this product. He said he had high hopes for it, but it looks like the enhancer does not work on Asian women as he is from Sri Lanka.Primal Instinct reviews

Where To Buy Primal Instinct?

Primal Instinct is available on Love Scent’s website. You can easily order anytime. They offer free samples of Primal Instinct and their other products. If you want to find out more about their money-back guarantee, it would be better to contact them directly for any questions.

Free samples are available for both newbie and veteran users. The enhancer is also available on Amazon and eBay.


Does Primal Instinct Really Work Or Is It A Scam?

Primal Instinct really does have that dominating smell, and some women may be able to appreciate it. However, the few users who were satisfied with the product certainly does not represent the majority of men or users.

We just think it’s not enough to attract women simply by applying some solution to your skin or set of clothes. The best way to enhance sexual performance is through male enhancement supplements and products that have been long proven to work and to satisfy users and their partners.