BioCell Collagen Reviews (2024 UPDATE): Does It Really Work?


What Is BioCell Collagen?

Health Logics BioCell Collagen is a dietary supplement that promises to soothe sore joints, revive dry skin, and remove wrinkles and fine lines.

The manufacturer of this product claims that they conducted clinical trials on the benefits of its ingredients. Results of these studies supposedly demonstrate a reduction of joint stiffness and discomfort, skin dryness, and appearance of wrinkles.

Other tests included features such as safety, efficacy, and bioavailability (your body’s ability to absorb the ingredients).

In addition, one recent study showed that it supports musculoskeletal tissue of individuals engaged in sports. Therefore, it may also be a supplement for performance recovery.

BioCell Collagen


Who Makes BioCell Collagen?

BioCell Collagen is a product of Health Logics Laboratories, Inc. These are their contact details:

Address: 300 Spectrum Center Drive, Ste. 400, Irvine, California 92618 USA
Phone: (888) 402-1600 (Monday-Friday 8:00 AM-5:00 PM Pacific Time)
Email: You may use the contact form on the manufacturer’s website

Best BioCell Collagen Alternative?

Due to all the negative reviews about Health Logics BioCell Collagen, we’ve been looking for a competitive product that was proven more effective. We checked several of them with deception, and finally came around a real effective joint health supplement. You can read its review HERE.

Who Is BioCell Collagen For?

This supplement is for any adult suffering from joint issues due to an unhealthy diet, advanced age, a stressful lifestyle, digestive system problems, and physical activities.

You can benefit from this product if you are an athlete, cyclist, runner, triathlete, bodybuilder and weekend warrior. Your routines and exercise/training regimen greatly impact your joints and connective tissues. You need essential nutrients to support these joints and tissues.

Health Logics BioCell Collagen is non-GMO and free of gluten, soy, shellfish, fish, egg, milk, peanuts, and sugar.

However, it contains Collagen Type II, which comes from chicken. Therefore, if you are allergic to chicken or eggs, you should avoid using this supplement.

How Does BioCell Collagen Work?

Health Logics BioCell Collagen is a patented formula that provides a three-dimensional nutritional support. Its ingredients renew connective tissues found in your skin, joints, and hair.

The manufacturer conducted numerous clinical trials to test the product’s formula on cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and synovial fluid.

Results of these trials suggest that the efficient and fast absorption of the natural substances in this formula made it not only safe but also effective.

These studies also showed that it promotes recovery from intense exercise.

In addition, on one study conducted on women over 12 weeks, participants showed a reduction of 76% on dry skin and 13.2% on fine lines and wrinkles.

BioCell Collagen Ingredients

These are the ingredients in Health Logics BioCell Collagen:

Proprietary BioCell Collagen II

This is made from the sternal cartilage of chicken that is grown without hormones or antibiotics. Naturally grown chicken have more hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate.

Other animal parts provide gelatin and collagen types I and III, which may contain specks of blood and present a risk to your health. This is because blood is often a carrier of diseases, bacteria, and viruses.

Hydrolyzed Collagen Type II Peptides – Chicken collagen used for the treatment of pain due to arthritis, injury, and surgery. It also provides relief from back and neck pain.

Chondroitin sulfate – As a major component of your body’s connective tissues, this compound may help rebuild damaged cartilage, bone, skin, ligaments, and tendons.

Hyaluronic Acid – This acid holds in your skin’s moisture and cushions and repairs tissues. In addition, it holds the collagen and elastin of your skin together.

Other ingredients include:

Gelatin – Made from fish skin or bovine (beef) sources, this ingredient is used as a gelling agent, stabilizer, thickener, and emulsifier.

Rice Powder – This is an ingredient found in skin and hair products. It provides UV protection and lightens skin tone. In addition, it helps to remove dark circles around your eyes and can function as an exfoliant.

Magnesium Stearate – This is a filler in capsules derived from fatty stearic acid.

BioCell Collagen ingredients

BioCell Collagen Side Effects

The manufacturer of Health Logics BioCell Collagen claims that this product has been a subject of clinical studies. Such studies did not result in participants experiencing adverse side effects from using it.

However, one of its ingredients, Collagen Type II, comes from chicken. Therefore, you should expect to experience allergic reactions if you are allergic to chicken and eggs.

In addition, Collagen Type II contains the substances glucosamine and chondroitin, which are known to cause side effects such as nausea, diarrhea or constipation, heartburn, drowsiness, headaches, and skin reactions. You may experience these side effects upon using the product.

BioCell Collagen Dosage

Take two capsules of Health Logics BioCell Collagen in the morning and another two in the evening. For best results, take the capsules 20 minutes before a meal.

This product has not been tested for effects on women who are pregnant or nursing. Therefore, it is best that you avoid it if you are in such conditions.

BioCell Collagen Reviews

The online Health Logics BioCell Collagen reviews we found were from both satisfied and disappointed consumers.

Some of them got rid of their knee pain and the fine lines on their forehead after one week of taking this supplement. However, those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis reported that they only experienced slightly reduced pain.

Others saw no improvement in their joint health, but the skin on their arms looked better, though not as much as they expected based on the product’s advertisements.

On the other hand, some did not see much difference in their joints or skin, but their hair seemed to grow more rapidly than usual after using this supplement.

Side effects reported include UTI (urinary tract infection), heavy and sore arms, lethargy, exhaustion, stomach pain, and bloating. There were also many cases of allergic reactions like swollen eyes and knuckles as well as skin flushing.

One user said it actually gave her joint pain, which she never felt in her life until she used this product.

Finally, many of those who tried it for one month claimed they did not notice any difference or changes at all on their joints, skin, and hair.BioCell Collagen reviews

Where To Buy BioCell Collagen

Health Logics BioCell Collagen is available online through the manufacturer’s website, on Amazon, and from several online retailers.

If you prefer to buy this product at retail stores, you can find it by using the store locator on the manufacturer’s website.


Does BioCell Collagen Really Work Or Is It A Scam?

As a dietary supplement to support joints, skin, and hair, Health Logics BioCell Collagen seems like worth a try.

Our conclusion is based on the clinical trials the manufacturer conducted, which were published not only on their website but also in other scientific journals.

However, like any supplement, it is not perfect. As revealed by the reviews of those who tried it, this product is not effective for everyone.

Moreover, it may not be as fast-acting as the manufacturer claims. Some users reported waiting for four weeks to experience its benefits.

Most importantly, many of them suffered from side effects, which is contrary to the information provided on the product’s website. It says that there should be no adverse effects from using it.

Therefore, while we don’t categorically discourage you from giving this a try, we strongly suggest that you study the label carefully.

Consult your doctor about it as well. If they advise you against using it, you should check out other joint health supplements that fit your individual needs.

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by Helga Beachum review for BioCell Collagen

I’ve heard good promises about this product, so I decided to try it. My skin broke out into itchy rashes. Turns out I’m allergic to one of its ingredients.

by Tamara S. review for BioCell Collagen

Don’t use it if you have CFS. Didn’t do anything about my arthritis.

by Tommie Heitz review for BioCell Collagen

No good in dealing with joint pain. But the nice thing though is that my hair grew. Good thing for me coz I have mid-frontal baldness.

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