Real Meals Reviews (2024 UPDATE): Is It Good And Healthy Enough?


What Is Real Meals?

Real Meals is a meal replacement product that claims to provide complete nutrition and is recommended for people who want to add more protein into their diets. It is believed to work for bariatric patients, bodybuilders, athletes and also health enthusiasts.

Meal replacements are used as substitute for a full sit-down meal that sometimes a busy schedule just won’t allow. These meal replacements are available in a variety of form — they could be in bars, shakes, mixed drinks and cereals.

Real Meals is an instant shake that comes in three different flavors: chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. It is said to be packed with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, whey protein and enzymes that are needed by the body.

Real Meals meal replacement

Who Makes Real Meals?

The name of the company that manufactures this product is Healthy’N Fit International Inc. It specializes in developing and manufacturing products that are mostly under the category of health and fitness.

You may send them an email at [email protected] and their contact numbers are as follows:

Phone: 1-800-338-5200
Fax: 1-914-271-6042

Best Real Meals Alternative

Due to all the negative reviews about Real Meals, we’ve been looking for a competitive product that was proven more effective. We checked several of them with deception, and finally came around a real effective meal replacement supplement. You can read its review HERE.

Who Is Real Meals For?

With the fast-paced schedule that everyone seems to have nowadays, it’s hard to always make sure that a balanced meal is taken accordingly. The Real Meals instant shake formula is for those who are training, bodybuilding or building muscles yet might not have time to grab some breakfast.

It is also recommended for those who need to eat every few hours so that the body achieves its needed nutrients. This product claims to support your training program, no matter how demanding or progressive it may be.

How Does Real Meals Work?

This supplement works by providing a complete supply of enzymes, nutrients, vitamins and minerals that will greatly help in supporting prime health. Meal replacements should be able to maintain and provide a positive nitrogen balance so that it will be able to deliver the following benefits:

  • faster muscle growth
  • stronger muscles
  • faster tissue recovery
  • improved anabolic and anti-catabolic activities
  • keeps the muscles from breaking down
  • stimulated synthesis of muscle protein

Real Meals Ingredients

According to its official website, Real Meals is made up of natural ingredients, with no added oils or fats. Here is the list of the key ingredients:

  • Vitamin A – This antioxidant helps in growing and repairing body tissues, which is why it is essential in bodybuilding.
  • Vitamin E– Prevents muscle loss while also helping the body stay healthy.
  • Riboflavin Also called Vitamin B2, Riboflavin promotes healthy skin and complexion, and also helps in breaking down and processing fats, carbs and protein.
  • Panthothenic acid – Helps in creating red blood cells and adrenal hormones.
  • Phosphorus – This mineral is essential in making sure that the teeth and bones are formed healthily. It also aids in repairing body tissues and cells.
  • Zinc – Found in oysters, pork tenderloin, cashews, crabs and beef, zinc helps in developing new cells while also promoting a healthy immune system.
  • Manganese – This mineral aids in metabolism, healing wounds and bone development.
  • Magnesium – Helps in maintaining the function of the nerves and muscles in the body.
  • Iodine – Also known as salt, iodine helps support metabolic rate.
  • Calcium – A very popular mineral  needed on a daily basis to form and maintain bone tissues.

Aside from these ingredients, Real Meals also include folate, vitamin B, PABA, vitamins C, K, D, B12, niacin, selenium, chromium, choline, thiamine, biotin, iron, copper, molybdenum and inositol.

Real Meals Side Effects

There are no known or reported side effects of Real Meals shakes particularly. This is mainly because there are too little reviews about it, which is why there are still no actual users who can attest to its effect and also side effects.

On the other hand, meal replacement shakes in general can cause several side effects such as:

  • Nutrient deficiencies – Though packed with vitamins and minerals, meal replacement shakes contain lower nutritional value when compared to whole foods.
  • Hunger – These shakes may be designed to make you feel full but consuming too much of it may only lead to overeating and hunger.
  • Weight gain – When you have been drinking meal replacement shakes for a long period of time already, there is a higher chance that you can gain more weight once you get back to eating regular food.

Real Meals Dosage

To prepare 1 full serving of creamy instant shake, mix 3 level scoops of Real Meals instant shake powder with 12 oz cold water. You may also use low fat milk instead of water if you prefer.

If you like it thick and creamy, you can crush some ice in a blender and then proceed with the instructions above. Other ingredients may also be added for better taste, such as strawberries.

One to three servings may be consumed on a daily basis.

Real Meals Reviews

It was actually difficult for us to find Real Meals reviews, as this product seems to be not popular enough to earn real reviews and testimonies. Even their website shows no rating or reviews for this product which is quite odd, honestly.

This shake is available on Amazon but it also does not display any reviews of it. It looks like a lot of people still haven’t heard of this product, or maybe those who have tried it did not find anything interesting with it that they no longer bothered to write a review about it.

In one site we found a 2-star rating for it, saying how unpleasantly surprised he was of the bitter aftertaste of the Real Meals chocolate flavored shake.

Where To Buy Real Meals

You can buy this product directly from its official website, or from other websites that offer it. The price on their website is on sale for $41.56 (originally $51.95.)

As already mentioned, there are listings found on Amazon but when you click on them it would show “currently unavailable.”


Does Real Meals Really Work Or Is It A Scam?

There really is no way of knowing if this meal replacement shake really works or not, especially since there are no reviews that we can use a reference of its effectiveness.

Although the list of ingredients seems impressive, it is somehow disappointing to know that there seems to be not enough people who are interested to try Real Meals out.

It is best to look for other choices that would not only be worth your money, but more so, those that you know will be effective enough without worrying if other people have already tried it or not.