Mojo Risen Reviews (2024 UPDATE): Should You Consider Buying It?


What Is Mojo Risen?

Mojo Risen is a male enhancement supplement that’s being marketed as an alternative to Viagra. It utilizes a herbal formula that claims to help in stopping or preventing erection problems in men. It also promises to enhance sexual desire and libido right after taking it.

Men can’t help but experience symptoms of erectile dysfunction as they age. This often leads to less exciting and pleasurable sex life. But you don’t actually have to suffer from it. There are supplements and enhancement products that you can try to help you out.

Mojo Risen


Who Makes Mojo Risen?

The back label of Mojo Risen lists an official website for their brand. Upon checking, however, this website is no longer accessible. It looks like the copyright for the site has already expired.

We could not find a physical address for them either, but the label indicates that the distributor of the product also goes by the same name. They are located in Tampa, FL. They have a toll-free number, which is 1-800-700-MOJO (6656).

Best Mojo Risen Alternative

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Who Should Take Mojo Risen?

Children and individuals who are below 18 years old should not take this supplement. If you have any existing medical condition or allergies to worry about, make sure to consult with a doctor first before consuming Mojo Risen.

Do not consume if you are currently taking nitrates or if you have (or suspect to have) any of these health issues:

  • high blood pressure
  • diabetes
  • heart problems
  • high levels of cholesterol

How Does Mojo Risen Work?

The formula of Mojo Risen follows the ancient and traditional Chinese herbalists method. This means that whole herbs are used, not just the extracts. The herbs also originate from unspoiled sources to ensure purity and potency.

The working process starts by increasing blood flow into the penis. This leads to better erections while also enhancing performance and energy. The product also helps prevent premature ejaculation so that you may be able to enjoy sex longer and more pleasurable.

Its manufacturer claims that the pill can work in as fast as 30 minutes or less. They also claim that the effect can last for up to 3 days. Mojo Risen can help in providing sexual benefits such as:

  • aiding in impotence
  • enhancing libido
  • preventing premature ejaculation
  • replenishing blood in the body

Mojo Risen Ingredients

The pill features a proprietary blend that consists of various herbal ingredients:

Angelica – This is a wild herb that grows only in damp soil. During the 17th and 18th centuries, people use this herb to treat cholera and dysentery. It can help with poor blood circulation and may boost immune health.

Deer velvet antler – Deer velvet can be effective in boosting endurance, strength, and immune system. It is believed to be helpful in increasing or heightening sexual interest, improving fertility, and treating sexual problems in men such as erectile dysfunction.

Polyrhachis vicina roger – These are black ants that go way back in traditional Chinese medicine because of its various capabilities. It is touted to have cancer-fighting properties, and although with no clear evidence yet, people also use it to boost sexual performance.

Rhizoma polygonati – Rhizoma is famous for its life-prolonging capabilities although there is no link found with regards to its potency for male enhancement. It can help with bodybuilding, physical strength, and skin health.

Desert-living cistanche – This Chinese herb is also popularly called the “natural viagra” because of its effect on sexual potency and fertility. It can help with bowel movements, erectile dysfunction, low back pain, and other health issues.

Cordyceps sinensis – This is a type of fungus that can help treat respiratory and liver disorders, weakness, anemia, nighttime urination, high cholesterol, and male sexual problems.

Cayenne pepper – Pepper contains a chemical called capsaicin which can improve blood flow and enhance sexual desire.Mojo Risen ingredients

Mojo Risen Side Effects

Mojo Risen might interact with medications for high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. There may also be minor side effects to be expected such as stuffy nose and headache.

What’s more alarming is that in 2013, a laboratory analysis done by FDA reported that this supplement contains nor-acetildenafil, a compound that’s similar to sildenafil in terms of structure and working process. Sildenafil is the active ingredient in Viagra.

In 2014, Mojo Risen was recalled by the FDA. As of writing, there’s no longer an official website for this product, no Amazon listing (and there used to be several), and no other online sources as well. It’s as if it was also banned here in the US for safety reasons.

Mojo Risen Dosage

Unlike other dietary supplements, this product is not for everyday use. It is only recommended that you take 1 capsule at least 30 minutes before engaging in any sexual activity, on an empty stomach.

A dosage should last for 2 to 3 days, and make sure to not exceed a maximum of 2 capsules per day.

Mojo Risen Reviews

Because there are no more online sources for the supplement, you also can no longer find any Mojo Risen reviews anywhere. If you’ll read some personal blogs, you may be able to find a few feedback, but most of those would be negative ones.

Where To Buy Mojo Risen?

The pills are not available online, and they also don’t have an official website. This may have something to do with the FDA regulation. There’s no information if Mojo Risen is now a prescription drug like Cialis and Viagra.

You may be able to find a few Chinese suppliers offering this product, but there’s no guarantee that the items will be in its best condition or if it’s legitimate.


Does Mojo Risen Really Work Or Is It A Scam?

Judging from the information that we were able to gather online, Mojo Risen is yet another male enhancement supplement that can prove harmful to your health. There’s no proof or evidence of its effectiveness, and there are no reviews that could support the claims of the manufacturer.

We’d recommend looking for another supplement or product that can give you not only positive results but also peace of mind. Keep in mind that your safety and welfare should always be your top priority despite your efforts to improve your sexual life.