Apex Cleanse Detox Reviews (2024 UPDATE): What Makes It Effective?


What Is Apex Cleanse Detox?

Apex Cleanse Detox is a dietary supplement for detoxification and weight loss. It promises to flush away the harmful waste and toxins in your system the natural way.

This product targets your colon, or large intestine, where your body forms the stool. Here, salt and water separates from other substances in your stomach.

Colon health affects your overall well being. When it is healthy, your digestion flows smoothly and your bowel movement is regular.

On the other hand, an unhealthy colon leads to constipation. And when you are unable to get rid of stomach waste, it stays trapped inside your intestinal tract.

As a result, undigested food and fecal matter turn into toxic waste. This becomes a breeding ground for parasites and can result in various health problems.

Short-term, it causes mild reactions like bloating, headaches and fatigue. Also, since the parasites prevent nutrients from being absorbed by your cells, you feel hungry all the time. This then can lead to weight gain.

However, long-term inability to move your bowels regularly can cause more serious conditions. Some of these are Crohn’s disease, polyps, arthritis, asthma, and even cancer.

Apex Cleanse Detox can help you avoid all these problems by improving your digestion. Hence, your body will flush its harmful waste from your colon and purify your system.

Consequently, you will feel healthier and more energetic, increase your vitality, and lose weight.

Apex Cleanse Detox


Who Makes Apex Cleanse Detox?

Apex Cleanse Detox is a product of Canada-based National Supplement Beauty Solutions Ltd. Their mailing address is PO Box 40424 Houston, Texas 77240 USA.

For questions or concerns about this product, you may call their customer service team at 866-258-3924.

Who Is Apex Cleanse Detox For?

Apex Cleanse Detox is for adults experiencing one or more of the following: constant cravings, constipation, headaches, cellulite, lack of focus, bloated belly, fatigue, mood swings and dry skin.

These are signals your body makes to tell you that your diet is not as healthy as it should be, and your bodily functions are paying for it. So, it’s time to detoxify.

And if you are overweight due to poor diet, poor digestion and lack of exercise, this supplement can help you shed your unwanted pounds.

Do not use this supplement if you are pregnant or nursing. And if you have a serious medical condition or use prescription medication, consult your doctor before using it.

This product is not for individuals younger than 18 years old.

How Does Apex Cleanse Detox Work?

The formulation of Apex Cleanse Detox combines ingredients which facilitate a healthy digestive system.

These substances help your colon to flush out the waste and impurities contained in the food you eat, the beverages you drink, and the medications you take.

This process is called detoxification. It mimics the colon cleansing performed in clinics, which can be an unpleasant experience.

During a colon cleanse, large amounts of water (up to 16 gallons) are flushed through the colon. Sometimes, other substances such as herbs or coffee are added to the water.

Flushing is done by inserting a tube into the rectum like an enema. The procedure can be harmful and can cause cramping, bloating, nausea and vomiting. It may also increase the risk of infection.

A supplement like Apex Cleanse Detox could achieve the same results in an easy and convenient way – by simply popping a pill in your mouth.


Apex Cleanse Detox Ingredients

Apex Cleanse Detox uses the following natural quality ingredients derived from plants:

Raspberry Ketone – A chemical from red raspberries which helps in weight loss by increasing the metabolism, burning fat and reducing appetite.

Licorice Root – Relieves irritation and inflammation in the digestive tract, lowers stomach acid levels, and acts as a mild laxative.

Cascara Sagrada – The bark of this shrub contains chemicals which stimulate the bowel and have a laxative effect. It also treats gallstones and liver ailments.

Pumpkin Seed – Edible seed good for the heart, liver and immune system, and men’s prostate health.

Buckthorn Root – Supports liver health, promotes natural detoxification process, and encourages the healthy removal of cellular wastes.

African Mango – Its high soluble fiber content can melt away belly fat, lower appetite, reduce fat cell growth, boost the breakdown of fats, and improve blood sugar control.

RhubarbPromotes weight loss, improves digestion, prevents Alzheimer’s disease, optimizes metabolism, and stimulates circulation.

Citrus Pectin – A fiber-rich complex carbohydrate that lowers blood cholesterol and prevents plaque formation. Also used to treat diarrhea and heavy-metal poisoning.

Acidophilus – Healthy bacteria that prevent and treat diarrhea. This also relieves symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Crohn’s disease and gut dysbiosis.

Cape Aloe – Acts as a cleansing, detoxifying agent for the digestive tract and is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and polysaccharides.

Apex Cleanse Detox ingredients

Apex Cleanse Detox Side Effects

Since Apex Cleanse Detox contains only natural ingredients, the side effects of using it should be mild. And these will probably show up only in people with sensitivities or allergies.

For example, laxatives in general can cause diarrhea and cramping. The licorice root, Cascara Sagrada and rhubarb in this supplement are commonly used as laxatives in alternative medicine.

Buckthorn root, just like beets, can turn the color of your urine to dark yellow or red. But this change is completely harmless.

Acidophilus, a Lactobacillus strain of good bacteria, can cause gas and upset stomach in people who are sensitive to it.

Apex Cleanse Detox Dosage

Take 1-2 capsules of Apex Cleanse Detox daily with 8 ounces of water before bedtime.

You may increase your dosage as desired, but do not exceed 3 capsules per day.

Apex Cleanse Detox Reviews

Most of the Apex Cleanse Detox reviews came from satisfied customers who reported losing weight and feeling more energetic after using it.

Many of them claimed they lost their food cravings and started eating healthy upon detoxification.

Some users initially tried the free trial offer of the product and continued using it with purchased orders. They were happy to be able to fit in their favorite jeans again.

Almost all of the buyers were relieved of their constipation and the stomach pain that accompanied it. As a result, they felt more relaxed and less stressed.

A few users found the effects milder than they expected, and it also took a few days before they felt less bloated or lost their appetite.

The most common complaint of this supplement’s customers is about its availability. It cannot be found in pharmacies or retail stores and can be purchased only online.

Where To Buy Apex Cleanse Detox

Apex Cleanse Detox is available online directly from the manufacturer’s website and through other authorized online retailers.

They offer a free trial as well as a money-back guarantee within 14 days of order delivery.


Does Apex Cleanse Detox Really Work Or Is It A Scam?

Apex Cleanse Detox is a new player on the detox market which seems to be already saturated with endless options.

Yet, we find it a refreshing addition because of the natural ingredients it contains. No less than ten plants combine their unique properties to make this powerful supplement.

Most people who undergo detoxification do so to lose weight. Well, a closer look at this product’s contents will reveal that it does more than that.

African mango and raspberry ketone, for instance, are filled with antioxidants which protect the body from free radicals. And pumpkin seed is a good source of omega 3 fatty acids.

Alternative medicine practitioners use many of the ingredients found in Apex Cleanse and Detox in their detoxification treatments.

You can even create your own detox cocktail at home by blending the fruits, leaves and seeds of these plants. That is, if you have the time to shop, wash, cut and core.

But why even bother when you can just take advantage of the convenience of swallowing all of it in one capsule of Apex Cleanse Detox.