Passion Rx Reviews (2024 UPDATE): Is It Safe And Effective?


What Is Passion Rx?

Passion Rx is a dietary supplement that features a sex-enhancing formula for men. It promises to help in improving stamina, sexual sensation, libido and erectile function. Herbal extracts are used to formulate this supplement and because of that, it claims to be safe for usage.

There are two versions of Passion Rx available, one with Yohimbe and another one without it. This review will focus on the one with Yohimbe since this is the product that we think is more widely available in different online merchants.

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Who Makes Passion Rx?

The formula was created by an MD named Ray Sahelian who is also an expert in herbal aphrodisiacs and supplements. He has also written books that focus on the said categories.

The company that manufactures Passion Rx is called Advance Physicians Formula, Inc. It was founded in 2003 with several locations in the U.S. Its corporate office is located at:

2805 McGaw Avenue
Irvine, California  92614  USA

Their toll-free number is 1-877-225-2466 or you can also choose to call directly at 1-949-264-1496.

Best Passion Rx Alternative

Due to all the negative reviews about Passion Rx, we’ve been looking for a competitive product that was proven more effective. We checked several of them with deception, and finally came around a real effective male enhancement supplement. You can read its review HERE.

Who Should Take Passion Rx?

This supplement was created with male’s sexual enhancement in mind. It targets those who are no longer able to keep up with their sexual needs and responsibilities due to a lot of uncontrolled factors.

Sometimes you may think that you’re just too tired or exhausted that’s why you can no longer perform well in bed no matter how much you wanted to. That’s fine, as long as it does not happen all the time.

But when you know there’s already something troubling about how your sexual desire and stamina are significantly decreasing, this may mean that you need to take action as soon as possible.

Taking male enhancement supplements like Passion Rx may help. It may alleviate your symptoms and when that happens, you’ll be able to enjoy sexual pleasure more.

How Does Passion Rx Work?

According to the product’s website, this supplement has been revised and improved in January 2024, which is supposed to make it work better and faster than the old formula. We’re just not sure if that’s the Passion Rx without Yohimbe.

This supplement is made from natural herbs that are known for their aphrodisiac properties. When used as recommended, this product should be able to enhance the following:

  • sexual desire
  • sexual performance
  • blood flow
  • lubrication
  • sensitivity of sexual organs
  • intensity of orgasms and ejaculation
  • sexual thoughts
  • overall sexual enjoyment

Passion Rx promises to deliver sexual enhancement in just a matter of days. Dr. Sahelian claims that all the ingredients used in this formula were tested personally by himself, which makes it all the more potent and safe for consumption.

Passion Rx Ingredients

The proprietary blend of this supplement is composed of the following ingredients:

Ashwagandha root – The roots from this shrub are popularly known for its medicinal properties. It can help in increasing sexual desire and in addressing sexual problems in both men and women.

Muira puama – This plant is often used in preventing sexual conditions. The roots and woods of muira puama can also enhance sexual energy and performance.

Maca root extract – Can also be called Lepidium meyenii and is known for its aphrodisiac effects.

Tongkat ali extract – Often used to boost testosterone levels and also support male enhancement. In Malaysia it is known as “home-grown Viagra” because of its ability to improve sexual desire.

Yohimbe bark extract – This is usually taken by men who are suffering from sexual conditions such as erectile dysfunction.

Tribulus terrestris extract – It increases blood flow and also relaxes smooth muscles. Sexual function can also be improved with the help of this plant extract.

Passionflower extract – This plant extract can be naturally used for a variety of purposes such as treating high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, seizures and sleep problems. It also promotes relaxation and calmness.

Catuaba bark extract – This is a herb that’s effective in heightening sexual arousal. It can be used in treating sexual problems in men. It can also help address other health conditions including high blood pressure, skin cancer, fatigue and nervousness.

Horny goat weed extract – Sometimes used by men who are experiencing involuntary ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

Pine bark extract – An antioxidant that can treat erectile dysfunction, muscle soreness, high blood pressure, ADHD and diabetes.

Cistanches deserticola extract – Some studies show that this herb may help in increasing energy levels. It can also enhance stamina and sex drive.

Other ingredients include oat straw extract, Cnidium Monnieri extract, L-Carnosine, Suo Yan, Barberry extract and Choline Bitartrate.

Passion Rx Side Effects

Although the product claims to be safe and free of any side effects, not all individuals are the same and results may vary all the time. When taken in high doses, Passion Rx can affect pulse, alertness especially during bedtime, and also body temperature.

It’s best to always consult with your doctor first before taking any dietary supplement, especially if you are undergoing any medical intervention or maintenance.

Passion Rx Dosage

Passion Rx may be taken in the morning, at least 30 minutes before taking your breakfast. The recommended dosage is not clearly indicated and it should be up to you as to what approach you’d like to take.

For men who are 55 years old and older, it’s recommended to take this supplement every other morning. This is also appropriate for those who are known to be sensitive to herbs that are included in this formula.

Passion Rx Reviews

There seems to be several drawbacks when trying to look for Passion Rx reviews. Most users have experienced too much energy or alertness that would affect their sleep pattern, causing them to not be able to sleep at night.

Another thing to consider is that this supplement is only available online. You cannot find it in local pharmacies and the official website of Passion Rx does not allow orders either.

Amazon users typically rate this product from two to three stars out of five. One unsatisfied user complained of too much sweating and no effect attained whatsoever. Another user said that Passion Rx made his ankles and feet swollen.

Passion Rx reviews

Where To Buy Passion Rx?

Passion Rx with yohimbe (and those without) can be ordered from different online merchants. Amazon sells it at $32.95 per bottle. A bottle contains 30 capsules each so that makes it equivalent to more than $1 per capsule.


Does Passion Rx Really Work Or Is It A Scam?

The list of ingredients featured in this formula may look impressive but that’s just about it. Most of the ingredients actually have not shown clinical results yet and the effects are not clear as far as potency is concerned.

With the almost $2 per capsule price of Passion Rx, we think that this is a bit expensive, knowing there are several side effects that may be experienced while taking it. Another thing to consider is the recommended use and dosage that’s not clearly indicated, which may only lead to improper use and even overdose at some point.

There are other male enhancement supplements available that you can consider instead of opting for Passion Rx. Make sure to pick one that is safer and with a better dosage so that you’ll know what to expect and how to use it properly.

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by William D. review for Passion Rx

The product seems to be good but I see zero results.

by Nicholas C. review for Passion Rx

The product is as good as it gets. While it didn’t exactly improve my sex drive, it did increase my energy levels, which is great for my workouts. Which begs me to ask this question: is this supplement a male enhancer?

by Joseph M. review for Passion Rx

The product is okay. I was able to last longer in bed. But it’s just a tad too expensive.

by Allen E. review for Passion Rx

Are you sure this is a male enhancer? It’s more like an anti-sleeping pill for me.

by Laverne Bakker review for Passion Rx

It seems okay. Not sure. My libido was re-energized. But it’s not something that raw oysters, chocolates, and red wine can’t do. I’d rather stick to these aphrodisiacs—as a bonus, they satisfy my tummy.