NeuroCell Reviews (2024 UPDATE): Should You Consider Buying It?


What Is NeuroCell?

NeuroCell is a brain supplement that is exclusively available online. It mainly promises to boost your brain power by improving short-term and long-term memory. It boosts mental clarity and enhances memory retention and recall. Finally, it also increases energy levels and supports overall health.

According to the company, it “supports neural communication.” By taking this product, your neurotransmitters work more actively and ensure proper neural transmission.

The product also brands itself as the “limitless pill.” It claims to keep you sharp and focused.



Who Makes NeuroCell?

NeuroCell LLC is the manufacturer of this product. Unfortunately, we found no information about them at the time of this review.

You might find a contact information from other review sites. However, upon further research, we found that such contacts are no longer available.

Best NeuroCell Alternative

Due to all the negative reviews about NeuroCell, we’ve been looking for a competitive product that was proven more effective. We checked several of them with deception, and finally came around a real effective brain supplement. You can read its review HERE.

Who Is NeuroCell For?

The supplement is supposed to combat age-related memory decline. According to the company, NeuroCell is specifically for people who are 30 years old and above. However, they also said that regardless of age, it may help improve memory.

Likewise, it helps in improving mood and increasing energy levels. If you want to be more productive in your daily activities, you can try using this product.

How Does NeuroCell Work?

Generally, NeuroCell works in the same way as other nootropic supplements do. It fuels your neurons (brain cells) to function properly and effectively. Neurons are the building blocks of the nervous system. They have axons, dendrites, receptors, and other structures that transmit electrochemical signals. These chemicals are called the neurotransmitters.

However, as you age, the brain reduces its release of these neurotransmitters. In return, memory decline begins, and you start to forget things.

NeuroCell claims to enhance the abilities of your neurons to transmit information. Moreover, it helps the brain release more neurotransmitters.

NeuroCell Ingredients

The ingredients of Neurocell are as follows:

Niacin (Vitamin B3) – improves the blood flow in your body and your brain. Preliminary research shows that it may prevent Alzheimer’s disease. However, there is no certainty on this fact as the results have been mixed.

Pyridoxine HCl (Vitamin B6)boosts your energy levels. It also prevents kidney diseases and heart failure.

Caffeine – is a central nervous system stimulant. It keeps your brain alert and focused. Likewise, it makes you feel more awake and less tired.

GABA – is an inhibitory neurotransmitter. It reduces stress and anxiety levels, promoting calmness and relaxation.

Bacopa Monnieri – is believed to enhance memory function and learning abilities. It also reduces the feelings of stress and anxiety.

Alpha GPC – works by supporting the cell membrane. It combats the signs of aging, particularly memory decline.

Phosphatidylserine – strengthens the cell membrane. It allows enhanced brain cell communication.

L-Theanine – is an amino acid that is used to treat anxiety and high blood pressure. It also prevents the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

L-Tyrosine – improves mental alertness, especially when you’re sleep deprived.

Vinpocetine – enhances blood circulation in the brain. It provides the right amount of oxygen you need to help the brain work properly.

Huperzine A – possibly treats dementia as well as other memory-related diseases.NeuroCell ingredients

NeuroCell Side Effects

The manufacturer provides a list of the product’s ingredients. However, the dosage for each is not indicated. This makes it a difficult to determine if the product complies with FDA-approved amounts.

It is important to learn about the dosage because some of the ingredients may cause side effects if too much is ingested. For instance, excessive intake of caffeine may lead to:

  • increased and rapid heartbeats
  • heartburn or reflux
  • jitteriness and restlessness
  • anxiety
  • muscle twitches and spasms
  • rambling thoughts and speeches
  • heart palpitations
  • dehydration
  • gastrointestinal disturbance
  • difficulty in sleeping
  • headaches
  • hallucinations
  • increased blood pressure
  • stomach ulcers
  • cardiac arrest

Furthermore, Huperzine A may also result in:

  • nausea and vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • sweating
  • blurred vision and slurred speech
  • restlessness
  • loss of appetite
  • contraction and twitching of muscle fibers
  • cramping
  • inability to control urination
  • high blood pressure and slowed heart rate

All ingredients in any supplement may cause side effects if taken in higher doses. Therefore, you must be careful in buying the product as the dosage for each of its ingredients are unknown.

NeuroCell Dosage

The manufacturer didn’t provide specific guidelines. They only said that you need to take 1 capsule per day with water.

NeuroCell Reviews

The NeuroCell reviews we found online are mostly negative. Many were disappointed that it did not work for them. Some reported that it caused them adverse side effects.

One consumer, for example, said that the product is just like a caffeine pill. It increased her heart rate and gave her a headache.

Some purchasers also mentioned that the product is a scam. They said that it has been promoted under different names already.

Two particular reviews also caught our attention. They said that the product’s advertisements are fake.

There are claims saying that is was used by iconic people, such as Stephen Hawking, Denzel Washington, and others. But truth is, these people have reported that they never used the product at all. A CNN report has been released that these celebrities and icons never used the brain supplement.NeuroCell reviews

Where To Buy NeuroCell?

NeuroCell is exclusively available through online retailers such as Amazon. At the time of this review, we checked the official website where it’s supposed to be available. Yet, the site seems to have been taken down.


Does NeuroCell Really Work Or Is It A Scam?

It’s hard to determine whether NeuroCell is a scam or not. There are positive reviews about it, but there are many reports indicating that is indeed a fake product.

The ingredients on the label are also complete, but their dosages are not provided. Hence, it’s quite difficult to check if each ingredient complies with the FDA-approved amount.

More so, there isn’t enough information about the manufacturer. At the time of this review, they have no official website and the product is only available through online retailers.

That being said, we highly suggest seeking for other brain supplements. We believe that it would be astter to try other brands that are transparent and credible in providing more comprehensive information.

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by Frances Gaudreau review for Neurocell

Too expensive for nothing.

by Lupe C. review for Neurocell

Don’t waste your money on this.
Just take a strong cup of coffee.
It has the same effect.

by Elroy Mcneill review for Neurocell

Not really something I like considering that I felt jittery, anxious, and nervous all the time.

by Coleman A. review for Neurocell

I don’t know if being awake for the entire night is part of this.

by Rene Estrella review for Neurocell

My focus became sharper after taking this product. I can remember considerable details as well.

by Jere Wortham review for Neurocell

Great product if you need to do something like take a test or prepare for a presentation… But as a supplement? Don’t. You’ll just experience a lot of headaches.

by Randolph P. review for Neurocell

Increased brainpower? Hah! The only thing that increased is my blood pressure.

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