ArginMax For Men Reviews (2024 UPDATE): Is It Effective Enough?


What Is ArginMax For Men?

ArginMax For Men is a formula that’s made out of botanical extracts. It targets the improvement and enhancement of erectile function in men.

Be sure to look for the “for men” indication because there is also a variation of this product for women. The bottle or box should be in blue color.

The botanical extracts that are present in this supplement will help in boosting Nitric Oxide and in return, it should be able to improve circulation, arousal, and erection. Aside from the natural herbs, the formula also uses vitamins and minerals that can contribute to general wellness.

ArginMax For Men


Who Makes ArginMax For Men?

The ArginMax line comes from The Daily Wellness Company. They are based in the United States and have been manufacturing several products for both men and women. If you need to contact them for any customer care concern, you may send them an email at [email protected]

Their toll-free number is 800-988-4869. Here is the address for their corporate headquarters:

The Daily Wellness Company
1750 Kalakaua Avenue Suite 2601
Honolulu, HI. 96826
United States

Best ArginMax For Men Alternative

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Who Should Take ArginMax For Men?

As a general rule, supplements like ArginMax For Men are usually recommended only for adult men who are at least 18 years old.

It may also be best to consult with a doctor prior to using this product, particularly if you are:

  • taking prescription medications
  • with (or with a history of) stroke, severe allergies, cancer, migraine headaches, strokes, liver failure, renal failure, and other medical conditions
  • taking other herbal supplements ginkgo biloba, American ginseng, and Korean ginseng (or those that are already included in this supplement)

How Does ArginMax For Men Work?

According to their official website, ArginMax For Men will naturally provide the body with what it needs so that it will be able to perform sexually. The biochemical components that it has are all essential to ensuring sexual fitness in men.

It works through its natural, gentle, and gradual approach which requires at least 2-4 weeks before you can reach a steady state. This timetable would still vary depending on your age and overall health condition as a user.

Aside from male enhancement, ArginMax also promises to improve the following areas:

  • endurance
  • physical stamina
  • short-term memory
  • concentration
  • cardiovascular health

ArginMax For Men Ingredients

These are the primary ingredients that you will find in ArginMax For Men:

  • Ginkgo biloba – Ginkgo is often associated with several mental health conditions. This herbal remedy can also treat or help with other conditions such as asthma, cancer, neuropathy, blood pressure issues, ADHD, and erectile dysfunction.
  • American ginseng – You would usually find this herb growing in North America. People would take it whenever they want to strengthen their immune system or to relieve stress. It may also help with insomnia, hangover symptoms, erectile dysfunction, memory loss, and several other health issues.
  • Korean ginseng – This ginseng contains antioxidants that can possibly protect the body from inflammation. It may also affect brain function, immune system, energy levels, and blood sugar. Because it can protect the body from oxidative stress, the tissues and blood vessels in the penis will then be restored, thus aiding to better sexual function.
  • L-Arginine This is a chemical building block that’s also known as an amino acid. This is considered the key ingredient in this formula since it gets converted to nitric oxide. NO stimulates or triggers the dilation of blood vessels. This prompts the vessels to open wider, thus improving blood flow.

Aside from these key ingredients that are present in the proprietary blend, there are also other ingredients such as:

  • vitamins A, C, E, B6, and B12
  • thiamin
  • riboflavin
  • niacin
  • folate
  • biotin
  • panthothenic acid
  • selenium
  • zinc

ArginMax For Men ingredients

ArginMax For Men Side Effects

Being an all-natural product, the manufacturer claims that there should be no side effects associated with the use of ArginMax For Men. However, make sure that you use it as indicated to avoid experiencing an upset stomach, along with other potential medical problems.

ArginMax For Men Dosage

This dietary supplement needs to be taken daily to maximize effectiveness. For the capsule form of ArginMax For Men, taking 6 capsules per day is the recommended dosage.

It is also available in liquid form – which should be taken twice a day. One bottle is good for the morning and the other one in the evening or afternoon.

The manufacturer recommends taking the supplement for at least 4 full weeks to see its optimal benefits.

ArginMax For Men Reviews

Unfortunately, we’re not able to find any ArginMax For Men reviews online. The official website does not have any reviews published.

There is an Amazon listing for the product but no reviews yet as of this writing. This is not a relatively new product, that’s why it’s a bit surprising to see that there are no reviews or testimonials for it yet.

Where To Buy ArginMax For Men?

They may have an official website, but you cannot order directly from them. There is an indication, though, saying that ArginMax For Men can be purchased at GNC stores.

And as mentioned, they also have a listing on Amazon. We tried looking for it on GNC’s website but we had no luck finding the exact product.


Does ArginMax For Men Really Work Or Is It A Scam?

ArginMax For Men does have an impressive list of ingredients. It may or may not work depending on your body’s reaction to it.

What we know for now is that there are no user reviews that we can use as a reference. Plus, we find the recommended dosage inconvenient. Taking 6 capsules a day just to see results after a month is quite impractical. Hence, we cannot highly recommend this product to our readers.

In our opinion, it might be best to look for a male enhancement supplement that is more likely to give you positive results which many consumers can attest. For products like this in particular, having a great source of testimonials from actual users will be a huge help in your buying decision.

Fortunately, there are numerous alternative products that you can try to boost your sexual health and enjoy a more satisfying sex life with your partner. Not only do these products boast popular and effective ingredients for male enhancement, but they also yield faster results and are well rated by its users.