Calms Forté Reviews (2024 UPDATE): Not So Effective Sleep Aid?


What Is Calms Forté?

Calms Forté is a sleep aid tablet. It apparently relieves the feeling of stress and promotes natural sleep, but only for a temporary period.

It has a combination of botanicals and minerals which were prepared through homeopathic means. Aside from making you fall asleep, it also claims to lessen your stress and anxieties.

Other attributes of this tablet include:

  • Mind and body relaxation
  • Nerve soothing
  • Irritability reduction
  • Tension relief
  • No groggy feeling when you wake up

Calms Forté


Who Makes Calms Forté?

The manufacturer of this product is Hyland’s. They have been in the business of creating homeopathic medicines since 1903.

If you have any questions for them, their hotline number is 1-800-624-9659.

They didn’t provide any email address on their site, but they have a page where you can submit your questions.

Best Calms Forté Alternative

Due to all the negative reviews about Calms Forté, we’ve been looking for a competitive product that was proven more effective. We checked several of them with deception, and finally came around a real effective sleep supplement. You can read its review HERE.

Who Should Take Calms Forté?

According to the company, this product is for people who are having occasional sleepless nights. It’s a temporary relief for those who can’t sleep because of stress or restlessness.

There was no age range provided as to the restrictions. In fact, their website suggests that it is also for children who are 6 years old and above.

They have also provided some warnings. They recommend consulting a doctor first if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. If symptoms persist for more than 7 days, you need to seek professional help.

How Does Calms Forté Work?

There are some people who experience occasional sleepless nights. This is because of stress and anxiety they feel during the day. Hence, to address those sleeping problems, they need to work on the stress concerns first.

This is where Calms Forté works its magic. Through its homeopathic botanicals and minerals, your nerves will calm down and feel relaxed. In return, your mind and body will also feel relieved of stress.

Concurrently, the ingredients will also work to set your body and mind for a good night’s sleep. You won’t feel groggy when you wake up.

The company asserts that this product is safe and non-habitual. Since it is made up of natural ingredients, there won’t be any substance-abuse issue.

Calms Forté Ingredients

Calms Forté contains 9 active ingredients. Fortunately, the company’s website provided the list and the purposes of each.

Avena Sativa or Wild Oats for stress and nervousness. This ingredient has anti-depressant properties. It has a lot of benefits, including treatment for high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Calcarea Phosporica for restlessness. Often helpful to children, this remedy addresses joint pains and neck and shoulder tensions.

Chamomilla for nervous irritability. This has a lot of benefits, including relief from restlessness and sleeping problems. It produces mind and body relaxation.

Ferrum Phosphoricum for nervousness. This homeopathic remedy lessens a person’s nervousness. It is also prescribed to people with heightened mood sensitivity and disturbing anxiety.

Humulus Lupulus or Hops for occasional sleeplessness. This flowering plant treats sleep disorders, such as insomnia. It also regulates anxiety, restlessness, and tension.

Kali Phosporicum for irritability. This is one of the major salts in the body that handles pain signals and calm responses. It provides relief for people who are experiencing stress and nervous tensions.

Magnesia Phosphorica for mental anxiousness. This is another homeopathic remedy that alleviates the pain in the nerves and muscles. It helps in keeping your body functional.

Natrum Phosporicum for anxiousness. This ingredient helps in relieving inflamed and achy joints.

Passiflora for restless sleep from exhaustion. This flower has the ability to calm your mind and body, inducing sleep and relaxation.Calms Forte ingredients

Calms Forté Side Effects

The manufacturer asserts that Calms Forté does not have any side effect. No list is found on their website.

We tried searching on other trusted sites as well, but we found none.

At the same time, there is also no proof that it really doesn’t have any side effects. Since there are no reports, there is totally no information to rely on.

This makes it a little unclear if the product is really safe to use or not.

Calms Forté Dosage

The company provides 2 types of dosage: one for children and one for adults.

For children who are 6 to 12 years old:

  • As a relaxant: take 1 caplet plus water, three times a day.
  • For occasional sleeplessness: take 1-2 caplets, 30 minutes to 1 hour before bedtime.

For adults and children who are 12 years and above:

  • As a relaxant: take 1-2 caplets plus water, three times a day.
  • For occasional sleeplessness: take 1-3 caplets, 30 minutes to 1 hour before bedtime.

Calms Forté Reviews

The Calms Forté reviews were a mixture of negative and positive feedback. Some expressed their approval of the product, while others showed their disappointment.

A lot of customers said that they did not feel any difference at all, even after months of trying it.

Some of them also indicated that it did have a calming effect, but it didn’t make them fall asleep easily.

One person mentioned that he suffered bad reactions from the product. He also said that it had an opposite effect on him.

Another customer said that it gave him a headache, same as when you’re having hangovers.Calms Forté reviews

Where To Buy Calms Forté?

You can buy this product from online retailers such as Amazon. It is also available in some drugstores.

Unfortunately, you cannot purchase it directly from the company. Their website suggests that you buy it from online retailers.


Does Calms Forté Really Work Or Is It A Scam?

Sleep is a very important routine for our body. It’s our primary source of energy, aside from food and water.

Unfortunately, some people find it hard to either fall asleep or stay asleep. It takes a long time before they can actually achieve their desired rest.

This is where sleep aids come in and help. Their purpose is to help people feel more relaxed so they will be able to attain and maintain a good night sleep.

As a sleep aid, Calms Forté may indeed help you in addressing these sleep problems. However, we believe that there are other sleep supplements on the market which may be more helpful to you.

While it has natural ingredients, there is no assurance that it won’t have any side effect. If we actually look into the customer reviews, some suffered from headaches and other types of bad reactions.

Bottom line, you may still try this product if you want to. However, make sure that you consult a health professional first to avoid unwanted results.

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by Armandina Durrett review for Calms Forté

Lots of reviews stated that this doesn’t work. I should have heeded them. Waste of hard earned money.

by Deane S. review for Calms Forté

It works, but it’s just too mild. It took me around 3 hours before the drowsiness took effect. Hope they can make a stronger variation of this product.

by Ed Yap review for Calms Forté

I feel relaxed yes, but not exactly sleepy. I had to read a book to feel drowsy.