Douglas Labs Male X Booster Reviews (2024 UPDATE): Does It Work?


What Is Douglas Labs Male X Booster?

Douglas Labs Male X Booster is a product specifically formulated to boost a male’s sexual health. It claims to be a helpful dietary supplement that could supply men with the needed nutrients so that their overall being may be healthier and better.

The primary role of this booster is by means of male enhancement. The ingredients used in this formula are known to enhance libido. Taking good care of the sexual health may seem like an easy task when you are young and full of energy. But as you grow older, you will also begin to notice a lot of changes particularly when it comes to endurance and strength in bed.

This is where male enhancement supplements come in. Choosing the right product is vital in making sure that you are able to achieve this goal, which is to improve your libido, stamina and overall health in general.

Douglas Labs Male X


Who Makes Douglas Labs Male X Booster?

Founded by Sam Lioon, Douglas Laboratories is a company that mainly focuses on manufacturing nutritional health products. Their manufacturing address is listed as:

Douglas Labs – BOYCE ROAD Location
600 Boyce Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15205, USA

And they also have a separate address for distribution which is at:

Douglas Labs – RIDC Location
112 Technology Drive
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15275, U.S.A.

For immediate concerns, you may reach them at 800-245-4440. There’s also a contact form provided on their website if you want to submit an online question or inquiry.

Best Douglas Labs Male X Booster Alternative

Due to all the negative reviews about Douglas Labs Male X Booster, we’ve been looking for a competitive product that was proven more effective. We checked several of them with deception, and finally came around a real effective male enhancement supplement. You can read its review HERE.

Who Should Take Douglas Labs Male X Booster?

Have you been noticing a dramatic decline of your libido and sexual desire? Do you want to last longer and stronger in bed and yet there’s nothing that you can do once you start to feel exhausted and just end up stopping in the middle of it?

That would really feel so frustrating especially if you are the type of man who always wants to satisfy and pleasure your partner. If you have been experiencing these lately, that means you need to amp up your sexual game. You are aging and with that comes the inevitable. Eventually, you will need an effective male enhancement supplement.

Douglas Labs Male X Booster claims to help you keep up with your active lifestyle and sexual activities.

How Does Douglas Labs Male X Booster Work?

Made from vitamins and herbs that are said to be of high quality, this supplement works in several ways. According to Douglas Laboratories’ website, this product will help improve your:

  • immune system
  • musculo-skeletal system
  • nervous system
  • endocrine system

Male X Booster from Douglas Labs will provide you with the needed protein which is essential in enhancing the building and production of tissues and muscles in the body. Its other ingredients are also believed to provide the following benefits:

Douglas Labs Male X Booster Ingredients

Vitamin E – An antioxidant that keeps the cells healthy. A recent study also claims that vitamin E helps in producing sex hormones, thus also helping the body produce more sperm.

Muira puama – A medicinal herb that’s also called the “erection root” as it’s traditionally known to enhance healthy erection, libido, fertility, stamina and strength.

Maca extract – Boosts hormones, fertility and energy levels. It can also improve digestion.

Horny goat weed – A herb that’s been used to treat sexual performance problems such as involuntary ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

Deer antler velvet – Helps in increasing estrogen and testosterone. It is also known to be an aphrodisiac.

Ginkgo biloba – Helps in sexual enhancement by acting as a vasodilator and anti-depressant.

Damiana – A herb that is not only prescribed for sexual enhancement, but also as diuretic, antiseptic and antidepressant.

Cayenne – Helps by increasing heart action without raising blood pressure.

Oats – Enhances erection, sexual desire and performance.

Ginseng – Used as a sexual stimulant for males. It also supports fertility.

Caltrop – Also known as Tribulus Terrestris and has been shown to increase libido and testosterone levels.

Douglas Labs Male X Booster Side Effects

Though the label says no adverse side effects have been reported yet, it should still be essential that you consult with your physician first before taking this supplement.

It must also be kept out of children’s reach at all times.

Douglas Labs Male X Booster Dosage

The website indicates that this supplement is for adult males only, though there is no age specification. Two to four capsules must be taken at least 30 minutes before your sexual activity. There may be a different indication or direction depending on your doctor’s suggestion.

Make sure that this bottle is stored in a dry and cool place. It must also be stored away from direct sunlight.

Douglas Labs Male X Booster Reviews

There are only a few Douglas Labs Male X Booster reviews that are available online. They also do not have testimonials posted on their website, which makes it quite hard to gauge if the reviews are mainly positive or not.

This product is available on Amazon although it seems like not a lot of real users have actually tried it. We found three Amazon reviews and the 5-star one only stated that the delivery was fast and reliable. It did not specify if the product worked or not.

The other user seemed unsatisfied as it said that the supplement did not work at all as intended.

Where To Buy Douglas Labs Male X Booster?

If you would look at the Douglas Labs website, it says on their FAQ page that their products are only available for licensed professionals and health practitioners. That said, you cannot order directly from the website if you don’t have any proof that you belong to this category.

There are sellers on Amazon that offer this supplement and you can also buy it from local healthcare practitioners.


Does Douglas Labs Male X Booster Really Work Or Is It A Scam?

Because there are not enough reviews on Douglas Labs Male X Booster, we cannot say for sure that this product really works. The website also did not list a lot of information about it.

If you are really looking for an effective male enhancement supplement, make sure that the product you’re choosing is not only widely available, it must be also proven to be effective. One way to prove this is to look for reviews and testimonials about it.