It Works Greens Reviews (2024 UPDATE): Will It Work For You?


What Is It Works Greens?

It Works Greens is a superfood green drink powder. It’s very alkalizing. It’s meant to add a boost of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to your diet.

This greens powder can also be used to detoxify the body, and it can be used as a weight loss supplement as well since it only contains 10 calories per serving.

It comes in three different flavors: orange, berry, and chocolate.

It Works Greens


Who Makes It Works Greens?

This greens powder is made by a company named It Works.

Best It Works Greens Alternative?

Due to all the negative reviews about It Works Greens, we’ve been looking for a competitive product that was proven more effective. We checked several of them with deception and finally came around a real effective greens powder. You can read its review HERE.

Who Is It Works Greens For?

This powder is for anyone who struggles to get enough fruits and vegetables in during the day.

It’s also for people who are trying to lose weight.

This product is vegan and soy free, so it is also suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

How Does It Works Greens Work?

It Works Greens works to promote a healthy pH balance within the body, which is done by providing it with alkalizing ingredients.

The ingredients are natural detoxifiers. The probiotics in this powder support a healthy digestive system. They increase the amount of good bacteria in your gut.

The ingredients also provide ample antioxidants which are meant to fight free radicals in the body and prevent cancer.

This powder is not meant to replace whole fruits and vegetable in your diet, and it’s not a supplement either. It’s simply meant to give you a boost of additional nutrients.

It Works Greens Ingredients

It Works Greens contains a combination of 52 herbs and roots, mixed with 34 fruits and vegetables.

Here are the ingredients in the Greens Patented Blend:

  • Spirulina – full of protein and vitamins
  • Parsley – fights toxins from bacteria
  • Barley grass powder – contains antioxidants that relieve inflammation
  • Spinach – prevents obesity
  • Chlorella – helps to relieve stress on the circulatory system, which can prevent heart disease
  • Alfalfa extract – can prevent high blood pressure
  • Matcha Green Tea – many antioxidants and natural caffeine for energy
  • Watercress – full of antioxidants
  • Rosemary – antibacterial and anti-fungal, works as a preservative within the formula
  • Plantain leaf – regulates blood sugar levels and prevents urinary tract infections
  • Dandelion leaf – lowers cholesterol and cleanses the liver
  • Lemongrass – aids digestion
  • Green Tea Extract – can prevent cancer
  • Dulse – a good source of iodine

Here are some other whole foods used in the formula:

  • Cocoa – adds flavor and contains antioxidants. It’s only in the chocolate flavor of It Works Greens
  • Pea Fiber – promotes healthy gut bacteria and aids with digestion
  • Apple fiber – lowers cholesterol and blood glucose levels
  • Siberian Ginseng – boosts energy in the body and mind

Here are the ingredients in the Fruit and Vegetable Mixture:

  • Apples – high in vitamin C
  • Carrots – helps with eyesight
  • Tomato juice – full of vitamin E
  • Orange juice – boosts your immune system
  • Blueberries – high antioxidant content
  • Rosehips – fight inflammation
  • Beets – high in fiber and very cleansing
  • Amia – a plant that contains vitamin C
  • Kale – detoxifies the body
  • Plum – can suppress appetite and relieve constipation
  • Ginger – helps with digestive issues and inflammation
  • Pineapple juice – helps with muscle pain
  • Cauliflower – full of fiber
  • Broccoli – contains iron and detoxifies the body
  • Grape juice – fights dementia
  • Grapefruit juice – can lower blood pressure and reduce risk of diabetes
  • White willow – reduces pain and inflammation; this ingredient comes from bark
  • Onion – prevents blood clots
  • Papaya juice – helps to improve vision and boosts the immune system
  • Peaches – high in antioxidants
  • Pear juice – high in fiber and can lower blood pressure
  • Brussel sprouts – strengthens white blood cells and protects the thyroid
  • Lemon juice – high in vitamin C, prevents kidney stones
  • Raspberry juice – improves memory
  • Strawberry juice – high in potassium
  • Pumpkin – full of beta-carotene
  • Blackcurrant – high in fiber and iron
  • Goji berries – contains powerful antioxidants
  • Sunflower lecithin – improves blood circulation
  • Astragalus root extract – helps with digestive issues
  • Turmeric – fights against cancer, anti-inflammatory
  • Meadowsweet – this herb helps to relieve pain and fevers
  • Blackberries – boosts your immune system
  • Acerola – a berry that is high in vitamin C and B
  • Bilberry fruit extract – prevents cancer and reduces ulcers
  • Cranberries – high in antioxidants, prevent UTIs

Here are some other ingredients that are included in It Works Greens. These are mostly used to enhance flavors or to act as a preservative.

  • Natural flavors (not specified from where)
  • Malic acid (in the berry flavor)
  • Citric acid (in the berry flavor)
  • Silica
  • Rebaudioside A
  • Potassium citrate (in the chocolate flavor)
  • Sea salt (in the chocolate flavor)

Despite this impressive list of ingredients, the overall nutritional contents of this powder actually aren’t that high. Even though a lot of the ingredients come from high-calorie foods, the powder itself only has 10 calories per serving.

This is quite low. It also contains only 2 grams of carbohydrates and 1 gram of fiber. This is very low, especially for a powder that claims to help with digestion.

It Works Greens also claims that there are probiotics in their product to help with digestion; however, there are no probiotics included in the ingredient list or anywhere on their labeling.

It Works Greens ingredients


It Works Greens Side Effects

There are no major side effects of It Works Greens, yet this doesn’t mean that you personally won’t experience any. Everyone’s body reacts differently to different products.

Some customers stated that they had trouble sleeping when they took this powder 3-4 hours before bed.

This product is not safe for children or anyone under the age of 18. Always consult your general healthcare practitioner before starting a new supplement.

Although vitamins and minerals are extremely important, there are certain nutrients that can be toxic to your body if you exceed the daily recommended value. This is just something to take in mind when consuming greens powders.

You want to make sure that you are getting the highest quality powder that takes into account the daily limits for each nutrient.

It Works Greens Dosage

You are recommended to take two servings of this powder a day. Mix 1-2 scoops with a cup of water or juice. The company does not give specific time of the day or any further advice in regards to the dosage of this product.

It Works Greens Reviews

There is a mix of both positive and negative reviews for It Works Greens. Many customers claim that they felt no difference in their energy or health levels while taking this product.

This makes sense, since there is a very low amount of nutrition in each serving, especially compared to other greens powders.

It Works Greens reviews

Where To Buy It Works Greens

You can purchase this powder directly from the manufacturer’s website, or from other online sources such as Amazon. The normal sized jars range from $25 for the original blend to $35 for the newer blend.

You can choose different sizes depending on how much you want to purchase at a time. The larger jars are $79.


Does It Works Greens Really Work Or Is It A Scam?

We believe that It Works Greens was created with the purpose of creating money, rather than the purpose of benefiting consumers’ health. It doesn’t appear to be a health-driven product.

Yes, it does contain many ingredients that are beneficial to the body; however, the quantity of ingredients used is very low.

Also, this product is not certified organic, so the quality of ingredients is not as high as they could be.

The fact that this product claims that it has probiotics, yet fails to include any probiotics in their ingredients list is very unprofessional and deceiving.

We believe there are much better superfood green powders you can take if you truly want to provide your body with as many high-quality nutrients as possible.

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by Bella review for It Works Greens

I am a smoothie drinker and I thought this would be a great alternative on days when I feel lazy making a smoothie. This drink is giving me a head spin and I don’t know why. It must be because the ingredients are not all-natural.

by Adrian F. review for It Works Greens

It works for me. I like it.

by Gilbert R. review for It Works Greens

I love this stuff but it is not affordable.

by Melanie H. review for It Works Greens

I must have different taste buds from the rest. I could not stand its taste. It’s just too expensive and I am not seeing any results.

by Peter D. review for It Works Greens

It tastes too sweet for my liking.

by Alyce review for It Works Greens

I absolutelyove It Works Greens. No chalky taste and it’s TASTEY with your morning coffee or even mixed with the Skinny Coffee. If you’d like any REAL science behind the products there is a weekly LIVE, explaining properties, effects and such every Tuesday night at 8pm. Feel free to find this on It Works Global’s Facebook page on the news feed. Anyone looking for the science behind the products, there it is. They will be live right on the It Works Global page. I hope I see some of you there.