Phen-ES Reviews (2024 UPDATE): Does It Live Up To Its Claims?


What Is Phen-ES?

Phen-ES is a pharmaceutical grade pill that claims to rapidly burn fat.

It claims to use methods that are scientifically proven to be effective in suppressing the appetite, reducing food cravings, boosting energy levels, and enhancing mental focus.



Who Makes Phen-ES?

Basing on the Amazon listing for this product, the maker of the pills is called Kreative Compounds which is from Las Vegas, Nevada. There’s not enough information regarding the company and they don’t have an official website.

If you need to reach the customer service department, the best thing that you can do is to contact Amazon or whichever third party retailer you got the product from.

Best Phen-ES Alternative

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Who Should Take Phen-ES?

Weight loss supplements are becoming more and more popular these days. Some people just don’t easily achieve their weight loss goals by exercising or going on a diet plan – and this is where diet pills and supplements like Phen-ES can help.

Unfortunately, there seems to be very limited information regarding Phen-ES online, including the recommended age of individuals who can take it. To be on the safe side, it would be best to consult a healthcare professional first before consuming these diet pills.

This is most especially true for those who are pregnant, nursing, with medical conditions or taking prescription drugs.

How Does Phen-ES Work?

This pill is what others would call a phentermine-alternative diet pill. Phentermine is a drug that combats obesity and is said to be an effective appetite suppressant.

However, most pills that are made from this compound can cause a variety of side effects which is why this generic drug is not at all a good option for weight loss enthusiasts.

Phen-ES claims to not only curb your appetite but also to increase your energy levels so that you would be active enough to last through the day. Its key ingredients promise to help you achieve the following benefits:

Phen-ES Ingredients

These are the key ingredients that you will find in this formula:

Caffeine – You can find caffeine in almost all energy drinks, as well as in medications for pain relief and colds. It is also a popular weight loss supplement ingredient as it can increase metabolism rate, allowing you to burn more fats even while resting.

Theobromine – This stimulant is an extract from tea leaves and cacao plants. It increases energy levels and also helps in preventing asthmatic episodes and high blood pressure.

Synephrine HCL – Also known as the bitter orange, this plant is believed to help in improving appetite and surprisingly, may also aid in weight loss. Combining it with caffeine can make it more effective especially if you accompany it with exercise and low-calorie diet. However, this claim still remains debatable because of insufficient evidence.

B-Phenylethylamine HCL – This is a chemical that’s often used to improve and enhance athletic performance, attention, mood and depression. It helps with weight loss by suppressing the appetite.

Yohimbe HCL – Although with fat-burning qualities, yohimbe is regarded as a dangerous substance in weight loss supplements. Its most common use is for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men.

Phen-ES ingredients

Phen-ES Side Effects

There are several side effects that were reported by many users on Amazon. This is because of the presence of compounds and ingredients that may be natural but still with consequences to the health, such as caffeine and yohimbe.

Some of the side effects are:

  • racing heart rate
  • nausea
  • heart palpitations
  • stomach upset
  • excessive sweating
  • anxiety
  • shaking

If you notice or experience any of these side effects after taking Phen-ES, stop use immediately and consult a medical professional for further evaluation.

Phen-ES Dosage

You can take 2 Phen-ES pills per day – one in the morning and one after lunch. There are no further directions online, just make sure to not exceed 2 pills per day.

It is also recommended that you don’t take the pill at least 6 hours before going to bed.

Phen-ES Reviews

There are more than 50 Phen-ES reviews on Amazon and it has a 2.9 out 5 rating. This should be enough to tell if the product is indeed effective and reliable or not. A lot of complaints are because of the side effects of the pills.

One user called it a “horrendous product” because it made her or him so sick, with other symptoms such as racing heart and mind, nausea and palpitations. Others refer to it as a waste of money because it did not help at all with weight loss.

Phen-ES reviews

Where To Buy Phen-ES?

The only place where you can buy Phen-ES is through Amazon, but interestingly, the product is currently not available on this merchant. It may be out of stock or they just simply stopped distributing or offering it to the public.

Because there’s no official website for the pill, there’s no other way to purchase it. You might be able to find in in other merchants or retailers but you should also be careful when it comes to legitimacy of the item.


Does Phen-ES Really Work Or Is It A Scam?

While Phen-ES may be regarded by some as an effective weight loss pill, there are obviously several other users who are not satisfied with it. To them, the side effects are far worse than their weight loss problem that’s why they decided to no longer continue using the product.

And since the availability of the pills is somewhat shady, it would be better to just look for other diet pills in the market. Find a brand or product that has their own reliable website, with a good number of positive reviews, and with a few to almost zero side effects.

That way, you are sure to be on your way to achieving your weight loss goals soon without worrying about harming your health and wellness at the same time.