Fitdesk FDX2 Reviews (2024 UPDATE) : A Really Good Deal?

Fitdesk FDX2


You need to work out. But you also need to work. For many of us that presents a dilemma. The Fitdesk FDX2 presents the ideal solution. It combines working with working out so that you earn money while you’re burning calories. But does it really work? Let’s investigate.


What is the Fitdesk FDX2?

Alternately known as the Bike Desk, the Fitdesk is a lightweight folding exercise bicycle that includes a work station and back support to allow you to work on your laptop while you are pedaling the bike.

The Fitdesk arrives on your doorstep in a rectangular box. Assembly is straight forward, taking one person about an hour. Instructions are easy to follow and you are provided with a multi-wrench tool that is all you need to put the bike together.

The exercise desk is designed to accommodate people from 4’10” to 6’5” and up to 300 pounds.


• Meter – The desk portion will comfortably and securely hold a laptop. It also features a meter that will indicate you current speed, time you’ve been exercising, distance traveled and number of calories burned.

• Security Straps – The pedals have straps to keep your feet secure while exercising. The fitness bicycle also features a resistance band strap to allow you to exercise your arms and upper body in addition to your legs and cardiovascular system.

• Ease of Storage / Transport – The unit is completely collapsible for easy storage. It also features wheels for ease of transport. The entire bike desk weighs 47 pounds, so it’s relatively easy to move around.

• Variable Resistance – The intensity of the pedal resistance is variable, ranging from one to eight. The pedal motion is fluid and smooth.

• Adjustable back support – The assembled unit features an all-important back support which is an upgrade from the previous model as a result of customer feedback. The back rest is adjustable. This allows you to tilt it to suit your individual preference and then tighten it down at that position. The laptop desk is also able to be adjusted horizontally. This allows you to slide it in or out according to your preference.

• Laptop safety -A strap is provided for you to secure your laptop in place. It simply fits across the section of the base above the keys and below the screen. This ensures that your computer stays secure.

• Wrist Support – The padded handles are very firm. When typing you are able to provide support for your wrists by resting them on the bike’s handles. The angle of the wrist rest is adjustable, allowing you to lift it up higher for comfort. You are now able to type comfortably in an ergonomically sound position.

• Storage – The desk console also features a drawer for you to store your stationary items. There is also room onboard the desk station for you to put your phone.

• Semi-Recumbent Pedaling – The positioning of the pedals in front of the seating position provides a semi-recumbent feel. This increases the ergonomic positioning of your body while exercising.

• Rigidity – Mounting and dismounting of the Fitdesk exercise bike is very stable. The main frame of the exercise bicycle is made of od sturdy metal construction. The desk console is plastic molded but also very solidly designed.

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• Console Room – There is not enough room to use a mouse along with your laptop on the desk console. However, you can purchase an extender for the desk to allow sufficient room for a mouse.

• Seat -The seat is a typical triangle shaped bicycle seat which comes to a point in the front. This is not overly comfortable for extended use. Again, however, you can buy an adaptor which will allow you to use a different seat of your own choosing.


The Fitdesk FDX 2 is an excellent option for getting in an extra hour or so of exercise that you otherwise would not have been able to. We’re impressed with the recumbent exercise position which now includes a vital back support. This actually puts you in a better position ergonomically that you probably would be if you were sitting at your desk.

The Fitdesk FDx 2 is available at a great price. We think it’s a smart investment that will allow you to effectively multi-task your way to a fitter future.

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