Megadrox Reviews (2024 UPDATE): CAUTION – Important Facts Revealed


What Is Megadrox?

Megadrox is both a testosterone boosting and muscle-building supplement. It contains ingredients that work in your body to increase your stamina. This supplement is supposed to improve your muscle growth while lowering body fat at the same time.

According to the manufacturer, it can bump up your muscle mass by an impressive 35 percent! They also claim the supplement will assist in elevating your testosterone levels without causing your body any side effects.

A unique thing that Megadrox claims is that it will help your body expel waste. This is great because a build-up of waste often prevents an individual from building muscle and affects performance (both in the gym and the bedroom).



Who Makes Megadrox?

The product is made by a company called Megadrox. There is not a lot of information that can be found about this company. Their history is entirely unknown. However, their official website was only bought in March 2024, so it’s pretty new.

Best Megadrox Alternative

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Who Is Megadrox For?

This supplement is geared towards any male who wants to build muscle and lose body fat. If you struggle with indigestion and want to perform better physically, it is geared towards you as well.

How Does Megadrox Work?

Since Megadrox is made out of natural ingredients, the manufacturer claims that these ingredients will help the body to expel waste. The ingredients are also supposed to elevate the levels of free testosterone in the body.

This comes with benefits such as better endurance and strength. However, there has never been any clinical human (or non-human) studies of how the supplement works or affects the body.

Yes, it’s true that this supplement uses natural ingredients, but the correlation between the ingredients and expelling waste is not 100% clear. The manufacturer does not clarify or provide any explanations or scientific evidence.

Megadrox Ingredients

Here are some of the common active ingredients that are in Megadrox. One of them is dangerous, which we will go more into detail about.

Although these ingredients have been used for centuries in traditional medicine, none of them have been tested clinically in this Megadrox combination.

L-Arginine HCL – This ingredient is an amino acid that helps with blood flow and circulation. It assists your blood vessels and helps them dilate which makes it easier for the muscles to get blood.  It does this by converting into nitric oxide in your body. This makes it easier for men to get erections because the blood can get to the penis easier. However, in order for this to happen, you’ll need anywhere from 5-20 grams of L-Arginine a day. Megadrox does not clarify the dosage of L-arginine that is in each capsule.

Maca Root – This herb is found in the mountains in areas such as Peru. It has many health benefits and is used by both men and women alike.

It is great for balancing hormones (including testosterone), it can provide your body with a boost of energy, and it can also increase your libido. However, it hasn’t been proven to have any correlation with muscle growth.

Horny Goat Weed – Horny goat weed is found in just about every testosterone boosting supplement. It is a natural herb and its name explains exactly what it does. It can boost your libido and help with sexual performance.

Tribulus Terrestris – This ingredient is another herb that is common in testosterone supplements. It has been said to help assist in raising your free testosterone levels in the blood.

This ingredient also has been said to lower body fat while increasing lean muscle mass, however, it’s unclear how. No studies have been done that have been able to prove its effectiveness in doing so.

YohimbeYohimbe isn’t used in that many testosterone boosting supplements so it was surprising to see this ingredient here. It is derived from tree bark.

According to Megadrox, this ingredient “provides a slight tingle sensation in the body while it activates blood flow, energy, and raw sexual power.”

The reason why many companies don’t include this ingredient is because of its potentially dangerous side effects. Yohimbe has been associated with rapid heart rates, renal failure, seizures, and even strokes.

megadrox label

Megadrox Side Effects

Even though this supplement contains natural ingredients, and the manufacturer claims that it is safe, there are still side effects. Every person reacts to supplements and products differently.

Always read the guidelines and instructions before taking new products and make sure to consult with your general healthcare practitioner first.

Megadrox Dosage

Megadrox actually does not provide a dosage recommendation. This is very confusing for customers because how are you supposed to know how much to take?

Some supplement companies suggest 2 pills a day, while others suggest 3 or even 6 capsules a day. This could be considered a safety hazard in itself (not knowing the dosage) because it would be very easy to take too much of it. It’s also easy to not take enough of it to experience results.


Megadrox Reviews

If you look online, you’ll find it difficult to find raw and honest reviews about Megadrox. The few reviews that you can find all complain about how they didn’t know how to take the product so they didn’t see any results.

Where to Buy Megadrox

The only place that you can buy Megadrox is from their official website. It can’t be bought at any health food stores. When purchasing Megadrox, you have the opportunity to buy it from their free trial offer. You will be required to pay a reservation fee of 99 cents, plus a shipping and handling fee of $3.95.

Does Megadrox Really Work Or Is It a Scam?

Based on the lack of customer reviews on Megadrox, the lack of clinical studies on this product, and the lack of information the company provides about their supplement, it appears to be a scam.

Even on their official website, you will find many spelling mistakes, which is quite unprofessional. If you still want to try this supplement out for yourself and guess the dosage, you of course can do so, but we believe there are much better testosterone boosting supplements out there.