ProExtender Reviews (2024 UPDATE): Is It Worth Your Investment?


What Is ProExtender?

ProExtender system is a medical device that is created to naturally enlarge a male’s sex organ. Consistent and long term use of this tool claims to deliver the desired result in a span of several weeks or months.

If you are the kind of man who is not fully satisfied with the size of your member, you are most probably considering to purchase an extender device like this.

Will it be worth it? Will it really work? Best of all, is it the safest product available in the market? These are just some of the questions that you are definitely asking yourself.

ProExtender system


Who Makes ProExtender?

ProExtender is made and distributed by Leading Edge Health. On their website, this company claims to be a world-class leader when it comes to the field of male enhancement.

It also says that the company is based in Denmark, but no physical address is listed. There is also no specific email address that you can write to. The only contact information that you can find is their toll-free number which is 1-866-269-3487.

They also have a page on their website where you can submit an email by filling up a blank form. It does not say how much time it will take, though, before they can get back to you.

Best ProExtender Alternative

Due to all the negative reviews about ProExtender, we’ve been looking for a competitive products that was proven more effective. We checked several of them with deception, and finally came around a real effective penis extender device. You can read its review HERE.

Who Is ProExtender For?

ProExtender is for men who would like to extend the size of their genitals without having to go through invasive surgeries or other medical procedures that may pose a potential threat.

When talking about size, men can attest as to how much a few additional centimeters or inches can greatly add to their self-esteem.

If you want to achieve a larger penis size just so you can experience more sexual pleasure not only for yourself but also for your partner, then this product is for you.

How Does ProExtender Work?

Through this device, the length and girth of the male’s penis will be increased. The question is, how does it actually work? What is the science behind it?

ProExtender works by providing a gentle and painless grip to the penis, which is called traction. In return, tissue cells will multiply, gradually expanding the penile tissue.

This means the penis will then be longer and larger. This expansion will be permanent. This is the same method that is used by doctors for similar cases, such as when extending a shorter leg or arm.

When used accordingly, ProExtender claims to enlarge the size of the penis by up to 30% within 24 weeks.

ProExtender Side Effects

Some side effects have been noted with regard to usage of this tool. If you are a first time user, make sure to pay attention to a few things especially if it is not what you are expecting to experience.

Discomfort is expected during the first few weeks of wearing ProExtender. If you are a regular exercise buff, do not forget to remove the device before exercising. It may cause irritation and skin redness.

Some users have reported their crotch initially being sore. You may also expect to experience a stretching sensation while wearing it.

If you have any prior medical concern that you think may affect the way this device will work, it is best to speak with a medical practitioner first before using it.

How To Use ProExtender?

The device is designed to be wearable — as simple as that. Users would normally want to keep it as discreet as possible, and ProExtender can be worn under trouser or pants with medium-loose fit.

Additional extension bar may be used if you want the traction force to be increased. Initially, it is ideal to wear it for 4-5 hours a day, then gradually increasing the hours as days go by.

It is up to you when it comes to the schedule or the amount of time that you want to wear it. Of course, the longer you use it, the better and faster the result will be, too.

Some men do not mind incorporating it into their everyday routine and activities. You can also wear it while sleeping.


ProExtender Reviews

Just like with any male enhancement device or supplement, not all users will experience the same result. This is the reason why there will be a lot of mixed ProExtender reviews if you would try to search for it online.

There are men who complained of this device taking too slow before they can see visible change with their penis size. Others already grew tired of waiting and just stopped using it after a few months.

There is also customer dissatisfaction in terms of the price. The basic package is somewhat costly, and it will not include additional parts or supplements. You will have to buy those separately if you want the result to be positive and fast.

ProExtender can only be ordered online, so if you want to buy one you have to go through the hassle of filling up their order form and then submit your credit card information. Be wary of fake websites that may only rip you off.

Transact only with the official website if ever you have fully decided to order.

proextender reviews

Where To Buy ProExtender?

The device is only available through their website. When you click on their “order now” section, you may either choose to buy their basic package or the deluxe one which is of course more pricey.

You may enter the discount code 188902 for website pricing although it did not say how much discount will be given upon purchase.

Does ProExtender Really Work Or Is It A Scam?

Looking at all the reviews, you may come to the conclusion that this tool may actually work. However, you need to invest quite a lot of money and also time before you can achieve the desired effect.

Despite the positive reviews, there are still a lot of users who are skeptical when it comes to the product’s effectiveness and also safety.

If you are looking for a device that you can use to enlarge your penis, do not just go for any product that you come across with. Make sure to do your own research first so that you will get enough information about it.

Keep in mind that no tool or product works like a miracle. However, there are those that are effective once you find the right one that will match your needs and preference. Ask yourself countless of times first, if ProExtender is that kind of product for you.

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by Adolph H. review for ProExtender

Go for surgery if you want to upsize your dick! Don’t believe in such things as penis extenders.

by Collin Daughdrill review for ProExtender

I’m not exactly convinced that such a device can help increase my dick. Anyway, I bought one and tried it. Aside from making my dick look like a cyborg, I did feel a bit of a stretch but that’s just about it. Will have to wait for a while to see if this product has any effect at all.

by Brent L. review for ProExtender

What a piece of crap! Mine broke on the first use. What a waste of money.

by Clifton Hembree review for ProExtender

I’m not sure if my order has a defect. Two of the rods don’t fit, and the plastic housing seems brittle??

by Edward Ciotti review for ProExtender

Nothing short of surgery and genetics can enlarge the penis. But I’m giving this one a try just for the heck of it. Who knows, it might work!

by Brian S. review for ProExtender

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Not using any extenders anymore!