Prevagen Reviews 2024: Does it Really Improve Memory?


What Is Prevagen?

Our body changes as we age. We also lose proteins that support our brain during the natural process of aging. Prevagen capsule provides the proteins needed for a sharp memory.

It contains apoaequorin, a protein that helps mild memory complications associated with the aging population. This dietary supplement is safe to intake and is clinically tested in assisting and boosting healthy brain function for a better memory.



What Is Prevagen and who Makes Prevagen?

Prevagen is a dietary supplement manufactured by Quincy Bioscience. It is a biotechnology company situated in Madison, Wisconsin. The company’s focal point of the study is about the discovery and development of new technologies.

Technologies that require the application of scientific knowledge to support cognitive function and treat health-related problems. Health problems such as mild memory complications associated with the natural process of aging.

One of the company’s achievements is the discovery of apoaequorin in jellyfish. The development of this protein gave the scientists a responsible great recognition.

Apoaequorin is safe for use in dietary supplements after thorough testing and experiments. Independent parties concluded. These extensive safety examinations and approval consist of expert scientists.

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Who Should Take Prevagen?

According to the official website of Prevagen, the product only helps in boosting brain function commonly associated with aging population. It is not highlighted to be used as an effective cure for Alzheimer’s disease or any severe head injuries after it caused damaging reactions and effects in patients.

For those people who often experience memory lapse as one of the effects of aging, they should consult first with their trusted doctor. Ask them about the dietary supplement. Doctors will tell you if the product is fit for you to intake depending on your condition.

How Does Prevagen Work?

A medicine most commonly seen in the form of the capsule called Prevagen is ingested.  A capsule contains apoaequorin that is essential in improving a better sleep condition and memory functions.

According to Prevagen reviews, people who use this supplement will experience positive results like sharper mind, improved thinking, and long-term memory.

What Are the Prevagen Ingredients?

The main ingredient of Prevagen is the apoaequorin, a protein that was discovered from jellyfish species of Aequorea Victoria. This protein was proved to have a similar structure to human calcium-binding nutrients after extensive safety testing and experiments.

Researchers believe that this protein will help regulate calcium in the brain and will prevent memory loss. This is the reason why apoaequorin is an essential nutrient in helping older adults to recall information. The official website of Quincy Bioscience claims that the product is the key to assisting and improving the cognitive functions of those people who suffer short-term memory.

Other ingredients are as follows:

Disodium EDTA – This compound works primarily as a preservative and stabilizer. Each capsule has 10 milligrams of sodium that is below the recommended daily amount of intake.

Magnesium Stearate – This is the most used compound in the world of medicine. Minerals such as zinc and magnesium are good factors in keeping a healthy brain.

Acetic Acid – This is also called ethanoic acid. Acetic acid increases the responsiveness of sensory stimuli that makes the person who ingested the capsule more focused.

Sodium Chloride – This is also known as salt. An essential compound that helps our body to absorb and transport nutrients. It also maintains the balance between sodium and potassium that releases energy for the muscles inside our body.

prevagen labelAre There Prevagen Side Effects?

Does Prevagen work? The answer is yes because this brain capsule was approved to be safe after submitting to different safety testing under an independent panel of expert scientists. There are no recorded Prevagen side effects about toxicity at dosage levels after consuming the capsule for a long time.

However, FDA has some raised concerns relating to the effectiveness of apoaequorin. The manufactures, though, assures its user an enhanced focus and awareness. Also, it is advisable to talk first with your doctor before deciding to take Prevagen supplements.

How to Take Prevagen?

Prevagen is a dietary supplement and is available over-the-counter without the need of any prescription from your doctor. You may also take it together with other minerals and vitamin supplements.

The Prevagen supplement works to support the brain in a complementary way. Remember, this capsule was not meant to replace your current vitamins or act as a medication to brain injuries.

Prevagen Reviews From Existing Consumers

It is good news that it stands behind positive feedbacks from customers who already ingested the supplement after such time. Consumer reports revealed that they already felt a difference comparatively and quickly after taking the supplement.  

In Prevagen reviews, customers say that they become more focused and alert. It also helped those users who have trouble in sleeping as they seem to be less stressed. They show signs of improved mental function such as word recall, sharp memory, and a clearer mind.

prevagen reviews from amazonWhere to Buy Prevagen?

After entering the market business world in 2007, it earned the national recognition through the years of service and is still available nationwide. If you wish to purchase the product, you can visit any local retailers or go online and check for dealers. Quincy Bioscience is committed to providing safe and reliable products to the customers with these authorized dealers.

Prevagen Coupon Codes or Free Trial

The current price ranges from $60 to $70 depending on whether it is in chewable or capsule form. Just sign up to their official email list to acquire special discounts and offers.

The official website can give you the coupon codes to save $10. You just need to read the details and instructions given on their site to get your advantage while purchasing the product.

Does Prevagen Work or Is it a Scam?

Quincy Bioscience’s Prevagen is not a scam. This supplement helped many customers in improving brain function and sleeping quality. Even though it is not yet FDA approved, many customers are recommending the product to others who suffer from mild memory problems.

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by Mafalda M. review for Prevagen

Is this company still existing? No one’s answering my email about a question on dosage.

by Kaye K. review for Prevagen

After taking this product, I became hyperactive. It’s difficult to sleep. I think it messes up with your hormones. Not recommending this.

by Tamar Tolleson review for Prevagen

Not sure about others, but the product is fine. It seems to work especially if you need to spend a night doing a project. Unfortunately, welts and rashes grew all over my body, especially my arms. I’m not sure, but I think I’m allergic to one of its ingredients. I’m suspecting it’s apoaequorin since it is derived from jellyfish. And I have an allergy to certain seafood.