SkinnyStix Reviews (2024 UPDATE): Does It Really Work?


What Is SkinnyStix?

SkinnyStix promises to elevate your mood, increase energy, burn fat, improve focus, and boost stamina. The product comes in 3 different flavors: electric lime, tangy tangerine, and berry fusion.

Weight loss can be quite a tricky and complex topic. There are many different products that are available in the market, all claiming to be effective and even great-tasting. There are diet pills, meal replacement shake, and protein bars.

SkinnyStix is neither a shake or juice. It comes in powder form and preparation is quite easy.



Who Makes SkinnyStix?

This product is from Zantrex, a company that primarily focuses on providing products that promise effective energy increase and rapid weight loss. The address listed for this company is:

Zoller© Laboratories
5742 West Harold Gatty Drive
Salt Lake City, UT 84116

Their phone number is 1-800-392-3689. You can also reach them by filling out their online form on their official website.

Best SkinnyStix Alternative

Due to all the negative reviews about SkinnyStix, we’ve been looking for a competitive product that was proven more effective. We checked several of them with deception, and finally came around a real effective weight loss supplement. You can read its review HERE.

Who Is SkinnyStix For?

SkinnyStix is for weight loss enthusiasts who are always on the go. If your typical day mostly revolves around a hectic office job, a busy schedule at home, at school with no more time to keep your weight loss goals up-to-date, you might want to consider including this product in your daily meal plans.

This is only recommended as a weight loss supplement for healthy adults. The product is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Consult with your doctor first if you have an existing medical condition or currently taking medical prescriptions.

How Does SkinnyStix Work?

This product contains natural and different sources of caffeine, which is known to greatly aid in weight loss. Caffeine does not only boost metabolism but also increases energy levels and stamina. The other ingredients used in the formula help in suppressing and controlling the appetite.

Here are its other benefits:

  • contains no sugar
  • has only 5 grams of calories per packet
  • has 1 gram of carbohydrates
  • can help improve focus

SkinnyStix Ingredients

Aside from its calories, carbohydrates and Niacin content, SkinnyStix has a proprietary blend that’s made up of a variety of ingredients. These are:

Yerba mate leaf extract – Usually available in tea form, yerba mate may help in relieving physical and mental tiredness. It contains stimulants like caffeine which can stimulate the heart, brain, and other body parts. It can also help with diabetes, weight loss, depression, headache, high cholesterol, and urinary tract infections.

Guarana seed extract – The seeds of guarana are used to improve mental and athletic performance as well as aid in weight loss. The extract is also traditionally used in treating anxiety, headaches, and other health issues. It also contains caffeine and other similar chemicals like theobromine and theophylline.

Coffee bean extract – Coffee bean contains chlorogenic acids, which are compounds believed to help in weight loss. It can also lower blood pressure, increase energy levels, and boost metabolism. Common side effects of this ingredient include anxiety, upset stomach, frequent urination, restlessness, and increased heart rate.

Damiana leaf extract – Although evidence is still insufficient, early research indicates that combining damiana with yerba mate and guarana can help in reducing body weight. It can also help treat depression, headache, nervous stomach, constipation, and bedwetting.

Stevia leaf extract – Stevia is a sugar substitute that contains no calories, carbohydrates, and artificial ingredients.

Cacao seed extract – Cacao is rich in antioxidants. It also contains vitamins and minerals, carbohydrates, protein, fats, and flavanoids. It can help with weight loss, high blood pressure, depression, and circulation.

Other ingredients included in the proprietary blend are:

  • blueberry and bilberry fruit extracts
  • rice seed powder
  • cayenne fruit powder
  • grapefruit powder
  • bilberry fruit powder
  • chlorella powder
  • strawberry fruit powder
  • raspberry concentrate
  • grape seed extract
  • plum fruit powder
  • blueberry fruit powder
  • cranberry fruit powder
  • sour cherry fruit powderSkinnyStix ingredients

SkinnyStix Side Effects

Some of this product’s active ingredients can bring side effects such as dizziness, jittery feelings, gastric disturbances, and nausea. Hypersensitivity may also occur due to certain ingredients used in the formula. Its high content of stimulants is also another drawback.

There is no clinical testing done that can prove this product’s effectiveness or safety. According to several users from Amazon, they have experienced a lot of side effects including:

  • digestive problems
  • dehydration
  • insomnia
  • upset stomach
  • increased urination

SkinnyStix Dosage And Preparation

According to the manufacturer’s website, you can consume up to 3 packets of SkinnyStix per day. If you plan on taking it for more energy, stamina, focus, and mood elevation, simply mix the pack’s contents with 16 oz of water, and it’s ready to drink or sip all throughout the day.

For a more effective appetite control and as an aid to weight loss, drinking the entire mixture or serving would be better. It is best if you drink it at least 15 minutes before your main meals.

As with other weight loss products, results will still vary although it’s recommended that you take it along with an exercise program and a sensible diet plan.

SkinnyStix Reviews

It’s a good thing that there are several SkinnyStix reviews on Amazon. There are some reviews claiming that this product has helped users positively while there are also others saying that it did not work at all with them.

It seems that the Berry Fusion variation is the only flavor that has reviews on Amazon. One user said that the product tastes bad and too sweet. Another user complained that it made her sick to the stomach, together with feelings of nauseousness and stomach flu.

Aside from the bad taste and side effects that were experienced, other users were also complaining because of the expensive price of this weight loss product.SkinnyStix reviews

Where To Buy SkinnyStix?

The official website of Zantrex offers SkinnyStix in 21-packet option. They also have a seller account on Amazon if you are more comfortable placing an order through that platform. They also offer a money-back guarantee within 30 days starting from the day you received your order.

Just make sure to present a valid proof of purchase upon returning and use this address for returns:

ATTN: Returns Dept. 5742 Harold Gatty Drive Salt Lake City, UT 84116


Does SkinnyStix Really Work Or Is It A Scam?

Since the reviews are mixed with several positive and negative ones, it can be concluded that SkinnyStix is not a scam. However, there is no guarantee that it will work the same way as it does with everyone else.

If you plan on consuming it to enhance energy levels and focus, it can be worth trying. There’s just not enough proof that it is effective as a weight loss product. It has a lot of ingredients, but not all of them can help with weight loss.

The side effects that these ingredients may bring are another matter to consider. This is a health safety matter that you should keep in mind. Fortunately, you can always look for other weight loss supplements that can better help you out.

Latest Comments:

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by Kassandra Breda review for SkinnyStix

I ordered the electric lime flavor because I like citrucy drinks. I like the taste but not the sore throat and hyperacidity that I feel after drinking it. Maybe 3 packets a day is too much for me, don’t you think so?

by Katy M. review for SkinnyStix

It’s just too sweet for my taste even though I have diluted it with water.

by Anderson S. review for SkinnyStix

I definitley felt an increase in energy ever since I started mixing the powder in my water. that’s it. As far as a weight loss supplement, nah.

by Chance Weinberg review for SkinnyStix

I ordered SkinnyStix but I did not get the bottle. I contacted their customer service but I didn’t get any response from them. That’s a big letdown and not to mention the negative reviews. I won’t be buying SkinnyStix again.

by Carol Karls review for SkinnyStix

didn’t do a thing but give me the headaches .

by Rolando C. review for SkinnyStix

The orange flavor tastes like powdered Tang juice which I like but it makes me really sick to my stomach.

by Krystle Gilden review for SkinnyStix

I like the orange taste but it just makes me feel nauseousness… and it isn’t really helping me conrol my appetite.

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