Sheer Platinum Nitro Reviews (2024 UPDATE): Does It Really Work?


What Is Sheer Platinum Nitro?

Sheer Platinum Nitro is a fitness supplement in powder form. It is designed to increase the production of the natural nitric oxide in the body.

By using this product, you’ll get to enjoy all the benefits that increased nitric oxide has to offer. These include the following:

  • increased blood flow to the muscles and other organs in the body
  • enhanced physical endurance for better athletic performance
  • bigger muscle pumps for leaner muscle appearance
  • improved natural energy for overall health and performance

Sheer Platinum Nitro


Who Makes Sheer Platinum Nitro?

Sheer Strength Labs is the manufacturer of Sheer Platinum Nitro. They claim to provide the most potent and effective muscle building supplements for athletes and bodybuilders.

If you have questions or comments, their phone number is 888-822-3372. They also have an email address, which is [email protected]

Best Sheer Platinum Nitro Alternative

Due to all the negative reviews about Sheer Platinum Nitro, we’ve been looking for a competitive product that was proven more effective. We checked several of them with deception, and finally came around a real effective fitness supplement. You can read its review HERE.

Who Is Sheer Platinum Nitro For?

Sheer Platinum Nitro is for people who are engaged in sports and bodybuilding.

As a nitric oxide booster, it particularly targets adult men and women who want to increase the nitric oxide that is naturally produced in their bodies.

Some people tend to be nitric oxide deficient. When you don’t have enough of this compound, you easily get tired and your energy levels decrease.

In men, nitric oxide is also a compound that instigates an erection. Thus, it can also be helpful for men who are experiencing erectile dysfunction.

How Does Sheer Platinum Nitro Work?

When you engage in strenuous activities, your muscles need more oxygen, which is supplied by red blood cells. Your heart pumps faster to supply oxygen to your muscle cells. As the organ does this, your arteries release nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide relaxes and widens your arteries and vessel walls to allow more blood to flow through. When there is more oxygen, you gain more muscle strength and muscle growth. In return, this boosts your energy and improves your muscle stamina.

Sheer Platinum Nitro helps your body produce more nitric oxide.

Sheer Platinum Nitro Ingredients

The ingredients in Sheer Platinum Nitro are as follows:

Citrulline Malate – This is a precursor to arginine, an amino acid. Arginine is a precursor to nitric oxide. Thus, citrulline malate increases the production of nitric oxide to improve blood flow.

This ingredient is what causes vasodilation or the widening of the blood vessels. Such widening allows the passing of more blood to produce more oxygen.

Betaine Anhydrous – This compound works by drawing water into the muscle cells. It treats high blood homocysteine levels, liver disease, and congestive heart failure. Studies show that the compound can also boost the immune system. It induces muscular pumps for better athletic performance.

L-Taurine – This compound also improves muscle cells’ ability to absorb water. L-taurine alleviates symptoms of congestive heart failure and liver disease.

In relation to the muscles, research says that it improves cycling performance. Yet, it doesn’t enhance overall muscle strength and endurance.

Nitrosigine – This is a form of arginine that boosts muscle pumps and increases muscle volume.

As a form of arginine, it helps in maintaining the right levels of blood flow in your system. In return, you gain more oxygen and nutrients before, during, and after a workout.

L-Tyrosine – This amino acid is useful for focus maintenance when engaged in extended strenuous exercise.

The primary purpose of this ingredient is to enhance brain function. According to research, there isn’t enough evidence to prove that it directly affects the muscles during exercise.

Black Pepper Extract – This is also called Bioperine. It improves the absorption of other nutrients in the body.

Experts say that it helps the stomach digest food easily. Likewise, it promotes intestinal health by preventing intestinal gas from forming.

Huperzine Serrata Leaf – This inhibits the production of acetylcholinesterase, the enzyme that degrades the functions of acetylcholine.

Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that is vital for muscle contraction. Huperzine may cause an increase in the acetylcholine levels. This allows an increase in muscle performance as well.Sheer Platinum Nitro ingredients

Sheer Platinum Nitro Side Effects

According to the manufacturer, Sheer Platinum Nitro is 100% risk-free. However, there is no scientific proof or study conducted to back up this claim.

Hence, we tried looking at other websites that could provide us information about its side effects. What we found is a general description of nitric oxide supplements and its disadvantages.

Side effects of taking nitric oxide supplements may include the following:

  • reduced dopamine levels resulting in unhealthy sleep cycles, degradation of short and long-term memory, and diminished cognitive skills
  • zinc deficiency that leads to diarrhea, impotence, impaired appetite, and delayed sexual maturation
  • hypertension and hypotension
  • blood sugar changes which may cause type 2 diabetes
  • increased urges to urinate
  • nausea and stomach cramps

There are no indications if the product on review has these adverse effects. Thus, it would be best to consult a physician first before taking it.

Sheer Platinum Nitro Dosage

As a fitness supplement in powder form, mix 1 scoop of Sheer Platinum Nitro with 12 ounces of water. Drink it 30 minutes before starting your workout or exercise.

The company also recommends using it with their other products for muscle building for best results.

Sheer Platinum Nitro Reviews

Most of the Sheer Platinum Nitro reviews we found online are positive. A lot of customers expressed their satisfaction with the effectiveness of the product.

Some said that it drastically increased their stamina during workouts. They have been using it for months now, and they seem to enjoy the massive pump it brings.

Others mentioned that they were not expecting that it would actually have good results.

However, while the product has a lot of great feedback, there were also some negative reviews from unsatisfied customers.

For instance, one user said that it’s a bit expensive in exchange for what you actually get. He said the pumps it brings are strong at first, but they quickly fade away.

Another user said that it worked for him, but he had to take it with another product to compare the results.

Where To Buy Sheer Platinum Nitro?

Sheer Platinum Nitro is available through the manufacturer’s website. They offer a full money-back guarantee within 30 days if the product won’t work for you.

You can also buy it from some online retailers such as Amazon.


Does Sheer Platinum Nitro Really Work Or Is It A Scam?

Based on the reviews and information we have gathered, Sheer Platinum Nitro can be considered a good supplement. The customer reviews are good, and the company has an established reputation.

However, while these may be true, we believe that there is a better fitness supplement which can work for you in terms of nitric oxide boosting.

The side effects of nitric oxide supplements  in general are quite alarming. We believe that the company should be more transparent in providing information whether this product carries the same side effects or not.

Likewise, the company expressly stated that the supplement works best if taken with their other products. In this regard, it seems like taking the product along with some other fitness supplements is costly and somewhat inconvenient.

Therefore, we highly recommend seeking for other options. There are bodybuilding boosters that have little to no side effects at all and can produce the best results even without the need to take other supplements.

Latest Comments:

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by Marcos C. review for Sheer Platinum Nitro

Gives me more endurance every time I work out in the gym. I just don’t like the after-effect… I feel bloated and I don’t take anything except this product. I won’t recommend this.

by Jerry Slezak review for Sheer Platinum Nitro

No result at all other than giving me sleepless nights!

by Stanton Toole review for Sheer Platinum Nitro

totally a no! instead of giving me more energy it’s making me sick!!
I feel nauseus that I have to skip working out for several days.
on days that I don’t drink this I feel fine.

by Eldon R. review for Sheer Platinum Nitro

I can feel the pump! I drink it before I hit the gym and I don’t get tired easily in my workout. But it is a little expensive. I have tried other cheap supplements that deliver more results.

by Eric F. review for Sheer Platinum Nitro

Muscle pumps, YEAH right! but I don’t think it’s because of drinking this. I get lean muscles because of working hard in the gym. Don’t get decieved by their promise. Wont’ order again.

by Fredrick Clabaugh review for Sheer Platinum Nitro

Tried this product for two days and I feel more energy. It’s a little short lived though.
After an hour of drinking it, I get weak and I feel like vomitting.
What a piece of crap!?

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