Ideal Protein Reviews – 2024 UPDATE – Important Warning! Read Now

Ideal Protein is the latest in a long line of complete weight loss programs that attempt to guide people towards rapid weight loss. Today we are going to independently assess and analyze the program and its associated products to verify (or dispute) the efficacy of the system.


What Is Ideal Protein?

Ideal Protein is a highly comprehensive weight loss program that is what we would describe as a “complete closed system”. The entire premise behind their business model is to remove much of the hard work of decision making for their consumers by providing them with categorized options for drinks and meals.

The food and drink options they provide are specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with their app-based platform and diet plans. Combined this creates a system which if followed will all but guarantee rapid weight loss.

Who Makes Ideal Protein?

Ideal Protein was set up by two cofounders Olivier Benloulou (an accomplished businessman) and Dr. Tran Tien Chanh (a leader in the weight loss and dietary fields). Together they created the outline for the highly popular platform.

Their supplements are created by the long established and highly respected Pharmalab inc. Pharmalab has been operating for over 25 years and is based in Canada (which has some of the strictest safety regulations in the world).

Best Ideal Protein Alternative

Due to all the negative reviews about Ideal Protein, we’ve been looking for a competitive products that was proven more effective. We checked several of them with deception, and finally came around a real effective meal replacement program. You can read its review HERE.

How Does Ideal Protein Work?

The system is formulated around the idea of running a huge calorific deficit. This is done in part by removing sugar entirely from your diet. This, in theory, allows your body to concentrate on burning fat/protein reserves for energy instead.

While it’s not a requirement, most people visit an Ideal Protein clinic to get started. Here they are assigned a weight loss advisor who will discuss goals, time frames, and the intensity of the program.

Once the initial consultation has been completed they will then be put on the 4 phase plan. Each of the phases is different and is designed to make the process as enjoyable as possible (which dramatically increases your chances of meeting your target weight).

All of the phases revolve around eating products sold by Ideal Protein which have all been perfectly balanced to provide great tasting food that staves off hunger (while producing a calorific deficit).

What Ingredients Are In Ideal Protein’s Food And Drink?

The vast menu available limits the specificity we can go in to in this section. There is far too much choice for us to give a complete ingredient list.

However, we can tell you that you will find no sugar in any of Ideal Protein’s products (as this is the primary ethos behind the dieting system).

We can also tell you that during our research we found nothing out of the ordinary in their products. There were no scary artificial compounds or flavorings we had an issue with and many of their ingredients seemed to be of the highest quality.

Some of their meals include potential allergens and some of them are also non-vegan. So if you have allergies or specific dietary requirements we recommend you check that any products you order are suitable before committing to a purchase.

What Are Meal Replacement Shakes Do Ideal Protein Offer?

One of the most popular parts of the ideal protein plan is their meal replacement shakes. Their appetite suppressant capabilities seem to be limited according to anecdotal reviews, but they are supposed to taste excellent. The 3 available flavors of Ideal protein shakes are:

  • Chocolate
  • Strawberry
  • Vanilla

Is Ideal Protein Safe?

Ideal Protein is one of the most intense weight loss systems we have ever come across. On average you will be consuming around 1,100 calories per day. This is a significant calorific deficit which will produce rapid weight loss if adhered to.

Long term this kind of calorific deficit is not sustainable and would almost certainly cause health issues. But provided you only stick to the plan to reach your target weight and switch to a normal balanced diet after reaching your target weight it is a perfectly safe system.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Some people mention slight irritability and fatigue when they first start the system due to a sudden daily calorific deficit being introduced to their lives. In these rare cases after a few days, the body adjusts and the side effects disappear.

Apart from that, there are no negative side effects to the system.

Are There Any Ideal Protein Reviews?

There are many Ideal Protein reviews from various sources that we came across during our research for this article. The vast majority of them were highly positive with many verifiable success stories (often with picture evidence to back their claims up).

There were also many reviews that complained about constant hunger due to the large calorific deficit this system provides. This was not unexpected.


Does Ideal Protein Work? (Or Is It A Scam?)

If you manage to stick to the Ideal Protein system you will rapidly lose weight. The calorific deficit that the system encourages is so large that weight loss is not only guaranteed, it is also quick.

There is no doubt in our mind that this is a valid and verifiable system that provides one of the quickest and safest all natural routes to weight loss on the market right now.

Do We Recommend Ideal Protein?

While it’s certainly a half decent system, we cannot recommend ideal protein wholeheartedly.

Because all of the calculations and guesswork about portion sizes and calorific content is taken care of for you, it is very easy to be strict and stick to the plan.

However, it is the severity of the calorific deficit that makes us reluctant to issue a recommendation. In our opinion 1100 calories per day is far too small to be “easy” to stick to – even with the convenience of the plan. You’re going to feel hungry on this plan, no matter who you are.

If you are unable to stick with a diet plan for this reason, then it doesn’t matter how easy it is to pick your meals (or how tasty the food is), you’re not going to lose weight.

As such, we commend Ideal ProtEin for being ambitious with an aggressive diet plan. But we just don’t see it being a successful system for the vast majority of people over the long term.

Where Can I Buy Ideal Protein?

Most people purchase Ideal Protein’s products online through their website. If you go to a local meeting you will also be able to buy the various meals and supplements directly from the representative there. Keep in mind Ideal Protein cost is on the high side and we don’t know of any coupon at the moment.


Ideal Protein is one of the most comprehensive and intense complete weight loss plans on the market right now. There is no doubt in our mind that anyone that can actually stick to the system will easily lose several pounds per week due to the very large calorific deficit it encourages.

However, this is a system that will leave you feeling hungry due to the minuscule amount of calories it provides. It’s not possible to feel full on 1,100 calories per day (regardless of what the marketing team of Ideal Protein may tell you).

If they had been a little less aggressive with their calorie count, we would most likely recommend the system. Why not try Nutrisystem instead?