Clinique Custom Repair Serum Reviews (2024 UPDATE): Does It Work?


What Is Clinique Custom Repair Serum?

Clinique Custom Repair Serum, or more specifically called as Clinique Smart Custom Repair Serum, is a beauty product that helps diminish the fine lines and wrinkles that appear on the face due to the aging process.

The company markets it as a “smart serum” because it improves the four significant signs of aging by 50% in a span of 12 weeks: uneven skin tone, dark spots, sagging skin, fine line, and wrinkles.

The manufacturer also claims that this serum can provide the needed hydration to make your dry looking skin glow with radiance after use.

Clinique Custom Repair


Who Makes Clinique Custom Repair Serum

The product manufacturer is Clinique Laboratories, LLC. It was founded in 1968, and they have been in the business of skincare and cosmetics mostly.

For product inquiries and concern, you may call their customer care toll free number on 1-800-419-4041.

The company’s address is listed below:

767 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10153
United States

Best Clinique Custom Repair Serum Alternative

Due to all the negative reviews about Clinique Custom Repair Serum, we’ve been looking for a competitive product that was proven more effective. We checked several of them with deception, and finally came around a real effective anti-wrinkle treatment. You can read its review HERE.

Who Is Clinique Custom Repair Serum For?

The harsh elements from the outside can cause wrinkles and fine lines to appear on the skin. Hence, this product is for anyone that wishes to prevent this from happening to achieve a younger looking skin.

The manufacturer claims that this serum can be used by people of all ages and ethnicities.

This serum from Clinique is also for those who want to get an even looking skin tone on the face. Whether you are a man or a woman, it could work for you.

How Does Clinique Custom Repair Serum Work?

The manufacturer markets this as a breakthrough serum, one that works on targeting wrinkles and fine lines. But it also works on fixing all other signs of aging that are noticeable on the face.

There are two peptides in the formula which help deliver their promises: acetyl hexapeptide-8 and palmitoyl oligopeptide. Both are the ones responsible for preventing lines from forming further.

The following are proven results after 12 weeks of twice-a-day use. Clinical tests showed measurable improvements, as what the manufacturer claims.

  • Fine lines/wrinkles 50%
  • Lifting 55%
  • Vertical lip lines 20%
  • Texture 45%
  • Firming 27%
  • Dark spots 50%
  • Even skin tone 51%
  • Radiance 32%

Clinique Custom Repair Serum Ingredients

The main ingredients of Clinique Custom Repair Serum are the following:

  • Ascorbyl glucoside – is another form of Vitamin C. When it goes into your skin, it turns into L-Ascorbic acid. By then it provides benefits such as antioxidant activity and inhibition of the synthesis of melanin, which helps in diminishing those dark spots that appear on the face.
  • Mulberry Extract – possesses skin-lightening properties. This extract inhibits melanin formulation within the skin.
  • Acetyl Hexapeptide – 8 – is credited to be an alternative to botox as it has the ability to relax facial muscles.
  • Palmitoyl Oligopeptide – is a blend of palmitic acid and other several amino acids. This ingredient works by stimulating collagen production within the skin.
  • Antioxidants – this product comes packed with antioxidants like cucumber extract, algae extract, and skullcap extract. They help prevent the premature signs of aging.

Clinique Custom Repair Serum Side Effects

Clinique claims that this serum is allergy tested, 100% fragrance-free, non-acnegenic, ophthalmologist tested. So it states that there should be no side effects, but all these claims don’t come with a report of the actual test.

This product is said to contain high grapefruit content, and recent researches have confirmed that grapefruit doesn’t work well with other medications. Drugs that lower down cholesterol like Zocor and Lipitor are an example of such cases.

The serum also contains a long list of ingredients; it is best to double check on what they are to identify possibilities of allergies to ensure safety.

How To Use Clinique Custom Repair Serum

For best results,  apply it daily once in the morning and once at night for a 12-week duration.

The application starts by placing two pumps in your hand. Then apply in an upward motion all over your face. Lastly, if you have excess serum, use it on your neck.

Clinique Custom Repair Serum Reviews

Upon checking the Clinique Custom Repair Serum reviews online, most of the comments state that it was just an “okay” product. It only proves that nothing is promising or great about this serum.

The feedback on this anti-wrinkle serum also has users saying that they did not experience the promised results that the product advertised it could deliver.

Some users find it too expensive. One user ordered three serums but after going through it all, there was no difference seen or felt.

The product claims to be allergen-free, yet some reviews online state otherwise. Some of the users shared experiencing itching and puffiness around the eyes and breakouts after using the product.

Where To Buy Clinique Custom Repair Serum?

This anti-wrinkle serum is available for purchase on Amazon, Nordstrom, Sephora, affiliated sites, and on the official site.

You can purchase the serum in 3 different sizes:

  • 30 ml – 4 week supply
  • 50 ml – 6 week supply
  • 100 ml – 12 week supply


Does Clinique Custom Repair Serum Really Work Or Is It A Scam?

Clinique Custom Repair Serum is not a scam; it is a product that is just entirely expensive for delivering some effects to only a percentage of users.

The manufacturer also suggests using this serum with sunscreen, and that doubles your expense. Other products double as a sunscreen and as an anti-wrinkle at a more reasonable price.

Achieving the benefits will require 12 weeks of twice-daily application. This is quite long and not a good thing for people who are in the rush for results.

The choice is still up to you, although we believe that there are far better options that can deliver the intended results in a much quicker time frame yet offer much greater results.

Latest Comments:

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by Felisha C. review for Clinique Custom Repair Serum

Made my face very smooth but it’s crazy expensive.

by Stephane Chamness review for Clinique Custom Repair Serum

Deeply disappointed. This serum has only given me bumps and blemishes, which I didn’t have when I started using it. Two weeks and I’m not using it anymore.

by Charlesetta Thornburg review for Clinique Custom Repair Serum

After reading all the praises and positive reviews, I got really excited to try it. I applied the serum twice a day as instructed. On the 3rd day, I felt my skin turn red and so dry. I thought the serum was supposed to make your skin clear and smooth?

by Mina K. review for Clinique Custom Repair Serum

I have been using this product for about two months now but I haven’t seen any change in my skin at all. I like the smell though. I think you need to use it longer to see noticeable results.

by Celestine Twiggs review for Clinique Custom Repair Serum

My super dry skin is prone to cystic acne. This product seems to work as it made my skin smooth. But it takes too long for it to take effect.

by Chloe Bornstein review for Clinique Custom Repair Serum

Tried way too many anti-wrinkle products and this one isn’t for me. Clinique overpromised and way underdelivered.

by Alline T. review for Clinique Custom Repair Serum

Wanted so badly to get rid of the dark spots and fine lines on my face which prompted me to get this serum. It has been awhile since I used it. I feel it hydrates my skin but it does nothing with my problem areas.