Red X Lab BCAA Matrix Reviews (2024 UPDATE): Does It Really Work?


What Is Red X Lab BCAA Matrix?

Red X Lab BCAA Matrix is a formula for muscle recuperation and recovery during athletic training. Although it is generally used by athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness buffs, there are users who would take this dietary supplement for weight loss since it supports physical performance.

BCCA is an acronym for branched-chain amino acid. It is a compound known to be capable of fueling muscles and preventing muscle loss while you are on a diet. Most manufacturers who include BCAA in their products state that BCAA actually helps in preserving lean muscles as your body burn calories.

Red X Lab BCAA Matrix


Who Makes Red X Lab BCAA Matrix?

Red X Lab is a manufacturer of sports supplements. They claim to design formulas that are for athletes worldwide. There’s very little information about the company on their website, and they have limited contact details as well.

The only way to reach them is by email using this address: [email protected]

Best Red X Lab BCAA Matrix Alternative

Due to all the negative reviews about Red X Lab BCAA Matrix, we’ve been looking for a competitive product that was proven more effective. We checked several of them with deception, and finally came around a real effective weight loss supplement. You can read its review HERE.

Who Should Take Red X Lab BCAA Matrix?

As mentioned, this supplement is formulated for athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness buffs. It’s something that they can drink through their workouts, but it can also be consumed on ordinary days.

This product is not advisable for individuals who are younger than 18 years old. If you are pregnant, nursing, or thinking about getting pregnant, it’s best to consult with a doctor first before using the product. Same recommendation also goes for those who have medical conditions.

How Does Red X Lab BCAA Matrix Work?

BCAAs help muscles recuperate after a heavy workout. Red X Lab boasts of using only instantized BCAAs, which are composed of these 3 essential amino acids:

They are called “essential amino acids” because it cannot be naturally produced by the body.  You can only get them from food or BCAA supplements.

Aside from muscle recuperation, the supplement also claims to be helpful in promoting faster recovery and a healthier immune system.

Red X Lab BCAA Matrix Ingredients

L-Leucine – This amino acid is a popular supplement that’s often taken by bodybuilders. You can find it in foods that are rich in protein such as turkey, chicken, fish, cheese, soybeans, and yogurt. It can help the body in producing more energy.

However, as it increases insulin production, it can also inhibit this energy process if the supplement is taken on an empty stomach.

L-Isoleucine – L-Isoleucine is another essential amino acid that boosts endurance and assists in rebuilding and repairing muscle tissues. It is vital for protein synthesis and other processes in the body that are anabolic and anti-catabolic. As a BCAA, this amino acid works as a precursor for alanine and glutamine.

L-Valine – Valine is named after its source, the valerian plant. You can find it in meat, dairy products, and vegetables. Its main role in health supplements relates to the synthesis and maintenance of muscle tissues. It can also help support the immune system, physical growth, and stress management.

L-Alanine – This is an important nutrient that greatly contributes to the metabolism of amino acids in the blood. When the liver absorbs L-Alanine, it converts to pyruvate, a compound that’s essential for managing blood sugar levels. It supports immediate release of glucose, thus enabling a more rapid delivery of energy.

Glycine – Glycine can help with sleep problems, BPH, enlarged prostate, schizophrenia, metabolic syndrome, stroke, and psychosis. There is insufficient evidence that can prove its effectiveness in enhancing mental performance and memory.

Other ingredients used in the formula of Red X Lab BCAA Matrix are beta-alanine, L-glutamine, L-taurine, and L-carnitine tartrate.

Red X Lab BCAA Matrix Side Effects

According to its label, the presence of beta-alanine in this supplement may cause a flushing effect or tingling sensation in the skin. Aside from this, there are no other known side effects that may be caused by this product.

Red X Lab BCAA Matrix Dosage

For those who are working out, you can sip through this supplement while on training. To prepare, simply mix one scoop of Red X Lab BCAA Matrix with 8 oz of cold water. A maximum of 2 scoops or 2 servings per day may be allowed.

If you plan to take this even when not on training, you may consume between meals or during the afternoon.

Red X Lab BCAA Matrix Reviews

This product is available on different online merchants, but surprisingly, we are not able to find any Red X Lab BCAA Matrix reviews anywhere. It’s difficult to say if this supplement has a lot of positive feedback since no online reviews or testimonials are posted.

Where To Buy Red X Lab BCAA Matrix?

Their official website indicates that Red X Lab BCAA Matrix is only exclusively available on GNC stores. For online shopping options, there’s a seller account for this product on Amazon. You can also find this listing on different online retailers such as Walmart although some are already out of stock.


Does Red X Lab BCAA Matrix Really Work Or Is It A Scam?

One good way to determine the standing of a weight loss supplement is by reading through the reviews about it online. In the case of Red X Lab BCAA Matrix, there are no reviews anywhere. That’s why we can’t exactly tell if it will work or not.

Judging by the product description along with the ingredients used and the working process, we think that this supplement is more of a nutritional boost or support for individuals who are building muscles.

It’s better to look for a product that’s specifically designed for weight loss. That way, you’ll know that your weight loss goals will have a higher chance of becoming a reality.