Sprayable Sleep Reviews (2024 UPDATE): Does It Really Work?


What Is Sprayable Sleep?

Sprayable Sleep is a sleep aid in spray form. It is the world’s first topical melatonin spray.

This product helps you fall asleep quickly and keeps you asleep all night without interruptions. You just need to spray it on your neck and you’re ready to fall asleep anytime you want to.

According to the manufacturer, it produces faster and gentler results compared to other melatonin supplements. This is because it uses a patented technology that’s proven to be effective and safe.

Sprayable Sleep


Who Makes Sprayable Sleep?

Sprayable is the manufacturer of this sleep aid. Their main goal is to provide products that would help individuals fall asleep at the push of a button.

Aside from better sleep, the company also aims to give you more energy with the products they create.

For questions and comments, you can send them a message through their contact form on their contact page. You can also send them an email at [email protected]

Best Sprayable Sleep Alternative

Due to all the negative reviews about Sprayable Sleep, we’ve been looking for a competitive product that was proven more effective. We checked several of them with deception, and finally came around a real effective sleep supplement. You can read its review HERE.

Who Is Sprayable Sleep For?

The product is most beneficial for those who have the following problems:

The manufacturer also claims that this spray is suitable for people of all ages. Anyone who wants to improve his or her sleeping routine may use this product. However, the manufacturer recommends consulting a doctor first if you are under the age of 18.

How Does Sprayable Sleep Work?

Sprayable Sleep works by delivering the melatonin in the spray gradually through your skin and then into your bloodstream. Compared to oral supplements, this product doesn’t have to pass through your digestive tract so your body can absorb its nutrients.

As the manufacturer explained, they use a new technology called a “transport system.” It works in the same way your body naturally produces melatonin.

The supplement also has tyrosine which increases the product’s solubility. In other words, tyrosine makes the absorption of nutrients easier and faster.

The product also claims that it only has a low dose of melatonin. Because of this, you are able to wake up the next morning without feeling groggy.

Sprayable Sleep Ingredients

The ingredients in the supplement are the following:

Melatonin – This hormone is naturally produced by the pineal gland. It is what signals the brain and the body when it’s time to sleep and wake up. It is used in medicine to treat sleep disorders such as insomnia.

Recently, studies have been conducted to see if melatonin can treat other illnesses. The reports suggested that it could possibly prevent Alzheimer’s disease and cancer. It may also help children with autism spectrum disorders.

Each spray of this sleep aid contains about .250 mg melatonin. The manufacturer specifically designed it to only have a low dose because scientific research suggests that a lower dose of it might be more effective in regulating sleep.

Tyrosine – This is an amino acid that comes from phenylalanine, which is another amino acid. It is naturally produced in the body, but it can also be found in some food like meat, fish, and dairy products. This ingredient improves memory, learning, and alertness.

Based on our research, tyrosine can help in boosting energy to people experiencing sleeplessness. There are no reports, however, saying that it contributes to regulating sleep patterns.

This spray also has Purified Water and Isopropyl Ester HCl as its inactive ingredients. It contains no harmful chemicals nor additional fillers.

Sprayable Sleep Side Effects

If you’ll check the manufacturer’s website, there is a lot of information you can find about this sleep spray. However, they failed to disclose if it has side effects or none.

Seemingly, the small amount of melatonin is not likely to cause side effects. However, there are no indications as to whether it has the right amount of tyrosine. Thus, it would be better to still be extra careful in using this spray.

The side effects of tyrosine are:

  • restlessness
  • anxiety and fear
  • rapid heartbeats
  • heart palpitations
  • arrhythmias
  • migraine or extreme headaches

Ironically, this product may also cause insomnia as it makes your brain more active and alert.

Sprayable Sleep Dosage

For best results, spray it four times at once on both sides of your neck (twice on each side). If you prefer spraying it on the other parts of your body, you may do so. You can also adjust the amount of spray if you want to.

Note that this product is a topical spray. Under no circumstances should you spray it in your mouth or ingest it in any other way. It’s only meant to be sprayed on your skin.

Sprayable Sleep Reviews

There are many Sprayable Sleep reviews available online. Those that we found are mixed reactions.

Many customers praised the product for its effectiveness. Some said that it worked for them, and on top of that, it is very easy to use.

However, there is also negative feedback from unsatisfied customers. Some said that it wasn’t effective for them. Others complained about experiencing side effects.

One person, for instance, said that it made her wake up between 3 to 4 AM. Worse, she had a hard time going back to sleep after those hours.

Another consumer also complained about getting allergies. He said that it worked well, but he won’t be purchasing it anymore because of the side effects.

Where To Buy Sprayable Sleep?

Sprayable Sleep is available through the manufacturer’s website. There are also some online retailers that sell the product like Amazon.


Does Sprayable Sleep Really Work Or Is It A Scam?

Sprayable Sleep seems to be effective for some people. It has a lot of positive reviews that could attest to its effectiveness. Moreover, the manufacturer is solely targeting the production of sleep aids.

However, we believe that there are other products that can help you better in addressing your sleep problems. They are those which have a combination of powerful ingredients that are known to induce sleep faster.

Our main concern about the product on review is the list of its ingredients. It seems like their purpose is contradictory to each other. Melatonin promotes sleep whereas tyrosine keeps the brain alert and active.

In this regard, we highly recommend looking for sleeping pills that have ingredients that complement each other. It might be a wiser choice to resort to these products as they might produce better results.

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by Modesto J. review for Sprayable Sleep

be careful when it comes to tyrosine.. it causes nasty side effects.
trust me… I tried.

by Jasmine Hockenberry review for Sprayable Sleep

If you have heart problems, don’t take this product. Dangerous! Causes palpitations!

by Gilberto Z. review for Sprayable Sleep

I can bring it anywhere. That’s quite important since I travel a lot, and at times, I do overnight trips in buses. I usually can’t get a wink on moving buses. This is pretty convenient for me. This spray helps me sleep while in a moving vehicle.

by Archie Hackworth review for Sprayable Sleep

Hahaha! Good luck! A spray sleeper? Tried it and….never mind.

by Monet Brien review for Sprayable Sleep

This is weird…is it supposed to be a sleep aid? Then why is it that I can’t sleep after a few sprays?

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