JES Extender Reviews (2024 UPDATE): Benefits And Risks To Consider


What Is JES Extender?

JES Extender is a penis enlarger that has been created by specialists and doctors for penises of all sizes and proportions.

Launched in 1994, this device provides painless treatment that will easily and comfortably make your penis larger. Using a penis enlarger helps men who are looking for an effective way to improve the size and girth of their organ without the need for surgery.

JES Extender also claims to boost the functionality of the penis, which means that the user’s sexual activity will also improve.

JES Extender


Who Makes JES Extender?

JES Extender is named after its maker – Jes Bech Muller. Jes Bech Muller is the founder of the company called DanaMedic ApS. Based and operating in Denmark, DanaMedic ApS is proud to have been manufacturing JES Extender since 1995.

Here is their listed business address:

Maglebjergvej 4
DK – 2800 Lyngby

Company no. (CVR) 12508670
Phone: +44-1157 690 221
Fax: +45 45 200 309

Aside from their contact number, you can also reach them through submitting an inquiry form that is located on their website.

Who Is JES Extender For?

Perhaps you have been searching almost endlessly for a product that would really work when it comes to increasing the size of the penis. This is obviously the reason why you ended up on this page – because you are looking for a solution.

If you are the type of man who would always feel dissatisfied with your sexual activities, just because the size of your member is somewhat lacking, then a penis enlarger is what you are looking for.

JES Extender promises to lengthen the penis, whether circumcised or not. A minimum of 26 weeks should be allotted to achieve expected result.

How Does JES Extender Work?

The very first question that you will surely be asking yourself is this: is penis enlargement really possible? The answer is quite simple. Yes, it is possible. But of course, there’s a catch. You have to choose a product or device that actually works.

With so many dubious products in the market today, how will you know if JES Extender is not like any of them? How does it really work?

The JES Extender uses a method that is called penis traction. Basically, this happens when cells are divided. This cell division will now result to the penis being stretched. The stretching may become permanent if the method is used correctly and consistently.

Penis traction allows for enlargement of the organ without having to go through expensive and painful penis surgeries. Penis extenders are safer and also more affordable which is exactly the reason why it is becoming quite a trend among men these days.

With JES Extender you can choose your desired pace and set your own goals. You can wear it underneath almost anything.


JES Extender Side Effects

Side effects are to be expected with almost all kinds of products. These side effects could be really serious or at some point, life threatening if not addressed properly and immediately.

JES Extender is not for you if:

  • You have open wounds, cuts, herpes or infections on your penis
  • Your job tends to physically stress you out
  • You are often rolling too much when sleeping (if you plan on wearing it on bedtime)
  • You are below 18 years of age
  • Never stop feeling discomfort even after weeks of using it
  • Cannot be patient enough to prolong usage

If you belong to any of these categories and yet decide to push through with using the device, side effects are to be expected.

There may be skin irritation, swelling, redness and soreness while and after using this product.

How To Use JES Extender?

This tool is quite easy to use, but still you have to make sure that you follow the instructions carefully to avoid any potential harm or injury.

The first step is to position your penis through the extender bars and base ring. The head part of the penis should be on the silicone band. This band must be fastened securely by pulling it down.

To adjust the force of traction, you can twist the extender bars that are located on each side of the device.

To achieve desirable result, it is recommended that the device be worn for one hour on the first day. You will be able to increase the hours gradually once you get comfortable with it. Some users wear the JES Extender for more than 12 hours a day.

JES Extender Reviews

These days it is now possible to get a feel of how effective a product is by simply reading several reviews online. If you would try to search for JES Extender reviews, you will notice how there are actually mixed reactions to it.

One of the most common complaints is that the product may take really long before a visible result is achieved. You have to dedicate a lot of time if you want to make it work. So if you are in a hurry or you think penis enlargement is some sort of an overnight success, then this product is not for you.

Where To Buy JES Extender?

JES Extender is available for online ordering through their official website. Before you order, don’t forget to note how much time it will take before the item arrives at your doorstep.

If you are able to find several sites or online stores that sell this device, be very careful and check it well before purchasing. There are a lot of counterfeit products that are scattered everywhere. Aside from wasting your money, you may be exposed to potential harm if you will use a knockoff product.


Does JES Extender Really Work Or Is It A Scam?

Some users claim that JES Extender works for them, so it could work for you too. The only catch is that you will be doing a lot of waiting before you can actually see it works.

If you really want to find the best penis enlarger in the market, do not focus on just one product. Acquaint yourself with the different options that you have because for sure there are a lot.

As a buyer, you want something that will not only satisfy your preference, but at the same time, a product that will make the purchase worth it. You have to carefully look at all angles and review the downsides before finally deciding.

Penis size should never be an issue if you are able to find an extender device that will suit your requirements.