Medifast Reviews (2024 UPDATE): Are Its Meal Replacement Products Worth It?


What Is Medifast?

Have you ever thought of trying a meal replacement program for weight loss? If yes, you might want to consider checking out Medifast.

This program offers an array of meals and products that are beneficial for weight loss. They also have different plans that are doctor-approved so you can easily choose one that will best fit your preference.

Their meal replacement products and also the diet program itself have been clinically proven to be effective in promoting significant weight loss. The best part is, you also get to maintain lean muscle mass as you achieve your goal.


Who Makes Medifast?

The Medifast brand was developed by a physician. It’s also been one of the most doctor-recommended brands since it was introduced in 1980. The company promises not only powerful products but also full commitment and support to their customers.

They claim to help in changing lives by giving users real and significant results. They have a pretty informative and impressive website that has all the resources you may need to get started.

In case you still can’t find your way around their website, you may reach their Contact Center at (800) 209-0878. They also have an option for live chat support.

Who Is Medifast For?

Medifast is for anyone who is eager to lose weight without having to sacrifice nutrition and quality foods. The program offers special diets for whatever dietary restrictions you may have. The plans can cater to any of these groups/individuals:

The meal replacement programs and diet plans they have are also easy to follow and can surely accommodate busy people with active lifestyles. Whether you aim to maintain your new weight or improve your appearance, overall being, and energy, there will surely be a special plan that will be right for you.

How Does Medifast Work?

The diet plans and meal replacement programs that Medifast offers are not just simple – they are safe and can also be maintained long-term. Their meals are delicious and at the same time, nutritionally-balanced.

The concept is to let you eat every few hours so as to keep you from being hungry. As you do this, the body will burn the fat, thus allowing you to lose weight.

Their plans are composed of 3 basic parts:

1. Medifast Meals

These are pre-packed meals that are loaded with vitamins and minerals that the body needs for healthy weight loss. This assures that you will still get the right nutrition as you achieve your goal of losing weight. There are several options that you can choose from – may it be breakfast foods, pastas, bars, soups, shakes, and desserts.

2. Lean and Green Meals

A meal from this category should contain lean protein, healthy fats, and vegetables. You can also choose from the different recipes that they have in their cookbook or from their blog. For busy people or those who do not like cooking very much, you can also avail the lean and green meals that they offer.

3. Healthy Snacks

Snacking is also part of the diet program. You can choose to have yogurt or fruits, a baked potato, or whole wheat pasta. The brand also offers crackers, popcorn, and crisps as healthy snack options.

The Different Medifast Plans

There are two weight loss plans or programs that you can choose from. Let’s take a look at these plans so you can get better acquainted with them:

1. Medifast Go!

This kit is especially designed for safe and fast weight loss and is also their most popular plan to date. The concept is to eat 5 meals plus 1 lean and green meal per day. That should be a total of 6 meals per day which are spaced 2-3 hours apart. Following this plan should make you feel satisfied and full for the day.

2. Medifast Flex

This is their Flexible Plan that guarantees a gradual yet steady effect. You get to enjoy 4 meals, 2 lean and green meals, and 1 serving of healthy snack. You will also follow the 2-3 hours eating pattern. The goal is to make the weight loss process gradual while developing healthy eating habits.

Additionally, you can opt to carry on with what you have started by going for their Thrive Healthy Living Plan. This is mainly for weight maintenance wherein you will be transitioning from your chosen plan to a lifestyle plan that you can keep long term.

In this plan, you will be including a few meal replacements as they provide you with further information on how to select meals that are high in protein yet low in calorie.

Medifast Side Effects

There are really no side effects of Medifast if you are to literally put it into context. “Cons” might be the best term to use. For one, there may be some snacks and drinks that will contain more sugar to make them more palatable.

You’ll need to watch out for this in case you are diabetic. Some users actually find this sugar content more appealing since it also means that they don’t need to endure tasteless and bland food options.

Medifast Reviews

For a meal replacement program, the Medifast reviews that we’ve read so far are encouraging, actually. Even webMD states that this program can deliver significant results especially for people who want to take a bigger step towards losing weight and improving their health.

The plans are smooth enough to help you adjust with the changes that you need to make. The transition support that they offer is also a good thing because you get to make it work while accepting the restrictions for long-term goals.

Medifast reviews

Where To Buy Medifast?

The Medifast plans can be availed through their official website. They have health coaches that you can consult if you need to ask anything. There’s an option to create an account on their website so you can access more tools that can make you understand it further.

As for their meals, snacks, and other products, you can also order via Amazon and perhaps thru other leading online merchants.

Does Medifast Really Work Or Is It A Scam?

Weight loss is a serious goal, and Medifast is reliable and legitimate enough to help you out. Choosing one of their diet plans will surely increase your success rate of achieving your goals. May it be weight loss or maintenance, this brand is something that does not make false promises.

Check out their plans and products so you can know how they can help you out. You can always ask for free advise from a health coach or call them up at 1-800-209-0878 and talk to one of their team members.

As a general rule, though, make sure to consult with your doctor first before trying any new diet program for weight loss. It’s always better to be on the safe side.