Osmosis Harmonized H2O Sugar Detox Reviews 2024: Is It Worth Buying?


What Is Osmosis Harmonized H2O Sugar Detox?

Osmosis Harmonized H2O Sugar Detox is a holistic supplement that’s said to be designed to limit or restrict your craving for sweets. It claims to be a helpful product particularly for people with diabetes.

This harmonized water is formulated to harmonize or balance the effect of sugar on the body and its organs. This means that the damage brought by your daily sugar intake will be reversed so as to prevent wrinkles and sagging of the skin.

It’s also a detox that promises to help with the following areas:

  • balance in the pancreas
  • improved sugar utilization
  • reduced glycation effects
  • controlled sugar levels
  • detox of sweeteners from liver
  • balancing nerve damage that is caused by diabetes

Osmosis Harmonized H2O Sugar Detox


Who Makes Osmosis Harmonized H2O Sugar Detox?

Osmosis Harmonized H2O Sugar Detox is a product from Osmosis Skincare. The company offers a holistic approach to optimizing the rejuvenation of the skin and body. They manufacture products for skincare, makeup and general wellness.

Their address is:

30746 Bryant Dr. Unit 410

You can send them an email at [email protected] or give them a call at 877.777.2305 / 303.674.7660. They also have a fax number which is 303.670.0567.

Best Osmosis Harmonized H2O Sugar Detox Alternative

Due to all the negative reviews about Osmosis Harmonized H2O Sugar Detox, we’ve been looking for a competitive product that was proven more effective. We checked several of them with deception, and finally came around a real effective diabetes supplement. You can read its review HERE.

Who Is Osmosis Harmonized H2O Sugar Detox For?

Osmosis Harmonized H2O Sugar Detox is formulated especially for people who are having a hard time controlling their sugar levels. With all the sweeteners that you can get from different food sources, it is indeed difficult to harmonize and regulate the amount of sugar that your body receives.

The website does not indicate if there’s a specific age requirement for this product. It only states that if you have a medical condition or currently taking any medication, you need to consult a doctor first before using the sugar detox.

How Does Osmosis Harmonized H2O Sugar Detox Work?

There is also no definite explanation as to how the Osmosis Harmonized H2O Sugar Detox exactly works. Harmonized water may be something that you have not heard of, and it’s created using a process that involves proprietary frequencies.

The harmonized waters of Osmosis use scalar waves that contain wave energies and directional vector, thus affecting the waters so as to achieve the desired effect.

If you’re not into science, there’s no way to easily understand this technology and for that reason alone, it’s kind of hard to comprehend how this type of water can help in regulating the sugar levels in our body.

Osmosis Harmonized H2O Sugar Detox Ingredients

Being the harmonized water that it claims to be, the only ingredient that you can find in Osmosis Harmonized H2O Sugar Detox is water or aqua. Well, that’s at least according to their official website and also the label indication that you can find on the product’s bottle.

Its daily percent value is not also established, so that leaves us wondering how much harmonized water would be ingested by the body each time this product is used or consumed. How do we know if we are getting enough, or if we’re already exceeding the daily recommended serving?

Osmosis Harmonized H2O Sugar Detox Side Effects

Obviously, there’s too little information available about Osmosis Harmonized H2O Sugar Detox. We cannot find anything about possible side effects that may be experienced while using this product. Of course, that does not mean that there would be no definite precautions to be observed.

If you are pregnant or a nursing mother, it’s best to consult with your physician first before trying out this harmonized water.

Osmosis Harmonized H2O Sugar Detox Dosage

The Osmosis Harmonized H2O Sugar Detox comes in a spray type bottle wherein you’ll need to pump the upper part of it to release the content. The recommended dose is to take 5 pumps in the morning and 5 more in the evening.

There’s no additional direction if the dosage should be combined with any food or water intake. If you weigh more than 175 pounds, 7 pumps is advised instead of the regular 5 pumps.

Osmosis Harmonized H2O Sugar Detox Reviews

The website has an option to review or rate any of their items offered and there is also one portion for Osmosis Harmonized H2O Sugar Detox reviews. However, there is only one review available for this product and it is from a satisfied customer who gave it a rating of 5 stars.

Although this review is a positive one, we feel that it’s still not enough for us to give our own rating of the product. One review will not suffice, particularly if it’s one that’s posted on the official website of the product itself.

Interestingly, Amazon has a listing for this harmonized water but there’s not a single review about it.

Where To Buy Osmosis Harmonized H2O Sugar Detox?

Osmosis Harmonized H2O Sugar Detox is available on the company’s official website although the purchasing process is quite confusing. It says that you need to provide a code first before you can check out the product.

The code will be provided by a skincare professional and if you don’t have one, you may choose to be directed to their retailers or authorized online resellers.

You can also order this product from Amazon.


Does Osmosis Harmonized H2O Sugar Detox Really Work Or Is It A Scam?

For people with diabetes, they have surely tried almost everything just to help them with their condition. If you’ve heard of Osmosis Harmonized H2O Sugar Detox before and decided to try it, there’s really nothing wrong with that. If it worked as promised, well and good for you.

However, we don’t think there’s high guarantee as far as delivering results is concerned. With only one feedback to consider, this product might just be another hype that hasn’t even started yet.

If you need a product or supplement to help with your diabetes, it’s best to look for one that you know you can positively rely on. Having a medical condition is already breaking your wallet for sure and trying another expensive product might not help at all, especially if that product is not totally something that’s guaranteed to help with your symptoms.