Sheer Build Reviews (2024 UPDATE): Is It Safe and Effective?


What Is Sheer Build?

Sheer Build is a fitness supplement in powder form. It was designed to improve muscle growth and muscle recovery faster than your body would normally do.

Composed of all-natural ingredients, this product helps in reducing muscle burnout and soreness. Moreover, it claims to increase physical strength and relieve overall fatigue.

As a post-workout supplement, this product promises to provide your body with the nutrients it needs even after your session in the gym.

Sheer Build


Who Makes Sheer Build?

Sheer Build is manufactured by Sheer Strength Labs. They are one of the fastest-growing companies today that offer fitness supplements.

The products of the company are available for both men and women. Their goal is to provide fitness solutions only through legal and natural substances.

For questions and comments, you can call them at 888-822-3372. They also have a mailing address which is:

15950 Dallas Parkway
STE 400 Dallas, TX 75248

Best Sheer Build Alternative

Due to all the negative reviews about Sheer Build, we’ve been looking for a competitive product that was proven more effective. We checked several of them with deception, and finally came around a real effective fitness supplement. You can read its review HERE.

Who Is Sheer Build For?

Sheer Build targets people who are engaged in sports and bodybuilding. These people spend a huge amount of energy during their training and workout sessions. Their muscles are more prone to fatigue and burnout.

Thus, they need post-workout supplements that would help them achieve faster muscle recovery. This is what the supplement on review promises. It will increase your recovery time while strengthening your muscles.

The company claims that regardless of your fitness goals, you need this supplement to help you nourish your muscles.

There are no specific indications, however, if it may be used by people who are not into sports or bodybuilding. Hence, if you’re not an athlete or bodybuilder, consult a health professional first if you plan on taking this product.

How Does Sheer Build Work?

The company didn’t explain how exactly Sheer Build works. Looking at its ingredients, though, a general process can be determined.

The main ingredient of this supplement is Creatine Monohydrate, a key player in the phosphagen energy system. This system is the primary source of ATP during short-term, high-intensity activities.

When you exercise or workout, muscular contractions cause the body to use ATPs. They are then converted into ADPs, its phosphate by-product.

With the help of creatine, the ADPs are turned back into ATPs. Your body accumulates new sources of energy for muscle growth and recovery.

Theoretically, when there is an increase in creatine, the muscle performance is increased as well. Through such increase, your body is able to still function well even after doing heavy physical activities.

Sheer Build Ingredients

Sheer Build has the following ingredients:

Creatine Monohydrate – This compound is similar to protein. It is beneficial to most athletes and bodybuilders since it builds lean muscle mass. Moreover, it maximizes performance and increases muscle strength.

Glutamine – This essential amino acid promotes digestion and boosts brain health. It also enhances muscle growth for better athletic performance.

L-Carnitine L-Tartrate – This biologically active form of carnitine carries long-chain fatty acids from the cytosol to the mitochondria. Upon transport of these fatty acids, they are oxidized and then turned into ATPs.

Instantized Leucine – This amino acid helps generate muscle proteins. An increase in these proteins slows down muscle degradation.

Instantized Isoleucine – This amino acid increases energy levels. It also assists the body in recovering from heavy physical activities.

Valine – This is another amino acid that helps in preventing muscle breakdown. It supplies your muscles with extra glucose that is needed for energy production.

This supplement also contains the following ingredients:

Citric Acid – a common additive in food that is most beneficial to your skin.

Silica – another food additive that supports bone health and tissue maintenance.

Sucralose – an artificial sweetener that adds great taste to certain food.

Sheer Build Side Effects

There are no indications from the company with regards to the side effects of Sheer Build. However, some reports say that it may cause upset stomach and diarrhea.

Moreover, if we are to look at the side effects of its main ingredient, Creatine Monohydrate may result in the following:

There are also emerging studies about the effects of creatine to the kidney, liver, and the heart. Experts recommend that you wait for the results of these studies first before taking chances on products containing creatine.

Lastly, this supplement is not for those who are diagnosed with bipolar disorder. There are cases when it has caused severe manic episodes in people with such a condition.

Sheer Build Dosage

For best results, take two scoops shortly after your workout. Two scoops are equivalent to one serving. Mix them with 12 to 16 oz. of water.

There is a specific warning on the label that you should not exceed the recommended dosage. To avoid adverse results, follow these instructions.

Keep the product out of reach of children, and store it in a cool dry place.

Sheer Build Reviews

There are a lot of Sheer Build reviews on the web. Thus, it’s easier to determine whether this supplement really works or not.

A lot of the customers are happy that this fitness supplement worked for them. However, there were also some who expressed their disappointment.

One person, for instance, mentioned that the product was good for the first few weeks. Yet after some time, his body probably got used to it, and it wasn’t effective anymore.

Another customer said that instead of having more energy, he felt like he couldn’t work out at all. He recommended looking for other supplements that really live up to their promise.

Many also complained about the way it tasted. They said it was horrible, and that it didn’t taste like lemonade (which is its only flavor).

Where To Buy Sheer Build?

Sheer Build is available through the manufacturer’s website. There are also some online retail stores that sell it like Amazon.

If you purchase it directly from the company, they offer a money-back guarantee if the product won’t work for you.


Does Sheer Build Really Work Or Is It A Scam?

There are a lot of people who attested to the effectiveness of Sheer Build. Moreover, the manufacturer’s website looks real and substantive. Thus, we find no reason to believe that this fitness post-workout supplement is a scam.

Yet, we think that there are also better options available when it comes to fitness and bodybuilding supplements. We are talking about those products that may provide more benefits when it comes to muscle strength and recovery.

True enough, Sheer Build seems to be effective for some people. The ingredients it has are the most powerful ones when it comes to creating post-workout formulas.

However, there are also reviews saying that it didn’t really work for some. Supplements have different effects on different people. There is no certainty if this product will work for you or not.

Also, the side effects of creatine are a little alarming. While there are no official reports yet about its effects on the body, it would be best to wait for the results of the studies being conducted first before taking any product that has creatine.

If you still plan on taking the product, you may do so. However, we highly recommend seeking advice from a health professional first before using the product.