Athlean-X Reviews (2024 UPDATE): Does It Really Work?


What Is Athlean-X?

Athlean-X is a fitness training program designed by Jeff Cavaliere. It’s meant to help you achieve the ideal body of an athlete—lean, muscular, and strong.

Its name is a portmanteau of the words “athlete” and “lean.” Not only does it makes you look like an athlete, but it also promises to make you feel like one.

This fitness program is composed of three principles which Cavaliere would like to call “pillars.” First, it teaches you how to do the “big lifts” properly. Second, it shows you when and how to incorporate muscle integration and isolation techniques. Third, it explains how you’re supposed to burn the fats in your body.



Who Created Athlean-X?

The Athlean-X fitness program was originally invented by Jeff Cavaliere. He is a fitness guru and a personal trainer of most celebrities and athletes such as David Wright and Terell Owens. He was also once the head physical therapist of the New York Mets, a professional baseball team.

He has a passion for bodybuilding and fitness even at a young age. He actually has a degree in physioneurobiology and physical therapy. After resigning from the New York Mets, he became an online icon providing training programs to men.

Cavaliere doesn’t only provide programs for training and workouts. He also shares diet plans that men can incorporate into their exercise. You can find these diet plans in his series of videos either on YouTube or in the Athlean-X program.

If you’re an athlete and would want to work with him, you can send a message to [email protected] Celebrities and non-athlete folks may contact him as well at [email protected]

Best Athlean-X Alternative

Due to all the negative reviews about Athlean-X, we’ve been looking for a competitive product that was proven more effective. We checked several of them with deception, and finally came around a real effective fitness supplement. You can read its review HERE.

Who Is Athlean-X For?

Athlean-X is primarily for men who wish to look and feel like athletes. Likewise, it’s also for those who are already into sports and bodybuilding but would want to maintain their physique and health.

It is being marketed as a program that achieves “the look that most men desire and many women are attracted to.” The program is not just about doing workouts, but it’s also about how to do them properly. Cavaliere believes that the best way to become lean and muscular is by doing your workouts in the right way.

If you’ll go over the website, you might also notice that the program is targeted for men who are not confident about the way they look. Similarly, it’s also available for those who are already in their old age. As explained by the creator, this fitness program gives you 100% confidence regardless of age and condition.

How Does Athlean-X Work?

Once you register, the company lets you choose a program that would fit in all of your needs. You’ll have to fill in a form that asks about your personal data, your current abilities, and the particular training you’d like to focus on.

Athlean-X is just one program consisting of three pillars. However, the procedures vary depending on your age and health condition.

The first pillar uses the Maximum Muscle Interaction principle. It shows you how to maximize the use of all the muscles in your body. It also teaches you how to lift weights properly and safely.

The second pillar focuses on explaining how and when you should use ignition and isolation techniques. Just like on the first pillar, this one will help you utilize the muscles that are commonly not used by the body.

Lastly, the third pillar called “Burst Training” helps in burning fats. It will help you lose weight and become fit without the need to sacrifice muscle mass.

The fitness program claims to be a complete package that helps in achieving your desired results. They call it the 90-Day System. The program consists of the following:

  • Over 120 Cutting Edge Exercises and Workouts
  • Unlimited Six Pack Abs Workout Generator
  • Diet Plans
  • Instant Online Access and Customized Portal App in your gadget

The customized portal helps you stay on track while you’re enrolled in the training program. It contains all your exercises, workout schedules, nutrition plan, and the training team where you belong.

Athlean-X Side Effects

This fitness training program only provides workout exercises and diet plans. You don’t need to take any supplement, so side effects are not likely to occur.

However, it requires strict compliance with the guidelines. There’s a chance that you might experience muscle and joint pains or worst workout injuries if you don’t follow each procedure properly. Thus, make sure that you’re really committed to becoming fit before you start doing it.

Athlean-X Reviews

There are limited Athlean-X reviews available online. Those that we found are even personal blog reviews. Hence, it’s quite difficult to determine whether this fitness program is effective or not.

The reviews that we found in personal blogs are mixed reactions from those who have tried it. Some said that it worked for them and really made them fit. Others, however, suggested other programs that could probably address your fitness needs better.

Where To Buy Athlean-X?

You might find Athlean-X supplements from Amazon or other online stores, but the training program is only available on its website. Jeff Cavaliere offers two sets: the 120-day access and the lifetime access.


Does Athlean-X Really Work Or Is It A Scam?

Athlean-X is quite popular nowadays, especially with celebrities and athletes. Many other non-athletes are also trying it. It seems to be a really effective fitness program for some people.

However, the program needs serious dedication and strict compliance. You’ll really have to exert effort if you want to achieve the results it promises. In fact, every fitness program you’ll try will surely require such commitment.

In this regard, we highly suggest considering supplements as another way of getting fit. Fitness supplements might be a good idea if you are serious about wanting to build those muscles. They support your existing workout routines and makes bodybuilding more effective.

Training programs are good as they provide really safer ways to improve your athletic look and performance. Yet, you can always opt to maintain your regular exercise along with fitness supplements. This way, you’ll be able to have more time doing other activities that require your attention.