Bulbine Natalensis Reviews (2024 UPDATE): How Effective Is It?


What Is Bulbine Natalensis?

Barlowe’s Bulbine Natalensis is a dietary supplement that promises to quickly increase testosterone levels in men while reducing their estrogen levels at the same time.

The herbal extract in this T-booster is contained in vegan, kosher, and halal certified capsules. The capsules are manufactured using a slow-speed equipment.

According to the manufacturer, other herbal and dietary supplements produced with high-speed equipment contain stearates. These are powdered lubricants which can diminish the absorption of the capsule’s contents into your body.

In addition, Barlowe’s products are bottled in glass to avoid chemical vapors that can vent from plastic containers. They also use this material because it is safer for the environment.

Bulbine Natalensis


Who Makes Bulbine Natalensis?

Barlowe’s Herbal Elixirs, LLC is the company that manufactures Bulbine Natalensis. It is an alternative and holistic health service based in Lake Park, Florida.

You can call their customer service department at (954) 479-4320 or send them an email at [email protected]

Best Bulbine Natalensis Alternative?

Due to all the negative reviews about Barlowe’s Bulbine Natalensis, we’ve been looking for a competitive product that was proven more effective. We checked several of them with deception, and finally came around a real effective testosterone booster. You can read its review HERE.

Who Is Bulbine Natalensis For?

Barlowe’s Bulbine Natalensis is not for newbie T-Booster users. Rather, it is designed especially for men who have been using herbal testosterone boosters for quite some time.

This is because it is an herbal extract in pure form, which can be too potent for a first time user.

Consult your doctor before using this product if you are taking any medications or have a medical condition.

This supplement is not for women or for males under 18 years of age.

How Does Bulbine Natalensis Work?

The lone ingredient in this T-Booster has been tested in male rats and pigs. The results prove its potential to enhance the libido and increase T-levels in men.

These studies further suggest that compared to other herbal extracts used for boosting testosterone, Bulbine Natalensis could be the only one with the ability to lower estrogen levels.

In addition, a clinical study involving one human male showed this substance increased both his testosterone levels by 35%.

Bulbine Natalensis Ingredients

Each capsule contains 360 mg of Bulbine Natalensis extract from the stem and tuber of the bulbine plant.

This plant grows in the northern and eastern sections of tropical Africa where the natives use it for its aphrodisiac properties.

They also use its leaf sap to treat cracked lips and burns. The leaf extract functions as medicine for intestinal problems such as diarrhea, vomiting, and convulsions. Some use it for treatment of diabetes and rheumatism.

The capsules are made from the plant fiber Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, thus making them vegetarian-friendly. The capsules are halal and kosher certified.

This product does not contain artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. It is also free of stearates, fillers, gluten, wheat, rice, and corn powder.

Bulbine Natalensis Side Effects

Clinical studies show that Bulbine Natalensis causes adverse effects on the liver and kidneys.

In fact, studies show that the size of the liver and kidneys of participants visibly decreased. This shrinkage can lead to health problems, including organ failure in serious cases.

Also, results show elevated levels of alkaline phosphatase (ALP), suggesting liver damage or an increase in bone cell activity.

In addition, this compound behaves like a steroid in your body and adversely affects your lipid profile the longer you use it.

Bulbine Natalensis Dosage

Take one capsule of Barlowe’s Bulbine Natalensis daily on an empty stomach. You may need two capsules if your body weight is on the heavy side.

Cycle the usage of this supplement. For example, use it for two weeks, then take one week off.

Do not exceed the recommended dosage. This supplement is potent, and you should exercise utmost care in using it.

Bulbine Natalensis Reviews

Interestingly, many of the Bulbine Natalensis reviews we found online were from users who gave both positive and negative feedback on the same review.

Some of them reported good results such as an increase in libido and better sleep. But they also complained of the breakout of acne on their backs as well as heart palpitations.

Others experienced a boost in their testosterone levels, but it wasn’t enough. Those with larger physiques complained that they had to double their dosage.

On the other hand, some buyers claimed that they did not notice any benefits from this supplement. It didn’t increase their T-levels or give them more energy like other brands they have tried.

A few said they gave it one month to work as directed on the product label but experienced no discernible effect.

To be fair, some customers were totally satisfied with this product. They noticed an increase in libido, in muscle tone, and in mental and physical energy. For them, the price is affordable.

Where To Buy Bulbine Natalensis

This T-booster is available online on the manufacturer’s website and Facebook page as well as on Amazon and other online retailers.

You cannot purchase it in pharmacies or retail stores.


Does Bulbine Natalensis Really Work Or Is It A Scam?

The manufacturer of Barlowe’s Bulbine Natalensis is commendable in their efforts to provide a product that is safe not only for your body but also for the environment.

We also admire their transparency in saying that it is not for everyone.

While this T-Booster has been studied extensively on animals, results from human testing are few. In fact, research suggests that high doses and prolonged consumption of this product may cause side effects.

In addition, because of the potency of its main ingredient, it is not advisable for use by men who have no experience using T-Boosters.

Therefore, if you are a veteran user of testosterone boosters, you can give this one a try. But you should be careful to follow the instructions on the product’s label.

Keep in mind that this is a supplement and you should take it with a healthy diet, exercise, and rest.

If you decide the product is not a fit for your profile, be assured that other testosterone boosters are available on the market which will suit your needs.

Latest Comments:

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by Calvin T. review for Bulbine Natalensis

Be careful if you have allergies or hypertension. This product can kill you.

by Cleo Vose review for Bulbine Natalensis

I don’t know what is in this product, but I have pimples on my face! And I’m not supposed to have this breakout because I’m already 40 years old!

by Salvador Estrella review for Bulbine Natalensis

I’m turning 50 this year, and my sexual drive is starting to wane. This product made me last longer in bed, and I was able to sleep soundly after our lovemaking.

by Ariel H. review for Bulbine Natalensis

Having tried different T-boosters after I turned 50, I know how effective such products are. This one is just marginally effective, if you can call it marginal. Let’s just say, it’s enough for you not to take a nap.

by Booker M. review for Bulbine Natalensis

I would have given this a 3 or 4 if it did wonders for my libido. Unfortunately, it did wonders—on my blood pressure.

by Mitch Quackenbush review for Bulbine Natalensis

This is part of my supplements for my workouts. It’s ok. But I think there are better ones than this.

by Hobert Laubscher review for Bulbine Natalensis

The product works fine after you get over with the palpitations that usually occur a few hours after taking it.

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