Volume Pills Reviews (2024 UPDATE): How Is It For Male Enhancement?


What Is Volume Pills?

Volume Pills is a male enhancement supplement that claims to help in optimizing the male reproductive health. According to its official website, it features a doctor-approved blend that will help you in increasing your semen volume.

When this happens, you will also get to experience an erection that is longer lasting, harder and even more satisfying. The website seems to promise a lot of things, including an increased penis size, better ejaculations and orgasms with intense pleasure.

What’s with all these claims? Are they all true and can the reviews back up or support these promises? Let’s find that out.

Volume Pills


Who Makes Volume Pills?

The manufacturer of Volume Pills is a a US-based company called Leading Edge Health. They seem to manufacture a variety of products, ranging from skincare, anti-aging, sexual health and general health.

They have listed this address for product return concerns:

Leading Edge Health
c/o 100 Fidelitone Way
Elizabethton TN 37643
United States of America

Their North America toll-free number is 1-866-621-6886, while you may reach them internationally through 1-604-677-5365.

Best Volume Pills Alternative

Due to all the negative reviews about Volume Pills, we’ve been looking for a competitive product that was proven more effective. We checked several of them with deception, and finally came around a real effective male enhancement supplement. You can read its review HERE.

Who Should Take Volume Pills?

Do you want to increase the volume of your semen? Do you want harder and bigger erections whenever you are having sex? Do you want to improve your libido and sexual desire?

If you answer YES to these questions, then that means you’ve tried several male enhancement supplements like Volume Pills. And if you’re still searching for one, it’s probably because you still haven’t found the right product that can meet all your needs and preferences.

Male enhancement pills are popular among men who like to always be on top of their game when it comes to sexual performance. If you are among these men, better read on to find out more about Volume Pills and see if it’s the kind of supplement that you’re looking for.

How Does Volume Pills Work?

Their website seems to be just like any other marketing websites – almost exaggerated and with very little scientific explanation as to how the product works. It only says that Volume Pills is formulated with aphrodisiacs, nutrients and herbs that can support a healthy reproductive system in men.

Taking the pills for at least 60 days or two months will lead to the following benefits (or at least that’s according to their website):

  • increased semen volume
  • recurrent sexual thoughts or fantasies
  • harder and bigger erections whenever you need it
  • increased sexual desire
  • higher testosterone levels
  • better penile blood flow

Volume Pills Ingredients

Drilizen – Increases or enhances the release of nitric oxide, thus promoting blood vessel dilation. This means the blood will be able to flow faster and the erection will be better and last longer. An active ingredient in Drilizen called protodioscin also helps in regulating the level of testosterone in the body.

Soldilin – This compound is said to be helpful in improving sexual desire. It acts as a psychological front so that the body will have enhanced libido and better sexual performance.

Lingzhi Fruit – Also called the red reishi mushroom, lingzhi is an aphrodisiac that can benefit the kidney. It is believed to have an effect on libido and fertility, and also has the ability to kill bacteria and viruses.

Emblica Officinalis – This herb enhances general longevity and vitality. It may also be promising in lowering blood glucose, triglycerides and cholesterol.

Fucus Vesiculosis – This is a seaweed that is also called as bladderwrack. As a supplement it’s available in different forms such as extract, capsules and tablets. It has positive anti-aging and cardiovascular effects, and can reduce blood sugar and even risks of getting cancer.

Hong Hua Fen – This herb can dilate the blood vessels, thus encouraging better blood flow in the body. It also supports better erection and comes with other health benefits such as lowering the risks of heart disease.

Rou Gui – Rou gui encourages better blood flow for a harder and longer lasting erection. It can also be used for colds, impotence, abdominal pain, frequent urination and dysmenorrhea.

Tian Men Dong – Also called Shatavri in India, this herb is commonly used as a tonic or stimulant for sexual energy in both men and women. It may also help men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Xian Mao – A natural aphrodisiac that can be found in the southeastern part of India. It is said to function similarly like Viagra.

Dong Chong Xia Cao – An herb that boosts the testosterone levels, which is the male hormone responsible for the production of semen and also maintenance of sexual energy or drive.

Ku Gua – Also works by increasing the testosterone levels. This is made possible through its ability to reduce body fat.

Arjuna – The bark of arjuna can be used medicinally for heart failure, gastritis, dysentery, obesity, peptic ulcers, angina pectoris and many other health conditions.

Volume Pills Side Effects

Mild allergic reactions may be expected, brought about by some of the ingredients used to formulate Volume Pills. If you are currently on medications or with pre-existing medical condition, make sure you consult with your doctor first before taking any dietary supplements.

Volume Pills Dosage

Two tablets daily is recommended, better if you can take it a few hours before your sexual activity. Dosage must be strictly followed to ensure maximum benefits and result.

Volume Pills may only be taken by male adults who are 18 years old and below. Users must take the supplement for at least 60 days for better results.

Volume Pills Reviews

There are no Volume Pills reviews available on Amazon, but there are more than 20 reviews that we found on eBay. While there are few positive reviews, the negative reviews are also not easy to ignore.

One review reported of very bad side effects like constipation and constant stomach ache. Another user gave it a 1-star rating, calling it “a lot of typical hype and not worth it.”

There is also one review that said his semen got thicker but experienced no desirable result as far as the semen volume is concerned. This was after taking half of the box’s content.

Where To Buy Volume Pills?

You can order Volume Pills from its official website or from Leading Edge Health’s website. You can order by phone or by filling up their online order form.

You can also purchase it from online retailers like eBay.


Does Volume Pills Really Work Or Is It A Scam?

As for us, we think Volume Pills is almost all claims and no proven results yet. Their website says it all, with the product being too marketed in such a way that it’s leading to exaggeration already.

We find realistic websites more appealing and informative, with just enough marketing words used and definitely not those that only take advantage of online hype.

If you’re prepared to experience side effects and with no guaranteed result, you can always try this supplement. But if you’re up for quality and better results, it’s best to look for alternative male enhancement products that can provide you with the results you’re aiming for.

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by Rickie Levey review for Volume Pills

Be careful with this product, especially if you have high blood pressure. Can’t believe I had to rush to my doctor AFTER I made love with my girlfriend. How embarassing!

by Kevin Regis review for Volume Pills

Well, it’s all fine, and it did increase my drive. But I’ll just stick to my old bottle. They’re cheaper.

by Greg B. review for Volume Pills

I felt nothing. Money is only thrown down the drain!

by Octavio Farias review for Volume Pills

Okay, first it didn’t work for me. No increase in sex drive or whatever. Sent it back. Didn’t receive any refund although they promised a money-back guarantee. Still waiting. Darn!

by Carey C.  review for Volume Pills

Bought a bottle in Walgreens. It didn’t help in my libido, but it did provide me lots of energy, which I used to burn during my workout in the gym.