Ryder XL Reviews (2024 UPDATE): Does It Really Work?


What Is Ryder XL?

Ryder XL is a male enhancement supplement that promises to help men who are struggling with sexual disorders and problems. It contains herbal ingredients that are known to be effective in in enhancing potency and vitality.

A satisfying sex life does not only make you feel better as a man, but more so, it can significantly affect your and your partner’s life in general.

Most men view sexual pleasure as something quite important in their lives. This is why male enhancement supplements are a great help particularly for those who are having a hard time keeping their stamina and libido.

Ryder XL


Who Makes Ryder XL?

This part is actually very disappointing regarding this product. There is no official website for Ryder XL, and we could not find anything about its manufacturer or the company behind it.

We only know that this supplement is manufactured and made in the USA – that and nothing else. We don’t know if this product is from a reputable company, how long the company has been operating, or when it was first introduced in the market.

Best Ryder XL Alternative

Due to all the negative reviews about Ryder XL, we’ve been looking for a competitive product that was proven more effective. We checked several of them with deception, and finally came around a real effective male enhancement supplement. You can read its review HERE.

Who Should Take Ryder XL?

This product may be the one you’re looking for if you want to achieve any of the following benefits:

This supplement is recommended for male adults who are 18 years old and above.

How Does Ryder XL Work?

Ryder XL claims to start working immediately after 30 to 45 minutes of taking it. The formula uses safe and natural herbs that work together to effectively boost your sexual performance.

When taken, the effect is said to last for up to 72 hours or three days. This is possible through the supplement’s ability to enhance blood flow, surge your body’s endurance and maximize your performance.

It does not say, though, how the product specifically works in making these effects possible and achievable.

Ryder XL Ingredients

These are the ingredients listed on the product label of Ryder XL:

CarthamusCarthamus tinctorius or safflower is a herb that has a lot of health benefits. It can prevent heart disease and is used to treat fever, coughs, chest pain, tumors, breathing problems and high blood pressure.

Ginkgo biloba –  This plant is known to provide benefits for men’s sexual health. It can increase blood flow, boost sex drive and is also used as a remedy for erectile dysfunction.

Cinnamon bark – Aside from its popular use in treating diabetes, cinnamon is also effective in treating erectile dysfunction, obesity and low testosterone levels.

Rehmannia – Rehmannia root may be in forms of dried extracts, powder, tablets and capsules. It’s a herbal remedy that can be used in improving kidney and urinary tract functions particularly in men. It also aids in blood circulation, vertigo, sexual health and digestion.

Tribulus terrestris – This is a notable ingredient that you would normally find in male enhancement supplements like Ryder XL. It enhances libido and can also increase testosterone levels in men.

Wild yam extract – This plant is said to aid in increasing sexual drive and energy. It can also treat gallbladder pain and rheumatoid arthritis.

Aside from this proprietary blend, this product also includes glycerin, gelatin, silicon dioxide and magnesium stearate.

Ryder XL Side Effects

Do not use this product if you are suffering from any heart disease such as high cholesterol and hypertension (or anything else not mentioned). It is also not intended for people who suffer from prostate enlargement or prostate cancer.

Consult with your doctor first if you are on any type of medications. Ryder XL may cause adverse reaction against certain medications such as nitrates or MAOIs.

Ryder XL Dosage

Ryder XL may be taken as necessary. However, consuming more than two capsules per day is not recommended. One capsule is claimed to be enough and should last for up to three days in terms of effect.

Ryder XL Reviews

It appears that this product has not undergone any clinical testing as of this writing, with no scientific studies to back its claims. Because there is no official website for reference, the reviews on Ryder XL are somewhat mixed, with negative ones that are quite hard to ignore.

An Amazon user gave it a one-star rating because of the pill not working even after waiting for one hour after ingestion. It also resulted in the user’s face turning red. Another user also shared their experience of having migraine for two days straight because of this supplement.

There were also negative reviews found on Ebay, with one saying that Ryder XL only put her husband to sleep and did nothing more in terms of male enhancement. The other user said that he did not feel any difference at all.

Where To Buy Ryder XL?

Since this product does not have any official website or online merchant, you can only order it from retailers such as Amazon and Ebay. One pack includes 10 capsules and the Amazon price is $37.50 with free shipping.

Ebay, on the other hand, has a listing for it at $39.99 per pack, plus shipping fee.


Does Ryder XL Really Work Or Is It A Scam?

As for our final verdict, we think that this supplement is not something that we would recommend in terms of male enhancement. The list of ingredients is not just impressive enough and with the price that ranges for almost $4 per capsule, it’s too overpriced in our opinion.

Another thing to consider is that it does not have enough information regarding its manufacturer or how it clearly works. This means you might be going for a blind buy and just test it for yourself if it will work or not. That would have been fine if the product is priced at an affordable rate.

It would be better to look for alternatives that you know will be worth your money. Look for a product that is made by a known company, with a trusted website and with a lot of positive reviews that can vouch for its effectiveness and safety.

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by David Demars review for Ryder XL

Makes me feel sleepy BEFORE sex. This works as a sleep aid, don’t you think?

by Richard R. review for Ryder XL

Not worth the investment. It doesn’t do anything except make your body feel warm. That’s just it! I won’t recommend this to anyone.

by Dewayne Hornbuckle review for Ryder XL

The photo on the box alone makes me hot! Hahahaa! Overall, it’s an okay pill.

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