Webber Naturals PGX Satisfast Reviews (2024 UPDATE): Is It Effective?


What Is Webber Naturals PGX Satisfast?

Webber Naturals PGX Satisfast is a pre-meal drink mix that’s formulated to help in reducing appetite before meals, thus making you feel full for a longer period of time. It contains whey protein with PGX — both clinically studied to aid in weight loss and reduced appetite.

This meal shake comes in two flavors, rich chocolate and very vanilla. Aside from its weight loss and reduced appetite benefits, it also claims to regulate blood sugar levels and glycemic index.

Webber Naturals PGX Satisfast


Who Makes Webber Naturals PGX Satisfast?

PGX Satisfast is from a Canada-based company called Webber Naturals. They specialize in creating a variety of herbal formulas, minerals and vitamin supplements that you can typically find in local groceries, pharmacies and retailers.

Their head office and customer service address is:

WN Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
2000 Brigantine Dr
Coquitlam, BC
Canada V3K 7B5

You can send in your questions and/or product inquiry through their website’s contact form. Or call their toll-free number which is 1-800-430-7898.

We also found a website for PGX Satisfast and it has a contact number of 1-800-895-1470.

Best Webber Naturals PGX Satisfast Alternative

Due to all the negative reviews about Webber Naturals PGX Satisfast , we’ve been looking for a competitive product that was proven more effective. We checked several of them with deception, and finally came around a real effective meal shake. You can read its review HERE.

Who Should Take Webber Naturals PGX Satisfast?

This meal shake may be beneficial if you are trying to lose weight by controlling your appetite. We all know how eating and cravings can lead to weight gain when uncontrolled. This is why meal shakes like Webber Naturals PGX Satisfast are created.

It is also for people who are looking to improve their health condition, particularly those with high or unstable blood sugar levels and LDL cholesterol.

How Does Webber Naturals PGX Satisfast  Work?

Taking a glass of Webber Naturals PGX Satisfast before having your meal will give you a feeling of fullness, with only 60 calories each serving. This makes it even easier for you to lose weight and also control your appetite.

The whey protein mix included in this formula does not only promote weight loss in a healthy way, it can also help in balancing blood sugar and insulin in the body. The PGX or PolyGlycopleX® is processed using a technology called EnviroSimplex® – a process wherein all raw materials are liquefied and mixed in a special chamber through bio-activation.

The dietary fibre found in PGX is effective in reducing appetite, thus minimizing the urge to eat more often than you should.

Webber Naturals PGX Satisfast Ingredients

Whey protein concentrate and isolate Whey protein concentrate is a form of protein that’s easy to use and digest. It’s ideal in building muscle size and definition, and also aids in faster recovery of muscles. Whey protein isolate, on the other hand, contains less calories, fats, carbohydrates, lactose and cholesterol.

PGX (PolyGlycopleX®)  – This is a fiber complex composed of natural polysaccharides. When used properly, it can promote healthy weight loss, normal cholesterol levels, blood sugar and glycemic index. The process of purifying PGX contains sodium alginate, xanthan gum and konjac-mannan root.

Bromelain – This enzyme is commonly used in reducing inflammation, relaxing muscles and also supports the body in getting rid of unhealthy fats.

PapainPapain is an enzyme that’s extracted from the papaya fruit. It supports healthy digestion, dissolves toxins and breaks down protein.

Lipase – A digestive enzyme that has the ability to absorb and break down fats, thus promoting digestion.

Other ingredients of Webber Naturals PGX Satisfast include bacterial protease and stevia rebaudiana leaf.

Webber Naturals PGX Satisfast ingredients

Webber Naturals PGX Satisfast Side Effects

No further information has been found regarding side effects that this meal shake can bring. However, some reviews have reported cases of upset stomach. There is also a warning of possible intestinal discomfort as your body gets used to drinking this product.

PGX may also affect the absorption of medication so it’s best to consult with your doctor first if you are currently under any prescription or maintenance medication. If your doctor gives a go signal, it’s recommended that you take your oral medicine at least an hour before drinking Webber Naturals PGX Satisfast.

Webber Naturals PGX Satisfast Dosage

This product is recommended for adult usage, 3 times a day. To prepare one serving, mix one scoop with 15ml of water and shake. Additional water intake is recommended after consuming the shake.

Webber Naturals PGX Satisfast Reviews

Webber Naturals does not post actual testimonials on their website so there are also no Webber Naturals PGX Satisfast reviews that we can use as reference.

There are several reviews on Amazon (Canada site) and it’s given a rating of 3.6 out of 5 stars. Most of the negative reviews are due to the terrible taste of the shake (one described it as “really thick and slimey.”)

Webber Naturals PGX Satisfast reviews

Where To Buy Webber Naturals PGX Satisfast?

This meal shake is only available through different retailers. You can order it from Amazon at the price of $22.10 for a 252g container.

You can also find this product in local groceries, pharmacies and supplements stores.


Does Webber Naturals PGX Satisfast Really Work Or Is It A Scam?

PGX Satisfast from Webber Naturals may be a good protein shake if you are constantly working out or building muscles. However, if you are in need of a meal replacement shake, this might not be the one you’re looking for.

Meal replacement shakes are meant to replace your usual snacks and that’s why the taste is a contributing factor. With the reviews we’ve found so far, we think that this shake would not be something that you can consume on a regular basis and feel good about it.

There are other shakes available in the market that’s not only healthy and satisfying, they also taste great and can be combined with different types of milk and fruits. You can try to look for a product that has more healthy ingredients, like essential vitamins and minerals.

Webber Naturals PGX Satisfast seems to lack other nutrients that are needed to keep your body still healthy and energized even when you’re on a diet.

Latest Comments:

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by Rhoda A. review for Webber Naturals PGX Satisfast

Don’t waste your money. You’re better off eating a healthy diet than taking this liquid, gooey cardboard.

by Jaquelyn Berden review for Webber Naturals PGX Satisfast

It’s not exactly the tastiest meal shake around. Tastes like wet cardboard.

by Damien P. review for Webber Naturals PGX Satisfast

Contains whey protein, which is great for bodybuilding. I use this product in conjunction with my usual whey protein and amino acid supplements.

by Devona R. review for Webber Naturals PGX Satisfast

I’ve had better meal shakes than this. This one is overloaded with protein and fiber, but that’s just about it. It lacks other essential nutrients.

by Brendan Calnan review for Webber Naturals PGX Satisfast

Just buy a normal whey protein supplement or amino acid found in sports nutrition shops. This one doesn’t do anything because the amount of whey protein is too low.

by Marine Baughman review for Webber Naturals PGX Satisfast

I don’t like the taste although it works well. Hopefully, they will improve the taste.

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