Cobra Sexual Energy Reviews (2024 UPDATE): Is It Safe And Effective?


What Is Cobra Sexual Energy?

Cobra Sexual Energy is a male enhancement supplement that promises to boost one’s overall sexual health.

The ingredients used in this formula are believed to help in enhancing vitality, virility, sexual desire, stamina and endurance.

There are lots of products claiming to be effective in enhancing sexual performance. Have you tried any of it? Or maybe you’ve tried almost all of it yet nothing seems to work so far?

Let’s see if Cobra can live up to what it promises.

Cobra Sexual Energy


Who Makes Cobra Sexual Energy?

Cobra comes from a company named Natural Balance. They do have an official account that sells all their products but no additional information about them is available. There’s no history or company profile, not even an address.

There’s only a toll-free number that you can reach for any concerns that you may have. The number is 800-624-4260. There’s an option to make your own account on their website, so maybe there’s a way to contact them through other means if you register.

Best Cobra Sexual Energy Alternative

Due to all the negative reviews about Cobra Sexual Energy, we’ve been looking for a competitive product that was proven more effective. We checked several of them with deception, and finally came around a real effective male enhancement supplement. You can read its review HERE.

Who Should Take Cobra Sexual Energy?

Cobra Sexual Energy is not for males who are below 18 years of age. If you plan on taking this supplement, it’s better to inform your physician or healthcare provider first particularly if you have any existing medical condition.

Contraindications may occur if you have any of the following health issues:

  • hypertension
  • heart condition
  • liver disease
  • kidney disease
  • duodenal and gastric ulcers

This supplement is also not for people who are currently taking MAO inhibiting antidepressant prescriptions. It is not good for long term or excessive use.

How Does Cobra Sexual Energy Work?

The herbal ingredients present in the formula of Cobra Sexual Energy have been regarded as potent sexual enhancers, even dating from the ancient times.

Horny goat weed, for example, is a Chinese herb that can help in increasing sexual sensitivity and desire. Other ingredients act as aphrodisiacs that stimulate libido and desire for intimacy.

There is no clear explanation as to how the supplement exactly works. You will need to take a good look at its list of ingredients first if you want to further understand how the product works.

Cobra Sexual Energy Ingredients

Just like with most male enhancement supplements out there, Cobra Sexual Energy comes with a proprietary blend that includes the following ingredients:

Yohimbe bark extract – Yohimbe contains an active ingredient called yohimbine. People take it by mouth for erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems in both men and women. It helps in stimulating sexual arousal and can also aid weight loss, athletic performance, low and high blood pressure, chest pain and diabetic nerve pain.

Kola nut – Kola or cola nut is widely and traditionally used in West Africa. It is a part of their social, cultural and traditional ceremonies, and is also used as medicine. Cola may relieve chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, exhaustion, diarrhea and migraine headaches. It contains caffeine which makes it possibly effective for weight loss and obesity.

Horny goat weed – The leaves of this herb can be effective for joint pain, heart disease, mental and physical fatigue, bronchitis and other medical issues. Some men would also use horny goat weed for involuntary ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, among other sexual problems.

Oat straw – Some studies show that oats can control appetite as it gives a feeling of fullness. It may also reduce blood sugar levels and cholesterol.

Nettle leaf extract Nettle or stinging nettle can relieve symptoms of an enlarged prostate. It may also help in treating anemia, asthma, wound healing, osteoarthritis, hay fever and diabetes.

Catuaba bark – Catuaba is an herb that can help in treating sexual performance problems in men. It can heighten or stimulate sexual arousal. It can also help deal with other conditions such as anxiety, fatigue, poor memory, exhaustion, nervousness and sleeplessness.

Muira puama – This ingredient works as an aphrodisiac and can also prevent sexual disorders. When combined with other herbs, it can be an effective remedy for erectile dysfunction.

Korean ginseng – This type of ginseng is popular is Asia because of its ability to enhance the immune system and fight diseases. It may also increase energy and sexual endurance.

Damiana leaf – The chemicals present in damiana can affect the nervous system and the brain. It can prevent and treat sexual disorders, treat headache, boost stamina, and work as an aphrodisiac.

Saw palmetto – Saw palmetto is popular for its ability to decrease and relieve symptoms of an enlarged prostate. This claim still has insufficient evidence, though, and still requires further studies.

Cobra Sexual Energy ingredients

Cobra Sexual Energy Side Effects

Mos of the side effects of Cobra Sexual Energy are because of the presence of yohimbine. It has been linked to serious side effects such as:

  • kidney failure
  • rapid or irregular heartbeat
  • heart attack
  • seizure

Less severe side effects are also possible like stomach upset, agitation or anxiety, tremor, high blood pressure, sleep problems, dizziness and many others.

Keep in mind that taking this ingredient in high doses is not safe and can bring harmful effects to your health.

Cobra Sexual Energy Dosage

Two capsules of Cobra Sexual Energy may be taken every day. You must take this supplement as directed and when you need to.

You can also take 1-2 capsules at least an hour before your sexual activity.

Cobra Sexual Energy Reviews

Only a few Cobra Sexual Energy reviews are available online. There’s around 4-5 on Amazon and you can find other reviews on other sites offering the product.

One Vitacost reviewer recalled how they took the supplement for a month or so yet noted no difference at all.

Other reviews mentioned the side effects they experienced such as dizziness, anxiety and mild headache.

Where To Buy Cobra Sexual Energy?

Fortunately, Cobra Sexual Energy is available on several sources. You can order from the manufacturer’s official website, or through Amazon and eBay. There are also listings on supplements stores and other online merchants.


Does Cobra Sexual Energy Really Work Or Is It A Scam?

It’s possible that Cobra Sexual Energy works for some men out there, but there are also reviews proving that this product was not able to help at all. This means that the rate of effectiveness is still not 100% reliable.

The possibility of experiencing side effects is also not something you can just easily ignore. If you have any medical condition, it would be better to see a doctor first before trying any male enhancement supplement.

We recommend that you look for better products instead that can give you better results without the serious side effects to worry about.