Top 5 Prostate Supplements In 2024: Best Support For Prostate Health

For men, keeping the prostate healthy is just as essential as maintaining the other organs of the body. While it’s true that declining prostate health is inevitable as you age, it’s comforting to know that there are still many things that you can do to support your prostate.

Prostate gland problems can cause urinary tract disorders. These disorders will then lead to different diseases and discomforts that can bring you pain or worse, lead to more serious health problems. This is why preventing prostate problems — and immediately treating them before more problems arise — is only smart and even cost-effective, too.

Luckily, there are different dietary supplements that can help you improve your symptoms. The formula of these products is often designed to provide other potential health benefits.

Yet, with so many brands and types available on the market today, how do you determine the best prostate supplements? That’s what we’re going to find out today.



How Do The Best Prostate Supplements Work?

One good thing about today’s best prostate supplements is that there’s often scientific research that can attest to its effectiveness.

The most common prostate problem among aging men is having an enlarged prostate or what is medically referred to as BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia.) When you have this, it means that your prostate is bigger than the normal size.

Having this prostate issue will make you feel discomforts that can affect your way of living in the long run. You will go through frequent or too weak urination, pain and even decreasing sexual interest and performance. Prostate supplements aim to help in alleviating such symptoms.

These supplements promise to reduce the enlargement of the prostate by supporting prostate health. This is achieved through the products’ unique formulas that contain antioxidants, minerals and nutrients. The ingredients are usually a combination of herbal ingredients to enhance the function of the prostate, as well as other body functions.

Why Take Prostate Supplements?

Prostate supplements can prove to be an effective solution, as long as you have chosen the right one for you. Once you start experiencing any of the symptoms, you will realize that it’s not as simple as you may have perceived it to be.

Here are most common symptoms of an enlarged prostate:

  • slow or weak urinary stream
  • feeling like the emptying of your bladder is incomplete or still unfinished
  • having a hard time at the start of your urination
  • frequent urination
  • feeling of urgency whenever you need to urinate
  • having to get up from bed more often particularly at night, just to urinate

These signs and symptoms will not only bring discomfort but can also affect your quality of sleep. There are times when you will feel the need to urinate again even after a few minutes since your last one. Every time the bladder is not able to empty out completely, it can lead to potential infections of the urinary tract.

You may also develop more serious problems over time, such as incontinence, blood in the urine, acute urinary retention (which means you are no longer able to urinate), and also bladder stones. Once you’ve experienced the inability to urinate, remember to see a doctor immediately because this is already a medical emergency.

How To Choose The Best Prostate Supplements?

Let’s say you’ve been experiencing some (or all) of these symptoms mentioned above. The next step is to determine which among the best prostate supplements will be the right one for you. Just like with any other products, you will need to consider the supplement’s customer reviews and ratings.

Other things to consider are the manufacturer’s reputation, the list of ingredients, what are the side effects to expect and of course, the price. Choosing the best prostate supplements may seem tedious but through this list, we hope we’ll be able to give you at least an insight to help you better.

While there are plenty of prostate supplements available on the market today, we’ve narrowed down the list of the best prostate supplements that you can choose from. Check out our best reviewed prostate supplements below.

1. ProstaGenix

When it comes to prostate supplement, Prostagenix is far ahead its competitors. Read the full review HERE.



2. Prostacet

Being one of the most trusted and best reviewed prostate supplements today, Prostacet promises to help keep your prostate healthy.

It can greatly help in alleviating your signs and symptoms, and nourish not only your prostate but also your bladder. It does not matter if you’re just in your early 30s or already nearing 70s – as long as you’re an adult male wanting to improve your prostate health.

Prostacet proudly features its Flow Enhancement Complex that supports the urinary flow which will decrease frequent urination. The supplement also works through the Prostacet Size Support Matrix that helps in sustaining the normal size of your prostate. When your prostate size is kept or maintained at a regular size, it will be healthier and less prone to infections.

The key ingredients of Prostacet include saw palmetto which is also the main ingredient. Saw palmetto is popular because of its ability to support a healthy urine flow. It also contains high amounts of phytosterols and fatty acids. Other ingredients include beta carotene, lycopene extract, corn silk, echinacea, zinc chelate, cayenne pepper, Vitamin E and cranberry powder.

To take this supplement, it is recommended to consume 2 capsules every day on a full stomach. This will avoid any gastrointestinal issue that you may experience if you take it without eating anything. Drinking plenty of water is also highly recommended.

Prostacet prostate supplements


  • made from all natural ingredients
  • less risk of experiencing side effects
  • with a lot of positive reviews
  • product is claimed to work fast and is also effective
  • some users say that their symptoms were reduced in as early as one week of taking it
  • can be easily ordered from their official website
  • also available on Amazon


  • there are few reported cases of minor side effects such as acute headaches and diarrhea

3. OptiProstate XTS

The second product on our best prostate supplements list is OptiProstate XTS. This supplement is a product from a company called Stop Aging Now. They are a US-based company that manufactures a variety of vitamins and supplements, pet and skin care products, along with different products for men and women’s health.

OptiProstate XTS is formulated for men who are 18 years old and above. The supplement works through the combination of flavonoids, sterols and fatty acids present in its formula. These compounds may have beneficial effects when it comes to maintaining a healthy prostate.

It only has two active ingredients which are organic saw palmetto berries extract and organic pumpkin seed oil. Aside from saw palmetto’s effect on prostate health, it may also be useful for other purposes such as bladder disorders, decreasing sex drive, hormonal imbalance, hair loss and pelvic pain.

The product label’s dosage recommendation is to take one capsule per day. However, this may still vary depending on your doctor’s advice. It’s always best to seek for a professional medical provider’s opinion first before taking any supplement, particularly if you have any existing medical condition.

OptiProstate XTS prostate supplements


  • Dosage is quite simple and not hard to remember
  • contains saw palmetto which is known for its potency in improving prostate health
  • easy to order through the manufacturer’s website
  • available on Amazon


  • Amazon reviews are not very favorable
  • ordering from manufacturer’s website may sign you up for an autoship, which means that you will be automatically charged for 3mos or 6mos, unless you manually opt out of it

4. Prostasan

Prostasan claims to be one of the best prostate supplements that can reduce symptoms of BPH and other prostate issues.

It is a product of A. Vogel, a Swiss company that promotes natural and holistic wellness. You can easily find their company website online. To contact them, you may send an email or call their customer service number.

Upon reaching the age of 40, men are shown to establish at least 40% chance of acquiring prostate problems. Prostasan claims to help in boosting the prostate health, as well as in improving hair growth and immunity of the body in general. It works primarily by reducing the growth of the prostate in terms of size.

The product will also reduce the symptoms as they begin to manifest. When the enlargement of the prostate is prevented or reduced, it will result in better urinary function and process.

Just like many other prostate supplements, Prostasan contains saw palmetto berry. Ironically though, this is the only active ingredient of this product.

This natural extract has long been used to make medicine. It may decrease symptoms of BPH, and may also be effective in treating other prostate conditions. Saw palmetto can also be effective for asthma, migraine headache, colds and cough, prostate swelling, prostate cancer and chronic bronchitis.

Prostasan prostate supplements


  • has saw palmetto extract
  • dosage is easy to remember and maintain (1 capsule per day)
  • safe for long term consumption


  • may cause potential side effects such as stomach belching and discomfort
  • only has one active ingredient
  • more expensive compared to other best prostate supplements

5. Prostanol

Next on our list is Prostanol. This is a product from a company called Vitalmax Vitamins. They are based in Connecticut and offer different supplements. You can contact them through email, fax, phone and postal mail.

Prostanol enhances the prostate health by boosting its proper function. This is possible with the help of its natural ingredients that contain sterols. Aside from enhancing prostate functions, sterols can also boost immune and cardiovascular systems of the body.

Prostanol will be the first supplement in our list of best prostate supplements to not have saw palmetto as its primary ingredient. Instead, it has nettle root extract which has another name – the stinging nettle.

This plant can treat urination problems that are caused by BPH. It may also be effective for other medical conditions such as joint ailments, allergies, osteoarthritis, hair loss and oily hair/scalp.

Other ingredients include phosphatidylcholine, vitamin B6, beta-sitosterol, pumpkin seed oil, zinc, lycopene and cranberry extract. These ingredients are very common for relieving urinary problems and pain, as well as for the improvement of prostate health.

prostanol prostate supplements


  • can be effective when used as directed
  • contains several active ingredients
  • can also improve other body functions
  • available through the manufacturer’s official website
  • with 60-day money back guarantee


  • may cause several side effects such as dizziness, digestive discomfort, headache and gastrointestinal issues
  •  money-back guarantee is only applicable for unopened products
  • not available in local stores
  • not offered on Amazon
  • several negative reviews due to its inability to be effective

5. Prost-P10x

Another male dietary prostate supplement is Prost-P10x. With its proprietary blend made up of 12 natural ingredients, this product promises to help you manage your prostate issues while reducing the symptoms associated with it. According to its company’s claims, the formula is all natural and fast acting, too.

Just like what the other best prostate supplements guarantee, Prost-P10x claims to keep your prostate size in a healthy state while also helping you achieve a healthier urinary function and activity. This means reducing your bathrooms trips that are very frequent during the night, allowing you to sleep better and longer.

This supplement is a product of a company which name is PR Labs or Prostate Research Labs. They develop and manufacture different supplements for men. The only contact info that we were able to find for them is their customer support number which is 1-800-418-PROSTATE (7767).

Aside from saw palmetto extract, Prost-P10x contains several active ingredients such as the following:

  • Meriva® Curcumin Phytosome
  • Graminex G63® Flower Pollen Extract
  • Quercetin Dihydrate
  • Zinc
  • Pygeum Africanum
  • Cranberry
  • 3,3-Diindolylmethane (DIM)
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Vitamin D-3
  • Beta-sitosterol (Plant Sterols)

These ingredients are claimed to be clinically tested for potency. Quercetin Dihydrate, for example, has antioxidant properties and also works better when combined with saw palmetto. It can relieve prostate issues symptoms. Green tea extract also has antioxidants that can support and promote prostate health in men.

Prost-P10x prostate supplements


  • has a lot of active ingredients
  • dosages are already pre-packed
  • manufacturer seems reliable enough
  • website offers international shipping
  • also available on Amazon


  • 6 capsules per day may be a lot to remember and take in
  • relatively expensive compared to other prostate supplements
  • there are reviews indicating that the effect is not typically positive
  • reported side effects such as mild stomach issues and nausea


Your prostate gland plays an essential role and when neglected, it can surely affect your general health and wellness. With the help of the best prostate supplements today, you will be able to support this body function. A lot of people would often prefer to buy supplements because they are more affordable, aside from less side effects that they can cause compared to medical prescriptions.

Being proactive will make a lot of difference. If you know that you are already starting to experience these signs and symptoms, it’s best to consult a doctor immediately. This way you will become more informed with what you can do to improve the situation and to prevent it from becoming worse.

With these prostate health supplements, you surely have a go-to solution that you can count on when it comes to supporting your prostate health. Just remember that it’s better to seek for medical advice first before taking any dietary supplement. This is more important if you have any medical condition or currently taking prescription drugs that may interact with the composition of the supplement.

To get the most out of any of these prostate supplements, make sure to follow the recommended dosage as always. Go for products that are most likely to be effective. You can easily determine this by considering the reviews online. Never underestimate the power of customer testimonials because they are most likely to be very reliable.

Learn how to differentiate an effective product from one that will only make you spend money for nothing. You can find out more about a particular brand just by going to their official website so you can check about its manufacturer.

Read through their policies and money-back guarantee. This way you will have an idea when it comes to returning your purchase just in case you’re not satisfied with the result. There may also be an option for free trial so be sure to check that out.

With the help of today’s best prostate supplements, you can bring your prostate back to a healthy state. You’ll realize you don’t have to endure any more pain or discomfort because you can always take advantage of these products. You just have to carefully pick which supplement to choose and have as your official prostate health partner.