Top 5 Eye Creams in 2024: Ranking The Best Eye Creams Today

Many people think that eye creams are just beauty products. Some even see them as unnecessary for health maintenance.

Saying that eye creams can make you look younger and beautiful is probably just the best way to market them. However, they’re not just there to do that. They also have this common goal of keeping your skin healthy by fighting the signs of aging.

2020’s TOP Eye Creams:
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(1032 votes)

Product Name: Kremotex
Number of Ratings: 1032
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revitol eye cream

(997 votes)

Product Name: Revitol Eye Cream
Number of Ratings: 997
Last Added Rating: 3 days ago
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Kate Somerville +Retinol Firming Eye Cream

(318 votes)

Product Name: Kate Somerville +Retinol Firming
Number of Ratings: 318
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best eye creams Mario Badescu Eye Cream

(122 votes)

Product Name: Mario Badescu
Number of Ratings: 122
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Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye

(95 votes)

Product Name: Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye
Number of Ratings: 95
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Since they have this more important role, you need to know which would be the perfect product for you. You also need to know how these anti-aging eye creams work and why you should use them.

To make your selection easier, we came up with a list of the best eye creams today after an extensive research. We hope that by the time you’re done reading this, you’ll be able to have an idea about what to look for and what the best eye creams are available on the market today.


How Do The Best Eye Creams Work?

The best eye creams don’t just give you a brighter and more radiant look. They’re not mere concealers or lotions that you apply onto your skin.

Their main purpose is to give you a healthier skin around the eye area. The objective to make you look young and beautiful is actually just an added benefit.

If you’ll check online, you will see that eye creams differ in the way they work. Some focus on improving hydration while others concentrate on providing strength to the capillaries on your skin.

In either way, eye creams reduce the signs of skin aging around your eyes. These signs include fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness.

When these marks are reduced, that’s when you gain a more youthful and vibrant look.

Why Use Eye Creams?

Skin aging is unpreventable. As you grow older, more of these signs show up and there is actually nothing you can do to stop them. However, while that may be true, there is at least something you can do to prevent or reduce these signs.

The skin around your eyes is more fragile than any of the skin on the other parts of your body. This means that it is more prone to dryness, making you look more tired and older.

When this happens, eye creams come in and help. They are manufactured to reduce and sometimes even eliminate the fine lines and wrinkles around your eye area. Moreover, they tighten the skin around your eyes making it look firmer and stronger.

How To Choose The Best Eye Creams?

There are a lot of options when it comes to determining the best eye creams. Choosing the right ones can be tough if you don’t have any idea how to find them.

Each product has its respective advantages and disadvantages. Thus, you have to be very cautious when examining them. You’ll have to be more aware of what they may or may not do to your skin.

The most important considerations in choosing the best eye creams would be the ingredients of each product and their side effects. A lot of different other factors are also essential when choosing, but these two may be the most important.

Hence, before using any cream, always check what’s on the label and determine if you’re allergic to any of its ingredients. Moreover, conduct further research about the cream and see if it has a lot of positive feedback.

While there are plenty of eye creams available on the market today, we’ve narrowed down the list of the best eye creams that you can choose from. Check out our best reviewed eye creams below.

1. Kremotex


Read full review HERE

2. Revitol Eye Cream

Revitol Eye Cream claims to be the “ultimate solution” for your tired and weary eyes. It  reduces the puffiness and dark circles around your eyes by increasing your skin’s elasticity.

According to the manufacturer, this product absolutely renews and reclaims your flawlessness. It also eliminates the bluish discoloration on your skin.

Through the powerful blend of its natural ingredients, this eye cream works by restoring moisture around your eyes.

The most popular of its ingredients is N-hydroxysuccinimide. This has been used for years already by companies in creating anti-aging formulas. It has a powerful solution that reduces the pigmentation and swelling of your eyes.

The cream also contains Chrysin that has anti-inflammatory properties. This ingredient is usually found in passion flowers and honeycombs. It helps in breaking down hemoglobin, which is one of the most common causes of puffiness and darkness beneath your eyes.

best eye creams revitol eye cream


  • consists of all natural ingredients
  • moisturizes your skin to keep it soft
  • minimizes the swelling or puffiness beneath your eyes
  • has a non-greasy formula so it glides effortlessly across your skin
  • no known and reported side effects so far
  • has been proven effective for many people
  • has a lot of positive reviews from customers
  • the company offers promotions if you buy more than 1 eye cream


  • a few reports claimed it is being imitated by a lot of fake companies
  • works for some people better than others

We believe that Revitol Eye Cream is one of the best eye creams that can address your skin aging problems around the eye area.

As mentioned earlier, all of its ingredients are naturally made and have already been proven to be effective and safe.

Moreover, the reviews about it indicate that it’s really effective. Most of the customers who showed their support to the product attested to its efficacy.

Likewise, it has no reported side effects so far. There were only a few people who said that the product didn’t work for them. Yet, they didn’t mention any side effects.

Finally, this eye cream is very easy to use because you only need to apply it once on a daily basis. You don’t have to take note of a lot of instructions just so you could get the best out of it.

3. Kate Somerville +Retinol Firming Eye Cream

Kate Somerville +Retinol Firming Eye Cream promises to firm, brighten, and hydrate the skin around your eyes. Aside from these, it also improves the elasticity of your skin to make you look younger and more beautiful.

If you’re going to check its website, the manufacturer has listed the results of the clinical studies they have conducted to test the product. You will find in there that 100% of the participants showed great results for almost all skin aging related problems.

Retinol serves as its main ingredient. This ingredient is simply another name for Vitamin A which resolves a lot of skin problems.

As an agent for skin protection, this vitamin stimulates the production of more collagen and elastin that reduce pigmentation and maintain hydration.

Kate Somerville +Retinol Firming Eye Cream


  • provides instant and longer lasting benefits
  • uses Retinol – the most common ingredient in formulating anti-aging creams
  • easy to use as you only need to apply it once every night
  • you only need a small amount of it every time you apply
  • the skin is able to absorb it quickly because of its fast absorbing properties


  • may cause negative effects such as skin irritations and allergies
  • reported to contain phenoxyethanol which may increase your risk for neurotoxicity
  • has carcinogen-containing chemicals which may lead to some serious illnesses like cancer

In our opinion, Kate Somerville +Retinol Firming Eye Cream may be included in your list of best eye creams.

True enough, there are reports of adverse results such as neurotoxicity and cancer. However, we don’t see why the manufacturer would let this happen. We believe that the company has taken precautionary measures to make sure that the cream they created is safe.

Moreover, the less severe reported side effects only came from previous customers. The more acute ones, on the other hand, were inferences of experts because of the product’s ingredients. Therefore, there is no certainty as to whether they are factual or not.

4. Mario Badescu Eye Cream

Mario Badescu Eye Cream comes in different forms. The one we are referring to, however, that you can include in your list of best eye creams is the Hyaluronic Eye Cream.

This particular product claims to provide more hydration to the skin under your eyes. It doesn’t just make that part look smoother, but it also makes you feel the smoothness.

The skin naturally produces moisture. What this eye cream does is that it’ll lock in such moisture through the use of its main ingredient, the Hyalunoric Acid.

Hyaluronic acid is widely known as an agent for moistening. It has the ability to maintain the right amount of moisture levels on your skin.

The product also contains safflower seed oil, aloe vera, and euphrasia extract. All of them contribute to both eliminating the wrinkles on your eyes and providing extra hydration to your skin.

best eye creams Mario Badescu Eye Cream


  • adds up more hydration to the skin for higher levels of microcirculation
  • reduces wrinkles and fine lines by moisturizing the skin with its ingredients
  • has an affordable price; it’s not that expensive but it is a quality eye cream
  • also has a non-greasy effect when applied to the skin
  • has a lot of reviews that you may check and assess


  • has a long list of ingredients which aren’t all natural
  • some of its ingredients were reported to be harmful as they cause some adverse effects like puffy and irritated eyes, burns, and stings
  • it has more negative reviews than positive ones

Even if Mario Badescu Eye Cream has a lot of cons, we still think that it’s a practical choice and worthy to be included among today’s best eye creams. After all, it is branded today as one of the best that is out on the market.

The reported side effects actually came from those who have already used the eye cream. Yet, people are different so that doesn’t mean that you’ll experience the same.

Furthermore, even if the product indeed used a lot of chemicals, the manufacturer made sure that all of its ingredients were scientifically tested to be effective and safe.

5. Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye is a combination of different plant extracts and essential oils. It claims to treat the signs of skin aging and exhaustion around your eye area.

The combination of the oils and plant extracts used in this product is believed to cause a delightful looking appearance. Such combination also provides more moisture to the skin making you feel younger and more vibrant.

Some of the ingredients it has are lavender essential oil and evening primrose. Lavenders have the ability to improve microcirculation that the skin needs to remain healthy. Evening primrose, on the other hand, maintains the flexibility of the skin and repairs damaged epidermal cells.

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye


  • its ingredients are all natural as they are plant extracts and essential oils
  • improves blood circulation (microcirculation) around your eye area
  • has the ability to repair damaged cells on the skin
  • the company has a good reputation and has been in the business for many years now
  • provides an instant brightening effect when you wake up in the morning


  • some find it a bit more expensive than other eye creams
  • has mixed reviews or user feedback, making it difficult to decide
  • the company doesn’t provide the complete list of the cream’s ingredients
  • no clinical studies that can back up the company’s claims
  • has customer reviews complaining about skin irritation and puffiness

Evidently, the weight of pros and cons for this eye cream is equally balanced. While it has many advantages, it also has its disadvantages.

However, we still recommend Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye as one of the best eye creams that you can include in your list. We believe that every product, or eye cream in particular, yields different results to different people. Hence, this product may still work for you even if it wasn’t effective for some.

6. Diamond Extreme Eye

Diamond Extreme Eye claims to address a lot of skin aging related problems, particularly around the eye area. It belongs to the group of exclusive brands and collections of Natura Bissé.

This cream primarily intends to help the skin in repairing the damages it accumulates from harmful radicals. It supports the skin’s natural process of regeneration.

Aside from repairing damaged epidermal cells, this product also creates a barrier that aids in guarding your skin against any external aggressive factors.

The product uses ingredients that have been clinically studied to help with skin protection. Artemia Salina Extract and the lipoamino acids, for instance, are included in the list. Both also have the ability to combat stress and fatigue.

Diamond Extreme Eye


  • has the ability to brighten the skin around your eye area
  • induces a soothing and relaxing effect when applied
  • provides extra hydration as well
  • has ingredients that have anti-oxidant properties
  • the limited reviews were mostly positive feedback
  • the company offers delivery promotions if you will purchase it directly from them


  • a bit more expensive compared to other eye cream products
  • extra usage may result in skin irritation and redness
  • has lots of instructions to remember to be able to use it properly
  • limited number of customer reviews
  • no official list from the company regarding its side effects

Diamond Extreme Eye seems to be effective for most people. While it has its disadvantages, many still believe that it can be a solution to their skin aging problems.

Moreover, it appears to be a little unique compared to other eye creams. Its main purpose is to help the skin protect itself on its own.

The ingredients it has doesn’t just focus on eliminating wrinkles and fine lines. Instead, they also concentrate on keeping the skin protected from external factors such as chemicals and aggressors.

Seemingly, the manufacturer focused on creating a formula that would act as an all-in-one eye cream. You don’t need to buy additional products anymore to solve the varying signs of skin aging.

Thus, given all these, we believe that Diamond Extreme Eye should be in the list of today’s best eye creams.


For you to be able to determine the best eye creams, you have to get the most out of each product you check. You have to be mindful of their respective pros and cons so you won’t go wrong in making your decisions.

In this post, what we did is narrow down your choices when selecting the best eye creams. If you discover some that are not here, you may still opt to include them in your own list.

However, if you do that, make sure that you have enough information about the product. Conduct your research well and ensure that you have checked the following:

  • Product’s Ingredients

This is to ensure that you’re not allergic to any of the product’s main or additional ingredients. Of course, you wouldn’t want to suffer skin rashes, allergic reactions, or any other adverse effects.

  • Advantages and Disadvantages

The purpose of looking for the pros and cons of each product is to equally balance both. It is best to be certain about what a product has to offer by checking out what it can and cannot do to your skin.

  • Reported Side Effects

Researching on this particular information may be a little tough as most manufacturers do not provide a list of their products’ side effects. However, with enough determination and patience, you will surely find something that would relate to this issue.

  • Customer Reviews

This can be a little hard thing to do as well. Most of the time, the reviews you will find online are legitimate. Yet, there are also moments when they are not.

Thus, it would be best to scrutinize the reviews you will find with great meticulousness.

Lastly and most importantly, consult your doctor or dermatologist first before applying any cream on your skin. They are the experts in the field and they surely know which ones are the best eye creams to invest in.