profile pictureNugenix is a top rated booster of men’s vitality that works by increasing the levels of testosterone in the body. It also became a number one or best-selling vitality supplement for men at GNC stores. The product guarantees to bring back your stamina in the gym, workplace, or even in the bedroom. Nugenix understands the value of maintaining high levels of free testosterone in a man’s body. Even as you grow old, the supplement is present to provide you assistance in keeping up with your performance.

Nugenix is an admired product given that it is not only safe, but is also formulated with just the right components for an effective testosterone boost. It prioritizes the use of top nutrients that communicate well with the hormones in a man’s body, including vitamin B6, zinc, and vitamin B12 among others.



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Nugenix for Erectile Dysfunction

The function of Nugenix is very simple; it is assisted by top quality components that are trusted for natural testosterone boost. It helps mostly men who are at the age of 30, which are among the people showing obvious signs of testosterone decline. Truthfully, men at 31 years old may already begin to see a drop in testosterone one percent per annum.

Nugenix works by providing a combination of vitamin B6, zinc, and vitamin B12. These are nutrients that will not only boost your testosterone, but keep your masculinity maintained.

Erectile dysfunction or the difficulty of having and sustaining erection could be solved given that you bring up the level of testosterone in your body. Besides the nutrients given, the blend of the supplement also has testofen, which is a clinically proven solution that enhances levels of male sex hormones dramatically.

Fenugreek extract is the raw version of testofen. The latter has become the commercialized form of the remedy. You will often find this solution either in Southern Europe or Middle East.

Apart from the significant testosterone booster, Nugenix will also support your workout regime since it has L-citrulline, a type of amino acid. Lastly, you have Tribulus Terrestris, which is among the trusted testosterone-boosting herbs worldwide.

Free Testosterone Boost

nugenixYou have to be informed that Nugenix is targeting the free testosterone in your body instead ofthe bound one. Relatively, there are two types of male hormones in your system. Bound testosterone has no specific advantage when increased, whereas the free one could promote the improvements of various areas of your body.

Once your testosterone is boosted with Nugenix, you will not only enjoy increased stamina, but better development of lean muscles as well. The supplement even works without necessarily causing side effects, which are often encountered with other solutions. Take note that the remedy only makes use of safe and non-stimulating compounds. Even its Testofen is extracted from a natural herb. Half of Fenugreek contains Fenuside, which is noted for its free testosterone boost.

Increased blood flow could also be anticipated with the help of L-Citrulline, ensuring that you will never go out of hand with an erection. Since zinc is also existing in the formula, even your DNA and cells will be assisted in development and repair. Other benefits you can anticipate from the supplement are increased red blood cell development and nervous system regulation.

Conclusively, the dietary supplement serves as an all-encompassing male booster. You simply have to take three capsules everyday to obtain the aforementioned effects in your system.

Nugenix Price

Nugenix can and should be purchased through their official site

A bottle of 30 caps retails at less than $70, but they usually offer a free 14-days trial.

That makes it a very expensive supplement.

For a better option, check out Vigrx Plus here.

Features and Specifications

The product is made up of clinically-tested ingredients that are proven effective in increasing the production or release of free testosterone in your body. The product is only 4.8 ounces and packaged with a container measuring 3.2 inches by 3.2 inches by 5.6 inches. The components ofthe product are the following:

  • Vitamin B6 or Pyridoxine Hydrochloride at 2 mg
  • Vitamin B12 or Methylcobalamin at 50 mcg
  • Zinc or Zinc Chelate at 5 mg
  • Free Testosterone Complex at 2103 mg
  • L-Citrulline Malate Testofen Fenugreek Seed Extract
  • Tribulus fruit

Other significant features of the product are the following:

Key Ingredients Are Disclosed. Untrustworthy products often do not provide the list of ingredients on the label or even in the review of their product. This is not the case with Nugenix, which is confident enough to provide details about its components.

No Stimulants. You will not find any stimulant in the product, which is good for a sensitive person who may still be undergoing other medication.

Improved Mood. If you are suffering from depression, anxiety, or high stress levels, you would likely prefer this product. Customers have claimed that their mood was lifted after taking the supplement regularly.

Easy Instructions. You simply have to take three tablets of the solution daily with water. You do not even need to eat prior the consumption. Nonetheless, it was advised that you take it with food for stomach upset may still be experienced.

Sample Provided. There are retailers of the product that promote the two-week free sample.

This gives you the chance to determine if the supplement will work for you somehow.


  • Real-life great results in vitality
  • Contains vitamins and minerals related to testosterone
  • All-natural and non-stimulating formula
  • Other significant health benefits
  • Comes from a reliable manufacturer


  • Only available online
  • Highly priced

Nugenix Reviews and Ratings From Previous Customers

Editor’s Rating: 7 out of 10

According to the people who have tried taking the supplement regularly, they have significant improvements not only in testosterone levels or masculine vitality, but also in body fat reduction, energy levels, and moods throughout the period of consumption. Others even reported significant changes in just a week of taking the tablets.

nugenix review
nugenix reviews

Things to Improve

The price has been the major complaint of people concerning the product. Nonetheless, others argued that even if the supplement is pricey, it is worth the use given the real results it delivers.


If you’re still asking yourself “Is Nugenix safe?” or “Does Nugenix work?” or even finding yourself typing “Nugenix scam”, here is what we really think about it: Overall, we consider Nugenix as an effective testosterone booster to try. It has a good record from its previous customers. Moreover, it lives up to its promises, which include giving your body the high levels of testosterone it needs.

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