Plexus Reviews 2017: Is Plexus Slim The Best Weight Loss Supplement?

A lot of people are asking what is Plexus Slim. Plexus Slim is a powdered health drink for your body. It claims to have a premium microbiome activating formula. This formula contains clinically-prepared ingredients in order to promote weight loss and improve stomach health. The secret to the weight loss is the probiotics component. These probiotics support a healthy metabolism of glucose in order to bring about weight loss.

plexus slimWho Should Use This Product?

Those expected to buy this product are men and women of an unspecified age range. These customers should be suffering from weight issues and would want to lose weight while not being concerned with their diet and exercise. This is actually the most questionable issue regarding Plexus Slim. Reviews do not touch on how the product actually affects one’s diet and exercise.

Does Plexus Really Work?

It has earned a bad reputation from a number of customers and users. For example, one of them complained about the watermelon flavor saying that it tasted like medicine. Another complained that the Plexus Slim + Accelerator combination costs around $115 a month but the same combination would cost less than $12 a month for an ordinary antioxidant and weight-loss formula.

Another problem is that the manufacturer claims that its ingredients promote a miracle weight loss. Moreover, it claims that there is no more need for any additional diet or exercise program. This amounts to a lot of doubt on the part of consumers since many weight-loss programs require a strict eating and exercise regimen.

Another disadvantage is that it does not have any FDA approval. Several reviews reveal that the FDA does not approve of many health supplements because of ingredients in them that do not pass health and safety standards. Although Plexus Slim claims that its ingredients are good for the health, it remains a fact that the lack of FDA approval is a big disadvantage.

Product Ingredients & Technical Details

Plexus review shows that it has several interesting features. These include the clinical proof that it can help you lose weight, the promotion of the growth of good microbes for your gut, and the ability to increase Lactobacillus content by 365 times and Bifidobacterium by 290 times. This leads to overall health.

Every Plexus Slim review shows that the formula also increases the body’s overall metabolism by multiplying the ability of Akkermansia microbes by 257 times. Moreover, Plexus Slim promotes the healthy metabolism of glucose as well as the action of XOS probiotic on one’s gut.

Plexus Slim also has three delicious flavors — raspberry, watermelon, and lemon. It contains only 5 calories and has no artificial flavors, sweeteners or colors. It also contains 30 packets that you can conveniently take in with water anytime.

Is Plexus Safe?

It is also gluten-free and a certified non-GMO product. In addition, it is 100% vegetarian and contains high-quality ingredients. These include green coffee beans with antioxidants, grape seed extract that has the same effects as calcium, and alpha lipoic acid that is useful against type 2 diabetes.

Plexus Slim Reviews

Does plexus slim really work? Based on feedback from existing owners of Plexus Slim. A few of the reviews are positive like the customer who claims to have lost 30 pounds of fat in 4 weeks. He claims that those who think that Plexus Slim does not work are those who keep eating unhealthy food.

However, most claims about Plexus Slim are negative. Someone said that when Plexus Slim changed its formulation, she did not lose weight anymore unlike the previous formulation. Another customer said that she did not experience any change in her weight for the past two months of use. Thus, she is not convinced about the quality of the product.

There was also a customer who claimed that the product did not make her lose any weight. She said that she was spending around $170 a month on it but saw no results. When she asked the manufacturer for clarification, they said that she should give it more time. However, she decided to quit the regimen.

plexus slim reviews from amazonPros of Product

The benefits that Plexus Slim claims and as proven by some Plexus weight loss reviews include clinical demonstrations of its weight loss performance, the promotion of the growth of good bacteria in its gut, and an overall enhancement of stomach health. Other positive results include healthy glucose metabolism and a 60-day money-back guarantee.

However, there are only a handful of claims regarding the weight loss performance of Plexus Slim. These claims are also largely unconfirmed. Moreover, some are saying that these claims came from those involved in the sale and manufacture of the product. Despite these, Plexus ratings generally remain low.

Plexus Slim Dosage

Plexus Slim is often known as Pink Drink. According to Plexus Slim Reviews, it has been around since 2008 and has been formulated twice. The second formulation contains 1000 mg of Xylooligosaccharide. Pink Drink will be mixed with water and taken 30 minutes before any meal. There is a pill called Accelerator+ that is usually taken together with Plexus Slim.

The small pack of Plexus Slim comes with 30 small packets for a 30-day supply of this weight loss formula. Each packet contains 530 mg of ingredients. It can be mixed in 8 oz to 12 oz of water.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Despite the claims that Plexus Slim would make one lose weight easily with its probiotic formulations, the majority of testimonials reveal that these claims are not entirely true. Many have bought it and spent much on it but did not experience significant changes in their weight even after months of use.

However, it is not entirely certain whether the effects are affected by the user’s diet, exercise, genetics, or other bodily conditions. The problem is that Plexus Slim does not address these external factors in the use of the product and in determining its effectiveness.